Unexpected Eden by Rhenna Morgan #Review

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Unexpected Eden by Rhenna Morgan #Review
Unexpected Eden

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Series: Eden #1
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Lyrical Press
Released on December 29, 2014
Pages: 234
Format: eBook
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After grabbing a book off of NetGalley I realized it was the second book in a series and I was totally lost. Wanting to read it I back tracked to the first book, Unexpected Eden by Rhenna Morgan. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was looking for something different after getting into a slump with all of my current reads. This one was good and hit the spot, but still didn’t hit the ball out of the park.

Imagine a world of people who dress like days of old, have special powers that allow them to do things like fly, heal, see into the mind and they a separated from humans. They have laws to protect themselves with a royal family that sees to upholding those laws. Humans must never learn of the Myren people and Eden where they live. Myrens can live amongst humans, but over time they grow weary and run down. No humans are allowed to enter Myren.

No image the king is having dreams of a woman. A woman in the human realm. He spends years searching for her and his people, well, mostly his enemies are wondering why he is spending so much time with humans outside of Eden. He searches continuously for the woman the Fates have decides is his mate. When he finds her, he really isn’t thinking about the good of his people, but the good of his heart.

Lexi Merrill is a hard working bartender who knows when a man is giving her a pick up line. Something about Eryx Shantos draws her like a moth to a flame. Physically weary, Eryx gives her a power boost she can’t explain, but when he pushes into a life, she can’t seem to say no. She keeps on guard, but finds her sexual desire spiraling up each time she is in his presence. No explanation in her logical mind can explain everything she is feeling and seeing.

Eryx is the king of the Myren race who reside in Eden. Being king allows him to have all of the powers his constituents have. Searching for years for Lexi, he isn’t going to let anyone take her away. He pursues her relentlessly, but gently knowing he needs to get back to Eden to replintish his powers. Feeling Lexi is a lost one, a Myren, he takes the chance of taking her to Eden when his nemesis targets Lexi to get to him.

The story moves fast. Maxis, Eryx’s enemy, is out to get the throne. He is stealing powers from other Myren’s, Blackmailing some, befriending others under false pretenses. All of this to gain power which he feels is his due. He has a human, Breann, that he had raped, beaten and cowed this is power. All illegal, but who is going to get him when they don’t know where he is or even that he has a human slave.

So Maxis antagonizes the hero and heroine as they are learning just what Lexi is capable of and if she can be Eryx’s queen. It kind of moved way to fast for my tastes and some of the intricacies of this new world, just left me scratching my head. It kind of suffers from the first book in a new series syndrome. A lot of information to get out and have the heroine learn as well.

There are some rituals like awakening Lexi or the mating ritual, that left me not feeling bad, but not really wanting to read about it again either. The sexual endeavors were nice. Just nice, nothing that I would jump up and down over.

The romance is a whirlwind, fast falling kind of love. Respect, faith and loyalty are fast and furious and I wanted to step back and look a tit longer than she did. Maybe I was just too cautious about a weird guy taking me to a new world I know nothing about. Maybe?

This did bump me out of my slump and I will be reading book 2 now. Just on the fence on whether I really like this series or not. Book 2 will probably break the fence and push me to one side or another.


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  • It does sound appealing, but I’ll wait for your review of book 2 before I see if I want to try it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I am reading book 2 now. It releases next week. Unfortunately I am reading 3 books at once and I can’t put any of them down.

  • It happened to me too on Netgalley : find a book that looks catchy, request it, then wonder if it’s part of a series – it often is. Now I check before each request 😉 I’m glad this one took you out of the slump !

    • Shari Delighted Read

      I started book 2 and right away I knew I had to go back. It was just too confusing. Definitely a series you have to read in order.

  • It does sound pretty good and sometimes you have to read another book in the series to really feel a series out.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Reading book 2 now. I like it but something isn’t quite grabbing me with it.

  • It sounds promising. I like these hidden fantasy world type stories. The villain sounds evil and I like that too. Maybe now that book one established the worldbuilding, book two won’t be so confusion and will develop the plot better. Is book two about the same hero/heroine or does it move on to a new pair?

    • Shari Delighted Read

      The villain is pretty bad. Ready for him to get his own. Starting book 2 was easier this time as you really have to know the world before you can read about it. Book 2 is Eryx’s sister Galena and the villain’s second in command.

  • Glad this got you out of your slump and sounds like a solid start to the series. I like the world.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Reading the second one now and kinda bored.

  • This sounds like a series where it really pays off to start with the first book. Nowadays when I am on netgalley i usually look the book up on goodreads first as there are so many later books in a series and I don’t accidently want to end up with a book I can’t read.

    The world building in this book sounds pretty interesting and unique with the different world where humans can’t enter. The evil guy sounds really nasty. And I would’ve expected the main character to be a bit more cautious when a strange man takes here to a new world. I am curious what you will think of the next book and which side of the fence it will push you.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Struggling with book 2. Not sure I am interested in this series.

  • I just read book 2 and LOVED it, super easy to get into and I have a weakness for fantasy romance!!! Sorry to hear (from the comments below) that you aren’t liking the second one. I haven’t read this one yet though but I want to because I loved seeing Eryx and Lexi together—she is just awesome. I love how she handles him hehe But in book 2 I didn’t feel lost, but I also can catch on pretty quick too so what do I know???!! LOL But I do love some of the secondary characters too.

    • Shari Delighted Read

      Ok, I will hop back into it. I went onto an other book that I pre-ordered and I want to finish it first.