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Welcome to Delighted Reader Sahara Kelly! We are excited to have her here to chat with us today.

It’s a pleasure to be here, Shari. Thanks for inviting me!

Shari: Let’s start of by having you tell us a little about yourself.

Sahara KellySahara: Well, I’m British, born and raised. Came to the US when my father emigrated and settled in New England. I’ve just recently moved to Virginia with hubby – our son lives down this way, so it’s a family thing, I guess. LOL

Shari: How many times have you attended Authors After Dark? What are you most looking forward to in Savannah?

Sahara: This will be my second AAD – I managed to attend the one in Philadelphia and had such a great time I knew I wanted to do it again. I’m looking forward to spending time with readers (a huge lure for me) and also to being in Savannah. That’s a city I’ve longed to visit but never had the chance.

Shari: Do you have your costumes chosen for all the balls at Authors After Dark? Can we get a peek?

Sahara: Well, I’m a Steampunk Tea host, so that will be Victorian/Edwardian. White, with an underbust corset (because of the heat). I also have a darling hat, which I hope will survive the trip. LOL  For the Riverboat Cruise – another event I’m hoping to host, I’m thinking Southern Belle, but that’s still under development. 😉

Shari: I admit I am a Castle addict. I saw you are too. What draws you to Richard Castle…um, I mean the Castle TV show?

Sahara: Oh boy. Tough one. I love the writing. It’s clever and sharp without being pretentious, if you know what I mean. And the cast is just perfect – everyone is very real. I’d love to have a drink with any one of ‘em. And then there’s Fillion…what Firefly fan wouldn’t enjoy watching him at work?

Shari: What genre of romance is your favorite to write about?

So Into YouSahara: All of ‘em. Seriously. I can’t tie myself down to one. I have Author Distraction Disorder. I get bored quickly. LOLLOL Up to now I haven’t written a shifter or a werewolf tale because I’m a bit hung up on the “what to do with their clothes” issue. In my mind I see forests full of naked people when the sun rises. Bugs the heck out of me. LOLLOL

Shari: What drew you into creating eBook covers with Scott Carpenter? Oh, I see you write with him as well?

Sahara: Scott’s my writing partner, my business partner and my best friend. He jokes that I’m his work wife. LOLLOL We’ve been writing together for over ten years and the cover art thing was sort of a natural progression now that so many authors are looking for cover art on their own. I can’t think of any one better able to offer awesome covers than Scott, since he has decades of experience and understands what authors are looking for.

Shari: I am a Apple girl convert after 20 years being a Windows gal. How many Apple products do you own? A girl’s gotta have the latest gadgets, right?

Sahara: Darn right. LOL  I got “converted” about five years ago (by my son). Last count…hmm.  An iMac, a Thunderbolt 27” cinema display, a Mac mini server, a MacBook Air, two iPads, an iPod and an iPhone 4S. Haven’t updated to the 5 yet. Waiting on that. LOL  And a Nook for variety. J The nicest thing about Apple products? They work together and with me seamlessly. I took my new iPad out of the box, turned it on, and it said “Hello. Would you like to connect to the Internet?” I said “yes, please” (always be polite to appliances!) and BOOM. I was up and running. How easy is that? LOL

Shari: So to date, how many books have you written? All in the romance genre?

Sahara: You know, I’m not sure. Sounds silly, but I never know whether to count shorter novellas individually or as one when they’re bundled. But I’d guess somewhere between fifty and sixty are out there with my name on ‘em. And yes, all romances with strong erotic components.  Lots of hot stuff going on.

Shari: Tell us about your latest release.

Frisky BusinessSahara: Right now I’ve just re-released a favorite series – the Time Guardians. Three books I wrote many years ago. The contract expired and I retrieved my rights. Decided it was time to revise them. First one is a fantasy ménage with genies and magic. FUN!!! Then there’s my homage to Douglas Adams, featuring a 12th century Scottish Laird and a starship Officer competing in a sexual Olympiad. The trilogy concludes with a contemporary New England murder mystery, a sexy hero and a British heroine who loves books. Who could ask for more? LOL

Shari: What is in the works next for you?

Sahara: So many options. One of the joys of self publishing is that I can go where my muse takes me. Right now she’s on vacation (sigh) since I’m deep in preparations for my first Con of the “season” – the RT bash in Kansas City. But I have several manuscripts on the burners, so I’m not sure which one will come to a boil first. I like to surprise myself sometimes. LMAO

Thank you for joining us today at Delighted Reader! We had a blast!

It was my pleasure. These were wonderful questions so I hope your readers have as much fun reading the answers as I had writing them!!!  Again, thanks so much for the invitation to drop by. If anyone would like more info, they can rummage around my website at And drop me an email from there? My addy is on the contact page!!!


Sahara Kelly

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Sahara Kelly
9 years ago

Just a quick thank you to Shari for a fabulous interview…loved the questions, Shari! You’re a doll. I hope your readers enjoy the article. And best wishes to all for a great upcoming weekend (Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!) I’m off to get my annual quota of peeps! LOLLOL


Amanda McIntyre
9 years ago

Loved the interview and hearing what Miss Sahara is up to ! Just a shout out about her Steampunk series–its wonderful!!! Will hate missing AAD this year, but hope to make it next! Love the term about the Con “Season”–so true!

Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose
9 years ago

Sahara sounds like a fun gal! Thanks for visiting and sharing.

Sahara Kelly
9 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Hey Sophia, you’re very kind. Yeah, I do like to have fun…and I make sure to sneak in some humor into most of my books, too. Life is funny. Love (and the spicy stuff) is even funnier. If I can make my readers laugh as well as reach for their iced water, then I consider it a job well done! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely evening.