Villa Fortuna by Cat Gardiner #Review

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Villa Fortuna by Cat Gardiner #Review
Villa Fortuna

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Vanity & Pride Press
Released on November 29, 2015
Pages: 359
Format: Paperback
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Mio Dio!  I haven’t had such a good time reading a book in a long while.  Or a need to dash out to the local Italian bakery, or shove in one of my Dean Martin CDs, or run to the other side of the country and be surrounded by my plethora of Sicilian American family.  Oh yes, this was a romance wrapped up in so much culture and family that it draws the reader right into its big-hearted Italian bosom for a marinara-scented hug.

While this story has strong affiliations to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice in themes, characters, and situation, it is very much its own story.  In fact, anyone not particularly familiar with Pride & Prejudice would probably not even guess that it is a modern adaption of the old story.  In other words, no prior familiarity or liking for P&P necessary to dive in and learn to adore this colorful, dazzling Italian-American Romance set during the holiday season in NYC-Bronx and environs.  But many Austen lovers will be tickled by it for sure.

The story opens with Dr. Elizabeth Fairchild returning home to New York from California for the reading of her great-aunt’s will.  Elizabeth has distanced herself from her roots in the Bronx Little Italy community and in so doing distanced herself from family.  This return is an eye-opener on many levels.  She begins to see that she is lonely and living out a cold-hearted existence.  By denying part of herself- the Lizzy Clemente, one of the three Clemente sisters- she isn’t happy.

So it is with no little amount of anxiety that she learns that she and her sisters have inherited the Villa Fortuna.  There are stipulations in the will.  Elizabeth knows this is Gina’s big chance after the failure of her marriage.  The old beautiful Italian style building in an upscale community is just the place for Gina to open her hair salon.  The wild sister, Nicki is on board and they both want Elizabeth to help.  Elizabeth promises short-term help to get them started.  The opposition is in the form of Stella Russo, a rival of their deceased great-aunt, who has a claim on Villa Fortuna and to the upscale salon down the street.

By chance, while she is attending a medical conference in the city, Elizabeth meets a handsome plastic surgeon, Michael Garin, and they begin seeing each other.  Neither realize their other connection through Villa Fortuna and their shared NYC Italian roots in that Elizabeth is the Lizzy Clemente helping her sisters with the hair salon and Mike is the grandson of Stella and he wants to buy the building.  Mike is in the dark because Elizabeth lies to him about anything personal and family related and on Mike’s part, the specifics don’t come up because he doesn’t know there is the connection.

Michael Garin is disappointed by each date that doesn’t work out, his work that is his father’s dream and not his own, his father checking out of him and his sister’s life, and the pressure from his grandmother to help her against the new owners of Villa Fortuna.  Women objectify him for his good looks, family wealth and connections, and because of his work.  He wants to find love and actually do work that makes a difference which is why meeting Elizabeth is the start of something special.

Mayhem ensues as the truth comes out in this sassy, zany Romantic Comedy set against the backdrop of Little Italy and the Christmas season.

Some books are strong because of the characters or the relationship.  This book does have a good romance and the characters are well-developed, but truthfully, its strengths are on the tone, atmosphere, larger cast of characters as a whole, and the setting.  It’s not in the parts, but the whole that the story can be truly appreciated.  It is a feast for the senses and the reader is embraced by the culture of the story even as the dominant theme is the angst of a flawed heroine who has to work through her issues to find happiness.

The humor is beyond the beyond.  I chuckled, snorted, and mused happily through the antics going on in the story.  This is not meant to be a serious story and can slip into the mad cap often.  Stella is unbelievable most of the time.  Nicki can bring down the house with her trash-talking and flirting.  She was an unapologetic minx.  Or the surrounding array of quirky neighbors and family putting in opinions and doing their thing (bathtub wine making, cross-dressing receptionist, mob ties, a threatening electric drill, best open house evah).

I do have to say that the romance was a tough one for me.  I’m not one who enjoys reading about a character who can’t be honest with themselves or anyone else.  Elizabeth lies to Mike the whole time and then jumps to some harsh conclusions due to her prejudices.  He jumps to conclusions too, but I give him some latitude b/c he was also being lied to.  I wanted to smack her particularly in the beginning when she wasn’t a likeable person the way she was treating her sisters and acting.

But, she does grow, and even if I didn’t like the lying, I liked her so I stuck with it because her ex did a number on her to cause this.  The author convinced me that they were a good romantic pair and the chemistry was definitely there.   The several dates and conversations helped develop their relationship for me and I loved all the romantic feelings that grew.   Mike comes through as a shining hero.

And on a side note, the food, activities, and music were a fun inclusion.  A few Italian recipes are slipped in between the chapters (cute chapter titles by the by) and I know for a fact these are delicious as my own family has made these goods.

All in all, it was la dolce vita.  Austen lovers and contemporary romance fans should definitely give this hot-blooded, loud, quirky Italian-American Romantic Comedy a go.

Challenges Met:

Romance Roundabout #14 CR
Literary Pickers #14 Hammer
Diversity #3
Austenesque #3
Books N Tunes #3 Jay and the Americans’  ‘Cara Mia’

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5 years ago

I love stories with culture other than my own. Italy is one of my places to go before I die. The food, language, people, arts… I want to experience it all. It’s nice that Italian-Americans are so closely knit and keep that culture alive. P&P is one of my favs, so I really want to read this modern Italian version. Awesome review!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Lekeisha

Yes, me, too. I love reading about other cultures and it’s neat that sometimes we don’t have to go far to encounter them. But Italy, yeah, that I want to experience, too.
This was a fun blend of Contemporary Rom-com and P&P. Hope you like it, Lekeisha!

Lover Of Romance
5 years ago

Great match with the song!!! Love it, reminded me of the old days with sinatra and dean martin!! I love italian stories like this, not sure how I would feel about the romance. I have the same issue with honesty. I never understand this issue. It works for some romances I have read in the past, but hard to relate to in real life though. Sounds very entertaining. Glad you had a fun time reading it.

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

Thanks! I was going to post up a Frank or Dino song, but I do those a lot so I picked another favorite group.

Yes, this was a fun story and the surrounding story and development helped me get past her fibbing. I just knew it would all come crashing down around her ears and it did. 🙂

5 years ago

I could read this 🙂

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Blodeuedd

Oh yes, this was a hoot!

5 years ago

A romance wrapped up in culture and family, that sounds nice! I usually like these kind of stories where the main character returns to her family and/or hometown and realizes how much she loves it there. And a book that can pull off the right atmosphere is awesome. Just like you I have a hard time enjoying romances where one of the characters isn’t being honest, but it sounds like the romance grows and blooms into something nice eventually. Oh and those italian recipes in between the chapters sounds like a nice touch! Great review!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Lola

This was definitely nice, Lola! A foodie like you would love all the references to food in the story and the recipes that go with them. I loved the whole atmosphere of the story. The dishonesty was a big element and a part of her growth so I was able to get past it for the most part. I definitely want to visit Little Italy at Christmastime now. 🙂

Candy @ So little time...

Nice review! It sounds like it would be a great read! The big Italian family and culture sounds wonderful!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

It’s a wild and wacky one, but these Italians know how to have a good time. Thanks for popping by, Candy.

Candy @ So little time...
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Have you read ‘The Second Date’ by Mary Simonsen? It’s a fun Italian-American Romance. It’s one of my favorite stories of Mary’s!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

I forgot about that one. I love her books so I’ll have to read it.

Candy @ So little time...
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Yes! And I’ll have to add ‘Villa Fortuna to my list! I still have to read Cat’s ‘Denial of Conscience’, which will be at the top of my pile very soon! 🙂

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

Haha, the list that only grows. I have one of those, too. DoC was pretty good. I loved spy Darcy.

5 years ago

This sounds so funny! I’ll definitely add this to my TBR. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. 🙂

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

You’re welcome! Ever since her Lucky 13 firefighter calendar one, I’ve been a fan. 🙂