What You Need by Lorelei James #Review

What You Need by Lorelei James #Review
What You Need

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Series: Need You #1
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Signet
Released on January 5, 2016
Pages: 368
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley, Publisher

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Being a new fan of Lorelei’s latests books, I jumped at a chance to read a new series by her. The Need You series follows a group of four siblings at various points in their lives and careers. Brady starts the family off as the oldest sibling. Lorelei wanted him to come off as a nerd who is uncomfortable in social situations. She did fine with that part, but what kind of got me about him was he had some mad skills in the bedroom making me think he gets a lot of action outside of the uncomfortable social situations. Ok, Ok, I am jumping into this way to fast.

Brady is the CFO of Lund Industries, a family owned company. They are completely diversified so I can’t really give you a concrete idea of what the company does. His life is kind of boring now that he works 80 hours a week. Almost walking into a wall, he sees the heroine at work, but really has no reason to meet her or even find out what department she works with. His brother and cousins stage an intervention to get hime to not waste his life only making him more uncomfortable. But who does he spy dancing on the bar? Only the woman he has been dreaming about.

Lennox Greene life up to now has been less than perfect. Carefully hiding her tattoos with conservative clothes, she studied hard to make her way into the business world. Working in the temp department, she is getting experience from every department. With a deadbeat mother, Lennox isn’t looking for love or even a hook-up until she sees the CFO slumming in a bar she once worked. Agreeing to a date seems to be the best idea, a way to show Brady an exciting time he is looking to accomplish. She lets loose with her other personality side, helping him to leave work at work.

The two don’t really talk much and misunderstandings happen. Lennox wants Brady to see her as an accomplished woman, not someone sleeping with him to get ahead, while he wants her to see him as a man not constantly looking for a good time. Both are tested outside of their comfort zones and drama comes their way at work even though dating is not forbidden.  I loved how Brady didn’t take no for an answer and while she was showing him a wild time, he also showed her new experiences.

I loved how Brady wasn’t really comfortable in social situations. He sometimes said things bluntly, but I loved that about him. No artifices to make you wonder how he felt. He also didn’t fall all over Lennox wanting sex. Seduction slowly over time left me feeling hot and bothered through several scenes. These two do delicious things to each other’s bodies that had me eyeing hubby for extra curricular activities later.

Lennox was more complicated. She grew up with a mom who was more of a caretaker if even that. She ran away several times and ended up raising herself for the most part. She partied hard, got some tattoos and then decided she needed to turn her life around. I applaud her for trying to make a better life. In her own way she shut down and concentrated on making it further without having to sleep with the boss (which is a lady not interested in her, but you get my meaning.) She’s a hard worker which in the end causes the problems. Brady loves her tattoos, loves to lick them….*pants*

Brady in no way is a snob. He has money…lots of it, but he volunteers with some at risk youth that Lennox’s roommate councils. The couple do good things to help these kids and show that even while they are all over the place, they have good hearts. Momma Lund is a piece of work, but in the end she is a momma like any other. His dad imparts good advice and I think I could have loved this man as well.

There is some mild drama for these two to deal with, but in the end, their personalities were too big to let the drama win. The secondary characters are interesting in that you both love some of them and hate some others. Ash, Brady’s cousin, was all over the place in my emotions. Brady has two brothers, one is a carpenter who owns his own business and the other plays for the Vikings. He also had a sister, who works in marketing and you can tell she has some secrets to unveil in her own book.

Lennox didn’t have as much in the way of secondary characters to add. Her roommate played a big role and you meet her mom’s best friend and her mom. Both are poison in Lennox’s life. A few co-workers come and go, but nothing deep.

I am totally looking forward to going deeper on into this family. They aren’t what I expected when I started this story. I expected more snobbish behavior and men who left me feeling cold. I felt anything but cold and I actually wished for more Brady in my life.

Lorelei James knocks it out of the ball park with a series I can’t wait to continue. Go Brady with all his geekery!

About Lorelei James

Lorelei James is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Blacktop Cowboys and Rough Riders series as well as the steamy new Mastered series. She lives in the Black Hills of western South Dakota with her family. Visit her online at www.loreleijames.com, www.facebook.com/lorelei-james, and www.twitter.com/loreleijames.

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    1. I loved these two more than I expected. I love nerdy heroes, but he did confuse me personality wise a little.

    1. I wasn’t really into her cowboy books, but since she moved away from them, I am adoring her new books.

    1. I only read romances lately. Haven’t read a book outside of this genre in probably 5 years and have no plans of venturing beyond it anytime soon.

    1. I never cared for her cowboy books. Just weren’t for me. But I am enjoying her contemporary series so far.

  1. This sounds like an interesting series, I like the sound of siblings at various points in their lives and careers. I am not a fan of misunderstandings and not talking though, but it does sound like a fun book besides that. The characters sound fun and like they make for a great couple. Great review!

    1. I am not sure how much I loved the heroine, but I adored the hero. He was just my kind of guy. This book really worked for me.

    1. I had mixed feelings for Lennox. I think she just needed the confidence in who she was to be a great character.