Where There’s Fire by Cari Z. #AfternoonDelight #Review

Where There’s Fire by Cari Z. #AfternoonDelight #Review
Where There’s Fire

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Series: #2 Panopolis
Genres: M/M Romance, Sci-Fi Romance
Published by Riptide
Released on July 12, 2015
Pages: 100
Format: eARC
Source: Purchased

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I had a good time with the first book in this series that introduced the unheard of thing of an ordinary joe falling for a villain and not a hero in a world where superheroes and supervillains are as common as grass. It wasn’t a big leap that I was going to keep going with the series.

This really should be read in order as the series follows the same characters and is a continuation story. Edward is still the sole narrator and this one picks up six months after the previous book.

Edward is slowly adjusting to his new circumstances. Life will never be the same. He is no longer an ordinary guy, but is considered a villain with superpowers all because he dated a nice guy who liked to blow up things and because he chose to escape the prison where he was being tortured by a vicious scientist whose experimentation left him with an odd powerful gift. He can give people emotions that control them.

Raul is content for Edward to be with him and share his home, but Edward doesn’t want to feel that he is a kept man. He plans to make his own successful robbery and be a villain in more than name. But robbery isn’t easy and now Raul has been kidnapped by a powerful villain who will stop at nothing to have his plans proceed. He needs Edward to infiltrate the lab and steal information from the company that ‘made’ all the supers and he will torture Raul until Edward gets the job done.

Edward realizes that Maggot must be stopped just as he realizes that he and Raul can’t be under this evil villain’s control. It’s time to see if his power is up to his daring plan.

Again, I found the story riveting. Book two jumps right in without the need of the set up and I was easily right back into things with Edward and Raul. The story got gritty and dark, but there is a touch of wry humor underlying it all. Edward’s outlook and his thoughts are engaging so I loved having him as the narrator. He may have this new power and he is resentful of all that happened to him, but he isn’t bitter and doesn’t get whiny. The relationship with Raul is there and it is cozy for them both, but it is still new and growing as they adjust to a domestic partnership as well as working partnership.

Edward’s villainy is a veneer at best and he ends up in situations that are not his doing when he must play the part of hero. I love the topsy-turvy way things come about through his misadventures. I like the mystery of the series arc as each book reveals a bit more of what is behind all the larger than life Supers, the experiments, and the shadowy figures controlling it all. I look forward to continuing with this unique series.

If you like comic superheroes and villains, then this series might be right up your alley.

My thanks to Riptide for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.

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