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Yakkety Yak...Let's Chat

I saw this one on Under the Covers blog and thought it was perfect to showcase my heady book love for the romance genre.  The tag was created by Romance Queen of Booktube and Not Just Romance Novels

1. How old was I when I started reading romance?

I picked up my mom’s White Indian series by Donald Clayton Porter at age 12 and I read all her historical romances and then set aside romance to get deep into mysteries and general fiction for over twenty years or so then picking right back up in the historical romances before broadening my horizons to other romance genres.

2. If I could pick one hero from a favorite romance to meet, who would it be and why?

Review The Jade Temptress by Jeannie LinThis is tough.  There are many, but I’m going with Wu Kaifang from The Jade Temptress by Jeannie Lin.  Like most of her male heroes, he is respectful of the ladies and has no trouble treating one as an equal even back in the day of the Tang Dynasty.  Plus, he solves crimes in medieval China.  I’d love to hear him talk about his cases.

3. Who are my favorite romance authors and why?

Seriously?!?  Well, we’re limiting this to three and that’s about killing me here.

Carolyn Brown because I like her down home country charm and ability to make me laugh with her sassy heroines and jaw-dropping cute cowboys in their jeans and boots oozing charm.

Mary Balogh because I love her ability to bring historical setting and social issues to life while delivering a soft and yet sensual romance.

Patricia Briggs because she makes me love her characters and feel the every-day aspect of Mercy and Adam’s or Charles and Anna’s romance even in the middle of a paranormal world.

4. What is my favorite romance to re-read?

That would be Georgette Heyer’s classic Regency Romantic Comedies.  If I need comforting or I feel sick then I grab a Heyer.  The banter and crazy situations paired with detailed historical backdrop are abso-fab.

5. What would I recommend to non-romance readers?

This would depend on what their reading interests are when they are approaching romance.  My simple answer is to say that they should read romances with the elements they enjoyed from before like if one likes historical fiction then grab historical romance.

But, to give some specific examples:

For dipping the toe into contemporary from women’s fiction, give the Cadillac, Texas series by Carolyn Brown a looksee.

For trying steampunk, I’d recommend a steampunk-paranormal series like Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk.

From thrillers to romantic suspense, go with Karen Rose’s Closer Than You Think.

For those not sure about either sci-fi or urban fantasy, give Ilona Andrews’ the Innkeeper Chronicles a whirl.

6. Which is my favorite genre and why?

Again, I don’t have one favorite and pretty much read anything with romance as an element.  But, to narrow it down, I’ll say that I love sci-fi because there are usually some incredible worlds created and I get some good action and also, urban fantasy for similar reasons and because the romance and story plot is given plenty of room to develop and expand.

Now, I’m feeling all swoony and romantic and need to get back to my latest.  Tag, you’re it!  Chat with me about your take on these questions.

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Shari is the Delighted Reader. Married to her Prince Charming and mother to two Princesses and one Prince. When she is not slaving away as Cinderella she loves to get lost in the pages of a good book. Never without a reading device and a few good paperback books, because she never knows when she might get 5 minutes to read!

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  • Great discussion tag you have here. I really REALLY need to read Jeannie Lin though. I have heard her books are great. And you can never go wrong with Mary Balogh for sure. 🙂 I love how well she writes historical romance. She really makes the time era come alive for the reader.

    • You really must grab some Jeannie Lin. You’ll love it, Renee. 🙂
      Woot for Balogh.

  • fun! thanks for sharing!

  • My favorite genre at the moment is PNR. I mostly read that with a few others thrown in at times. I didn’t start reading romance until I was about 24 years old. Before that is was 100% Horror that I read.

    • I was so glad that I finally took the plunge with PNR. It was one of the last romance sub-genres I tried and I’m totally hooked.

      Wow! Horror to romance. LOL

      • I’m so glad you’re loving the PNR, that’s my go to genre. lol I know. I started reading Horror when I was 15 and then jumped right into romance in my 20’s. That’s probably why I love PNR so much. It has some Horror elements in it like crazy blood sucking vampires. lol

        • Okay, yes, that makes complete sense. Some of the PNR/UF and even sci-fi can get hair-raising and on the edge of horror. There are so many creative ways to build a paranormal world and have some great action.

  • I pulled a few romance novels off of my mom’s shelves. I have told my teen that she can read any of my books and doesn’t have to stick with just the YA books. I think YA is just better now than it was back when I was a kid though. I do love Briggs.

    • I agree. I had no interest reading books for teens when I was a teen, but I’d definitely read many of the YA out now. Neat that you had a similar experience with your mom’s books.

  • Cool tag. I can’t remember reading a romance book until I was around 18, I think, but I didn’t like it. So then I didn’t really start reading romance until I started blogging.

    • Thanks, Christy! I’ve loved romance all along, but I’ve also taken long breaks from it, too. Glad you eventually found your way to reading it. 🙂

  • I have only read a few Georgette Heyer’s books, but I want to read more.

    • They are sparkling, light, and fun. I think you’ll have a good time with them, Quinn.

  • Nice book tag. Thank’s for sharing!

  • Karen

    I’ve been reading more sci-fi romance lately and I love it! It’s a bit more plot driven and all the worlds are so different but still has that relationship dynamic that I love.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

    • SFR came late for me, but I love it, too. There is such a variety even among the sci-fi with light and fun to more heavy on the sci-fi and action. Agreed the world building is a great part of sci-fi.

  • I need to read Mary Balogh! I started reading romance probably in middle school. My mom probably wouldn’t have been real happy if she knew some of what I managed to read back then. Later on we shared library books and read a lot of the same books .She also introduced me to old b/w movies. Ah, such good memories.

    • Yes! She has a softer style than most modern HR writers, but packs a punch in a different way in her historicals.

      Ah, that’s hilarious! I’m pretty sure my mom would have flipped over some of my reading material, too. 🙂