Interview: Author Eliza Gayle, author of Reclaiming His Submissive

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Shari: Let’s start of by having you tell us a little about yourself.

Hmm. Well, I’m a major homebody who spends a ridiculous amount of time in front of a computer either working, writing, or goofing off.

On the small occasions I’m not in my home office, I’m usually at the movies or out running around town. I live on a small island in the Pacific Northwest and I love everything about it. I love the water so when I’m out of the house I’m often found down at the beach or on the docks in the harbor.

We’re also renovating a house so I’ve always got some project on my mind. Now that the weather is warmer I’m slowly working on my backyard outdoor space. While the husband is building a fire pit, I’m agonizing over furniture and accessories for the patio and porch. I work Pinterest like a pro for all my decorating and craft ideas. lol.

Shari: How many times have you attended Authors After Dark? What are you most looking forward to in Savannah?

I’ve attended all of the Authors After Dark conventions. I was so grateful Stella included me from the beginning and it has been my very favorite convention since then. Of course it’s grown a lot since that first weekend in New Jersey years ago. Savannah is going to be amazing. I have been there many times as it is one of my favorite places to visit. You can take the girl out of the South but you can’t take the South out of the girl. 🙂

Shari: Do you have your costumes chosen for all the balls at Authors After Dark?

LOL. No, unfortunately not. I love the idea of costumes and think about them a lot and actually have a lot of costume pieces. However, the execution of me in a costume is always so so and very last minute.

Shari: I read you are a gadget girl. If zombies attacked and you could only escape with one gadget, which one would it be and why?

Gosh. I imagine if zombies attacked we might have an electricity problem and none of my gadgets would work. However, if electricity was no issue I would definitely take my mini iPad. It’s small and can do just about anything I need it to. And the fact I probably have a thousand unread books on it would be a huge bonus. 🙂

Now, if you really want to know what I might do in a zombie attack, you might want to check the pirate hatch in my office floor. hehehe

Shari: What are you reading now? Why would you recommend we read it?

I’m currently reading Beautiful Bastard. I picked this up at the library and really had no idea what to expect other than knowing it had been a huge seller and I think it was fan fiction, although I didn’t get that sense when I read it. I got sucked in immediately and probably had my mouth hanging open in shock through most of the book. It was very dirty and on some levels is a lot wrong and yet I enjoyed the hell out of it. 🙂

Shari: What are three things you look for when you are writing your heroes?

I think I tend to write them the way I like to read them.




Shari: Tell us about your latest release.

I have a new release May 20th. Reclaiming His Submissive. This is a continuation of a story I started some time ago in Sweet Submission. I hadn’t actually thought I’d continue the story between Alex and Harper but when I sat down to write a new novella they wouldn’t get out of my head. There are a lot of love/hate comments for serials out there and I’m not even sure this technically qualifies since the timeline for the second installment is 15 months after the first. (although the fact I have a part three already partially written…lol)

However, my favorite hero of all time is Rourke from J.D. Robb’s In Death series and besides being a fantastic character, we get to follow him and Eve as their relationship progresses. I’ve always loved that, so it kind of makes sense that I want to revisit characters whose lives are not neat and tidy at the end even without the addition of a suspense sub plot.

While both Sweet Submission and Reclaiming His Submissive end with an HFN, I’d highly recommend reading SS first for the richest story experience.

Reclaiming His Submissive by Eliza GayleBlurb:

After fifteen months of blissful submission in the arms of her Master, Harper Allison fears the honeymoon period of their relationship is over. In the midst of their last scene several weeks ago she blurted out the three little words Alex wasn’t ready to hear. Now he’s finally summoned her to his penthouse apartment and she’s decided there’s no choice left for her but to ask for her release.

Alex Woodman has been making plans. His life is complicated and his desire to keep his business and family separate from his life with Harper is closing in on him. To gain the commitment he desires something has to give. When his feisty submissive removes her collar without his consent, his need to set things right goes into overdrive and leads to a thing or two that might be considered illegal in the state of New York.

One of these days Harper will learn that what Alex wants—Alex gets.


Shari: What’s in the works next for you?

I’m currently working through Levi’s Ultimatum which is the second book in my Purgatory Masters series. This book will be available on July 9th and can be preordered on Amazon now. The Purgatory Club has always been one of my favorite places to write about so these books are a lot of fun for me.

You can read more about it on my coming soon page.

Thanks for joining me today on Delighted Reader! I can’t wait to meet you again at Authors After Dark in Savannah, GA!

Thanks so much for having me. I really look forward to catching up with you in Savannah.


Eliza Gayle

After penning several sequels to her favorite movies in her youth, with a more romantic slant of course, Eliza temporarily put away her dream of writing for service in the Marine Corps. After the service she was waylaid with college, marriage, the corporate world and having babies.

From the moment she read her first erotic romance novel a few years ago, she knew she had found her niche and realized that her dream was passing her by. So after years of thinking about writing she finally grabbed her laptop and wrote. Eliza lives in the gorgeous Northwest and spends her days dividing her time between writing erotic romance, her job as a marketing manager and raising her two daughters with her husband of twenty years.

She likes her stories hot and spicy whether they be contemporary, fantasy or paranormal and will write in whatever genre her imagination has conjured that day.

Find Eliza At: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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