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The Great Pick Up Line

Welcome TR Fischer as they share their Great Pick Up Line from A Man Around The House.
Take it away TR!

[quote]Hair We Are had no empty seats in the waiting area. After Tara rang up her last morning client, a man came in.

“Hello.” Tara wanted to say more but her brain shorted out. This guy was not from Pine View. He looked like he’d stepped out of a magazine. Rugged and clean-cut at the same time. His wavy blond hair was longer than most businessmen wore theirs, but his jeans and button-down shirt weren’t the kind a laborer could afford. They looked as though they’d been tailored to fit. His sleek leather jacket probably cost more than she made in three months. Must be a tourist who took the wrong exit.

He strode to the counter, flashing a slightly crooked smile that made her breath catch. Then he glanced at the full waiting area. “I need a haircut. Is there any way you can you fit me in?”

He smelled good. Something musky, masculine. Tara looked down at the schedule as if there were an option besides forget it pal, not today. “I’m really sorry, but we’re completely booked.” She smiled an apology. If he only knew how sorry she was.

He slid out his wallet. Leaned close. “Are you averse to a little bribery?” He pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and slid it toward her. Another smile, this one full of mischief.

Tara covered a grin with the back of her hand. She was a part-time manager at a run-down salon in Nowhereville, not the maitre d’ at a fine dining establishment in San Francisco. He lifted a brow, asking again. The long list of things she needed money for now included her broken-down car. Fifty bucks was right in front of her. So was he. Like a puppy she couldn’t resist cuddling. Earline had come in but she was busy shampooing someone. Tara erased and rewrote a few names, moving things around on the schedule—just like Earline did to her all the time. “May I have your name?”

“Bo Michaels.”

Tara jotted it down.

“Should I wait over there?” He shrugged broad shoulders out of his coat.

“No. I’ll be right with you.” Not feeling right about taking the money, Tara left it alone and went over to Gwen. “Did you have espresso this morning?” Gwen had confided that she either worked slow or fast, depending on what she had to drink beforehand.

“Yeah, why?” Gwen looked from Tara to the man, then back. “I’m almost finished.” She kept her voice low. “Does he want a cut, or does he want to spend the night? I can do either or both, if the price is right.” Gwen busted a sultry move.

Tara snorted. “The brothels are across the state line.” He was watching, a comical look on his face and Tara hoped he couldn’t hear.

“I can get to him in a sec.” Gwen gave Tara a pleading look. “Do you have time to shampoo him? If I don’t take a potty break, I’m going to die.”

“Actually, I want you to take care of Missy LaPorte. She’ll be in soon.”

Gwen’s hand went to her hip. “You’re gonna pull rank and take Mr. Wonderful?”

Tara somehow managed to keep a straight face. “Missy will want something like this.” She put a hand to her hair. “You’re twice as fast. And she always tips well.”


A Man Around The House by TR Fischer

A mountain of problems and painful memories have Tara Jones in their grip. The moment she graduates, she plans to escape her small town and make a fresh start. On the way to her nursing final, Tara watches in horror as a car crashes in front of her. The driver is the same man who bribed her for a haircut a few days before. The one she can’t stop thinking about.

Bo Michaels is not looking for female entanglements. He’s too busy chasing a real estate deal he believes will catapult his career. After totaling his car, Bo wakes up in the hospital with a metal contraption holding his leg together. No walking, no weight bearing, no nothing—for six weeks. Estranged from his family and having no close friends, Bo turns to Tara for help.

Tara reluctantly agrees to care for Bo in her home. The money she’ll make might enable her to pay off a debt to a frightening man who won’t leave her alone. Neither the nurse nor her patient anticipate the lightning that strikes their hearts. Just as a fragile bond develops between them, the town and shadows from the past threaten to destroy it.

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About TR Fischer

The author of several titles, including Prey For Me, Changing Sky and A Man Around The House, TR Fischer grew up in Colorado. After moving to California and sampling life in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, TR and her husband moved back to the Denver area. That didn’t satisfy, so the city-dwellers bought some land and took up raising buffalo. Each day is an adventure, on and off the page.

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Sophia Rose
4 years ago

Hard to resist him. Oh, and the blurb sounds great, too.

TR Fischer
TR Fischer
4 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Thanks, Sophia. So much goes into writing that blurb! I write a whole book and then have to figure out a way to encapsulate it into a few paragraphs.

Braine TS
4 years ago

Money talks

TR Fischer
TR Fischer
4 years ago
Reply to  Braine TS

Yup! 🙂

Melissa (Books and Things)

Oh this one does sound interesting.

TR Fischer
TR Fischer
4 years ago

Thanks, Melissa. I hope you check it out!

Carole's Random Life
4 years ago

This has a nice set up. You know she couldn’t say no to him.

TR Fischer
TR Fischer
4 years ago

I guess you’re right Carole. There wouldn’t be much of a story without that, right? 🙂