Wolf’s Bane by Ash Krafton #Review

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Wolf’s Bane by Ash Krafton #Review
Wolf’s Bane

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Series: #3 The Demimonde
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Released on June 15, 2014
Pages: 370
Format: Paperback

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I did a fan girl squeal so loud when I saw that I won a copy of this book and it came with a cool email from the author recognizing that she had seen my previous reviews on the series and was happy that I was one of her winners. I absolutely love this series and actually put off reading this one because I feared the let-down of finally having it all end. Each of the previous books left things in a dire, interesting place so that I was eager to know how things can possibly be fixed. The world of the Demimonde Vampires is so incredibly creative, fascinating and complex and to all that this book added the expansion of the were and witch cultures. Now while, I found it interesting to spend time with the weres and the witch encounters, I confess that the biggest draw always are the DVs, vamps and of course The Sophia (and I’m not referring to myself in the third person since this is a position of power that just so happens to have a fabulous name) interacting and, in Sophie’s case, mourning Marek’s change and seeking a solution.

The story opens to Sophie attempting to recover from her second loss of Marek when his encounter with a werewolf forced his change into the legendary Wolfram falcon. Researchers have been working hard on restoring DV who made it this far in the process, but so far no success. On top of the loss of Marek, Sophie is forced to put up with Rodrian’s coddling and the complexness of their relationship as friends. She just wants a night off from it all so she goes with a demivamp friend to a rock concert hosted by the weres and ends up upsetting the werewolf applecart when their King thinks she is his soulmate and triggers the courtship/mating process without a by your leave.

Sophie is conflicted about this new change. Does she embrace this thing with Dierk and accept that Marek is gone? Does she have a choice after getting bit and must wait until the next full moon to see if it takes? But of course, toss in the unexplained attack on her, a jealous were female, a sneaky office intern, loneliness because Aurelia is jerking around Rode and the girls so that Sophie never sees them, and the fact that her heart is still broken for Marek and she grieves that he is there- the falcon remains close- and yet he is gone. Life is never dull for trouble magnet Sophie.

I’m a tad torn about this last book. I both enjoyed it and yet wanted for something very different. I was engaged from the start and enjoyed the entire story though some parts were more enjoyable than others. I was taken by surprise when the story went off in a whole new direction. Unfortunately, that direction felt like something that I had to patiently endure before things got back on point. I so wanted more Marek and Sophie and I wanted to know how Sophie would help restore Marek that it was hard to appreciate the rest.

The argument of fate and tradition against personal desire and love was a good one and I loved seeing that play out. The mean girls thing that Sophie had to endure from a Were with a crush on Dierk and Rode’s mate Aurelia was entertaining and I really wanted to smack around the both of those irritating gals.   Dierk is not just the were king, but he’s a rock god too. I liked the little mystery of who was trying to kill Sophie. But ultimately, I just wanted her to have her Marek and for me to get some good strong Marek scenes.

It’s a back-handed compliment to the author that I was torn about this one. If she hadn’t written such a fantastic hero in Marek and such moving intense scenes for Sophie and Marek in the first two books, I wouldn’t be so impatient with the otherwise engaging story in this one. Haha! Still, for all my impatience, I can whole-heartedly recommend this series to Urban Fantasy fans who love their vampires and want something a bit different in that culture.

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  • I was wondering how to manage avoiding that book but your review did me in when you talked about that universe – OK, I’m adding it to my nerending to-read list 😉

    • I sat here and laughed and realized that’s cruel b/c I know exactly what you mean. The good news is that this is only a trilogy, Iza!

  • I love winning a book from a series that I love. This book and series sound really good. Thanks for the great review.

    • I was so excited, Mary. I think the neighborhood knew that I won a book I really wanted to read.

  • Bea @ Bea’s Book Nook

    I haven’t heard of this series before but it sounds complex. I do love werewolves.

    • HI Bea! Yes, this is an Indie trilogy of stories. The first two books strongly focus on the vampires with the werewolves seeming the bad guys until this one explains the weres and sheds them in a more gentle light.

  • That would be a serious squee! How very cool. It sounds pretty awesome. I’ve not tried her books before but might have to get them worked in one day 🙂

    • Next time you’re in a vampire mood, think about these ones, Anna. They’re only a trio too so that’s a plus.

  • Interesting concept and series, I’ll have to looking it one of these days. This sounds like it would do my paranormal fix real good 😀

    • Oh yes, Sharonda! I loved her take on Vampires. She allows for them to be the scary types like the Anne Rice ones, but also gives hope for them too.

  • Interesting concept and series, I’ll have to looking it one of these days. This sounds like it would do my paranormal fix real good 😀

  • Lola R

    That’s so awesome when you win a book you really want to read and it must be great to hear the author read your reviews of the previous books. Sounds like an interesting and complex world. I’ll go check out the blurb for the first book in this series. I am sorry that it didn’t completely go in the direction you wanted, but it still sounds like you enjoyed this one. Great review!

    • I did enjoy it, Lola! I think if I re-read it now that I know the end I could appreciate the middle of the book more. I was pretty excited to win that’s for sure.