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Yakkety Yak Let's Chat

Lately my life has been overflowing with things to do almost like everyone else I know. It’s not just me. But as I go through reading books, I have found I am much quicker to say, nope, not going to finish this one or flip to the end to find out who gets with who or how they resolve the issues. I probably did this more when I had physical books than I do today with Kindle books. You just flip the book to a different page instead of touching the screen and trying to tell it to go someplace…and sometimes my thoughts aren’t nice on where to tell it to go.

But as I plow through books, I realized I really wanted to stop reading more of them than I was. Take the one I am reading now. I got it off NetGalley and I feel the need to read it because my percentage review is so low and I need all I can get to get it up. The push is to finish it. But it is soooo boring. The dialog isn’t interesting. I don’t know where the hero actually lives or if he is in between locations figuring things out. The heroine really needs to learn what love looks like. Or maybe it is just me at this point and time.

So here are some reasons I do not finish books:

  1. The hero or heroine whine too much. No, silly not the wine you drink, but the incessant noise that life has treated you wrong and you are due something from the universe.
  2. Keeping the point of view to one person way to long. This is a relationship, so let’s see both side of the story please.
  3. Suspending disbelief. Oh, I really would love to have a male that has a vibrating cock, but let’s be truthful, do I really want one? Science fiction is that, make believe, but don’t make me shelve every belief I have grown up with to take on your world unless you truly convince me through story telling.
  4. Misogynist – yep, I really dislike books where they want to put the women back in the stone ages or barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Screw you man if you think I will bow at your feet.
  5. Conversations are a must and please let it be intelligent. Oh, I can laugh at a ditzy comment or two, but when there is no meaningful value to what they said, then why even try to dumb down your brain.
  6. Humor over done. Don’t try to give me one liners every one line. I like to laugh, but also I like to relax and get into a story. Feeling pushed to laugh over and over at a characters expense gets old fast.
  7. Descriptive words that don’t do a thing for me. Do wombs really quiver in anticipation? Do copious amounts of female fluids gush down their legs? How about that rosebud that doesn’t remind me of a rose at all. Buttons? Don’t you be flicking my buttons dude.
  8. Action packed, but attraction lacked. Those stories laced with hot action packed conflicts and then when they hit the bed, we fade to black. So I get gory details without the outlet to release tensions. No baby, you get thrown against the wall and not to get it on.
  9. Genres that are mis-represented make me hurl. There are a few genres I just don’t want to read. So if I get a book and think it is one genre only to find out it fits the genre I don’t like, then bye-bye.
  10. Blurbs so far off course you land on a deserted island. You know the ones that say one thing, but when you start reading that is only really a small part of the story and not even an important one? I know blurb writing is hard, but don’t tease me with something and deliver a totally different story. Adios!

What makes you put down a book before the end?
How long do you give it a fair chance before chucking it in the trash?
Or do you stick to the very bitter end?


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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!


  1. The biggest reason I put a book down is if the writing doesn’t pull me into the story, or I become bored with it, or even the feeling of forcing yourself to read like its a chore. It does drive me a little crazy when the synopsis says one thing and the story doesn’t turn out like that at all, but if the writing is good enough I keep with the story. But another pet peeve is whiny heroines, or even heroines that are really mean or spiteful. I just don’t relate with that in any way.

    1. I dislike getting so bored. I want to get lost and feel the pull to a book when I don’t have time to read. Synopsis is a big part of why I buy a book, so it better really tell me what it will be about instead of pointing me the wrong direction.

      Spitefulness! Yes, that gets me every time!

  2. I am getting better about setting books down that aren’t doing it for me, but by nature I tend to be the one who tries to finish no matter what. That’s why I had to resolve this year to just let those go.
    Haha! Yes, those are seriously annoying things.

    1. Oh, I know you hold on to the bitter end a lot! I try but sometimes you just got to say there is something better in the TBR pile.

  3. I second all ten motions, Shari! Why stick with a meh book when we can read something better? It’s nothing against the author, it’s about US. A book should be an escape, it doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger or not. Blogging reviews is an extra… but we’re still readers and if we can’t get into it, then we’re shortchanging ourselves.

    Again, it’s not the book, it’s us. What best fits US, our mood, our needs, our time. So if we DNF, we’re just being fair to ourselves.

    1. You said it so eloquently! I am actually caught up on review books and I find myself floating around my pile and tossing books that are meh, looking for the one that fits MY mood.

  4. I am getting better at putting books down that don’t work for me, the reasons can really vary although the most common ones are when a book doens’t fit my expectations or I cna’t find myself to care about the story or characters. I am pretty open to tryign new genres, although it sure can be disorienting when you think a book is one genre and then it turns out to be more another genre. My last book I put down was a historical romance that was just too unbelievable for me, little story progress and I didn’t care about the story or characters. It just didn’t work for me.

    1. Glad to see we are the same. I don’t want a book that can’t move forward. I want to try new genres, but they don’t always hit a mark with me. Like I really can’t read New Adult fiction. At forty-something, I just can’t get invested into the mind of fresh out of YA era stories. I tip my hat to those who love them, but I find them whiny, immature and just not something that evokes emotion to return to reading them.

  5. Girl, if I can high five you right now? I can’t anymore, you know…there are just too many books out there to be worrying over one you can’t get through. I’m not going to finish it and I’ve gotten into the habit of just letting folks know why I couldn’t finish their book.

    1. *Smacks a high five*

      There are too many books and not enough time, so why waste it on something I don’t like? I just pushed myself to finish a book as I was writing this one. It was something I should have given up on right away, but no, I pushed. Now I just need something to cleanse my palate.

  6. Oh too funny..yes if the blurb and genre are labeled steampunk it had better be steampunk. I have learned to let go at 100 pages if I don’t slip in. If I am enjoying a book I have to force myself to set it down. It really hurts my reading and can bring on a slump if I stick with books that drag or ones I am unable to connect with.

    1. If I go through about 5 DNF then I try to think what’s up with me. Maybe I just need to find a new genre to try. I did that recently with the zombie genre. If I come back to those 5 and can’t get back into them, then I guess it wasn’t me.

      Yep, those blurbs and genres better be correct or the garbage disposal might be tested to see if it can eat a book.

    1. Thanks Sharon! Over descriptive can be worse than under descriptive. Be creative without using over the top descriptions.

  7. I agree with you for all of this. I used to think I had to read every one of mine from Net Galley and had to write some bad reviews because of that. But now if it’s not holding my attention, I just dnf it. The descriptive words also make me cringe at times as well. It’s like how dumb do writers of romance think the reader is anyway?

    1. Nope, I have decided NetGalley is not exempt from DNF. What I do is say why I DNF when I give my response. That way they know why and I don’t get docked for not giving feedback on my percentage.

      I think sometimes writes are churning out a lot of books fast and just use descriptive words that make no sense. I notice it more when they are shorter stories, but that doesn’t mean much in the long run.