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Today I am delighted to turn Delighted Reader over to Joely Sue Burkhart, author of Yours To Take. A special Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers. Welcome Joely!

Mothers and Daughters

Speaking as a mom of three daughters, I think the relationship between a mother and her daughters is special AND complex.  We want them to grow up strong, independent, and beautiful both inside and out — yet I think we always want them to stay sweet and innocent too.  It’s bittersweet to watch them grow up and become young women themselves, and I’m constantly having to catch myself trying to shield them from the world.

I have a similarly complex relationship with my own mother.  We were very close when I was a kid, but I married young (at 18), moved away to college, and eventually, my parents divorced.  My mom has since remarried.  Nothing’s the same any more.  Our family farmhouse is gone, we don’t have the huge family dinners like we used to.  Trying to plan Christmas that involves both my parents — at different locations — can be challenging.  Yet I’m thankful that both my parents are still living and can share so much with my children.

I tried to capture some of that complexity in Vicki’s story, YOURS TO TAKE.  If you’ve read any of the Connagher books, you’ve already heard of her formidable mother, “Mama” Virginia Connagher.  To say they butt heads is like saying it gets hot during the summer in Texas.  To make it even more fun, both of them are dominants.  Proud, strong, powerful women who don’t take shit off no one, least of all each other.  If Mama says the sky is blue, Vicki’s got something to say about it.

Yet when Vicki’s life is falling apart, Mama’s the first person she calls, because Mama always knows exactly what to say.

Happy Mother’s Day – here’s a teary snippet celebrating Moms from YOURS TO TAKE:

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Her fingers trembled but she dialed another number. She didn’t think about it for fear she’d just hang up. As soon as she heard the click she didn’t wait for anyone to speak. “Mama?”

“Vicki, honey, what’s wrong?”

Okay, so maybe she wasn’t out of tears after all. She swallowed hard, trying not to blubber like a little kid. She’d lost countless boyfriends over the years and she would’ve rather cut off her arm than discuss it with her mother, but Elias was different. Losing him made her feel like someone had cut out her heart.

“Are you hurt?” Mama’s voice sharpened, but she wasn’t one for hysterics. “Where are you?”

“Elias left.” Vicki finally made her voice work. “He came home and found me with Jesse.”

Several moments of silence made her stomach tighten. What had she been thinking to call Mama of all people? She’d probably been rehearsing a lecture since last week when she’d seen Vicki with both men. Hell, she’d been telling her “I told you so” for years.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. After what I saw the other day, I thought you had an understanding with him.”

Relief made her shoulders droop but unfortunately cranked up the waterworks even more. “So did I. He knew everything, Mama. I never lied or hid from him. But he came home and saw me….”

“And he walked out.”

“Yeah. Now he won’t return my calls.”

Mama sighed. “Come home, honey. We’ll make your favorite brownies. You can bring the young man too. I know you won’t want to leave him behind.”

Closing her burning eyes, Vicki couldn’t breathe for a minute. It meant the world to hear the acceptance in her mother’s voice. Yeah, she wouldn’t want to leave Jesse behind, even if that meant she lost Elias forever. Mama got that without even hearing the details of Jesse’s life before he came to her. “I’ve got a batch of brownies already started.”

“Somehow I already knew that. It’s a good thing you didn’t take after your grandma. She would’ve poisoned your cop.”

She managed to smile and even laugh a little. “Yeah, Miss Belle could make a batch of brownies and wipe out the entire Dallas police force.”

My cop. Her throat and head ached, and all she wanted to do was crawl back into bed. The business line had been ringing off the hook all day. This should have been one of the highest days of victory in her entire life. Her line had been a success. People were calling to place orders.

And all she wanted to do was drive home and let her Mama spoil her with brownies.

“Give him time, honey,” Mama said in a gentle voice she’d only rarely ever heard. “No alpha wolf is going to welcome another male pissing in his territory, let alone sniffing around his mate. His pride is stinging. Give him enough time to let the pain in his heart override his hurt pride and he’ll come home. Who knows, if you play him right, you might even get him to grovel.”

Vicki shook her head. “Elias doesn’t grovel.”

“Oh, I imagine you and your young man might be able to come up with something that will make even your cop come begging.”


Joely always has her nose buried in abook, especially one with mythology, fairy tales, and romance. Find her on her — website, Twitter, and Facebook.. Be sure to check out her freereads!

Stop by my blog for details about the $100 online book gift certifcate I’m giving away!


Joely is graciously giving away a digital copy of Yours To Take. For a chance to win, leave a comment below letting us know how you celebrate Mother’s Day.

Giveaway ends May 19, 2012 at 11:59 PM.


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  • Joanne B

    Todat I will be picking up my sister and her youngest from the airport. Then, hopefully it will be quiet so I can relax and read.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • I try to spend the morning going to the cemetery to visit my mom, and then I try to do the park of something with the boys.

  • Sophia Rose

    Ah, loved that excerpt! It’s great having a mom who knows when to lecture and when to back you up.

    Thanks for the post and excerpt!

  • bn100

    I enjoyed the post and excerpt. We celebrated by going out to eat.


  • Gale Nelson

    We usually go out to eat or have a cookout. This year we had a cookout at the inlaws. Thanks for the giveaway. Gale

  • Vanessa N.

    Usually start by making her breakfast in bed. Then she relaxes and we cool her her favorite dishes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • June

    Loved the excerpt and can’t wait to read this book. My mom has always been like that, when I was growing up we could not agree on anything, constant fighting, but I knew that she would back me up no matter what. Now, we don’t fight or anything and I still know she will always be there for me, ready to kick anyone’s butt who messes with me or any of the other family, even though we are more than able to kick it ourselves.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  • Julianne

    I celebrate Mother’s Day with family. My son comes to visit and he always brings me flowers. One to plant that will come up every year and one in a hanging basket. We have lunch or dinner and then we go to my Mom’s house and spend the rest of the day with her.

  • Sue Sattler

    I lost my mother Jan 1999 and my oldest son Jan 2011, so my other three kids and I had a quiet lunch and then I went to the cemetery to put out flowers.


  • Thank you for all the love you shared about your mothers! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

  • Fedora

    The kids helped DH make breakfast 🙂 And we sent Happy Mother’s Day photos to the traveling grandmothers 🙂 Great excerpt, Joely! And hope you had a lovely time celebrating, too!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  • Tina B

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Joely Sue! I have only sons, but I do remember my strained teen years with my own mom. I never understood why she was always so hard on me (I was the only girl) and we constantly argued about my brothers getting to do things that I could not. Now, she is my best friend and I love her so very much!
    We (my boys and I) took her out to lunch. It was a nice day. Hubby was working, so I just spent a relaxing day at home otherwise. 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to read this. I have not read this series yet, but will be adding it to my TBR. I feel for poor Vicki.
    trb0917 at

  • Gale Nelson

    Thanks for the giveaway! I celebrate
    Mother’s Day with my kids and either
    go out to eat or cook out. Gale

  • Andie Wardlow

    I had to work in the morning but went to my moms for dinner…loved spending time with her and the babies!

  • Cathy M

    Love a big family dinner cooked by my hubby and my boys. Then sit around the table visiting and laughing.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com