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Today we are excited to welcome Joy Daniels, author of Revving Her Up to Delighted Reader for an Authors After Dark Spotlight Interview!

Let’s start of by having you tell us a little about yourself.

I’m fairly new to writing. Okay, I’m VERY new – I only got the idea to try to write a novel about four years ago. After trying that for two years, an agent friend who knew how steamy I tend to write suggested that I try erotic romance and – voila! – an author was born.

Before turning my keyboard to love and lust, I worked on various environmental issues for the federal government and non-profit groups. (I have a master’s in oceanography – typical for an author, no?) In addition to reading and writing books, I enjoy bellydancing, yoga and growing food, converting my lawn to grow veggies one bed at a time.

Tell us a little about your recent novella releases.

My debut release, Revving Her Up, was released by Samhain Publishing in January. It tells the story of Sarah Lange, an uptight New York lawyer who gets more than a tune-up car when she meets stockcar mechanic Cole Cassidy in the small town of Rapture Virginia. Revving Her Up is the first story in the Full Throttle series, which focuses on stockcar racing and the town of Rapture.

My second release was a fun, sexy short story called “Lights Out” in “We Love New York: A Romance Anthology to Raise Funds for Hurricane Sandy Relief” published by Riverdale Avenue Books [ ]. Later this spring, the novella “Unmasked” will be released as part of Coliloquy Publishing’s brand-new “chose-your-own-erotic-adventure” line, Entwined Erotica [].

Tell us a little about a scene in the book you loved writing?

I loved writing the scenes where Cole and Sarah talk about cars and then go for a ride around a half-mile track in a racecar. The banter between them is so sexually charged and the ride itself so exciting… Yeah, you can guess what comes next (but I bet you won’t guess how it turns out 😉 ). That was fun to write. I also enjoyed writing the shower scene – had to cool down after that one!

How many times have you attended Authors After Dark? What keeps bring you back each year?

AAD is my favorite reader-writer con. 2013 will be my third year.  I love the quirky, friendly atmosphere, the amazing opportunities to meet and mingle with readers and authors, and the fun, creative events. It’s obvious that a lot of planning goes into making sure everyone has a good time. And where else do I get to wear a corset and dance until my sides ache? (For this suburban mom the answer is: nowehere, so thank you Stella!)

What kind of pizza do you like? Thin crust or original? 

Neither unfortunately because in 2007 I was diagnosed with a gluten-allergy. L  Before that I liked New York pizza, which has only one kind of crust – the kind you can fold in half without breaking the slice and eat with your hands. Silverware? Pfft!

What do you like most about being an author?

The opportunity to create worlds, characters and stories that I want to climb inside. When I’m getting started with a new story I get this weird, excited feeling, like I’m about to embark on an adventure with people I can’t wait to get to know better. I find myself thinking of them when I go to sleep, and when I wake they’re on my mind. It’s like falling in love or meeting your new best friend – except of course it’s all in my head… I told you it was weird. J

What do you like least about being an author?

Revisions, although I’m getting better at them. I can do first drafts pretty easily because I can let my creative side / right brain / Muse / whatever-you-want-to-call-it have free rein.  I get a general idea of how the story is going to go, then throw all kinds of stuff on the page, page after page, until I reach the end (more or less). No judgment, no critique.

When it comes time to revise, I have to get my right- and left-brains – my Muse and my internal Critic – to play nice. That’s when the perfectionism creeps in; the fear that the story sucks and I’ll never get it right. The more I write the better I become at getting the story right the first time, so revisions aren’t as painful as they were initially, but there are still times when I’m sure I’ll never write another clever sentence again.

How did you discover the idea for Revving Her Up?

I love stories that show a clash of cultures, where two people who think they have nothing in common end up falling in love. As a New Yorker living south of the Mason-Dixon line, I’ve seen the “clash” of Northern and Southern culture close up so I thought it would be fun to explore it in a story. My husband came up with the idea of a car breakdown, which puts my heroine in the uncomfortable position of having to rely on the kindness of strangers – not something your typical New Yorker is comfortable doing.

Revving Her Up has a little car racing in it 🙂 Are you a racing fan?

I am now! Lori Perkins of L. Perkins Literary Agency suggested making Cole not only a mechanic, but a stockcar mechanic, because so few New Yorkers know anything about NASCAR. While doing research, I went with my Dad and my son to a Sprint Cup race at Dover International in Delaware and I was hooked! I expected to be bored – I mean they’re just going in a circle 400 times, right? – but I couldn’t look away! Now it’s an annual event. My favorite driver is Matt Kenseth, #20.  My son roots for Jimmie Johnson, #48. (Jimmie usually beats Matt, although my boy came in first in Las Vegas last weekend – woo hoo!)

Will we get to see Sarah and Cole from Revving Her Up in any future books?

I was planning to limit them to brief appearances in the next two Full Throttle novels but they don’t seem content with that. They keep giving me ideas about what happens to them next! Now I’m thinking of writing another novella to tell the rest of their story, or at the very least, including their HEA in a future Full Throttle novella or novel.

What is in the works next for you?

I’m currently revising a MMF ménage novella called “Hide and Seek” which will be published as part of an anthology with Trinity Blacio and Louisa Bacio by Riverdale Avenue Books in May 2013. After that I’ll head back to Rapture, VA to write the next two Full Throttle stories, then jump into a new paranormal series about succubi, incubi and their human lovers. That will be my first foray into paranormals, and I’m really excited about it!

Thank you for joining us today at Delighted Reader! We had a blast!

Thanks for having me. Can’t wait to see you in Savannah!

AADSAV, AAD, Authors After Dark, Revving Her Up, Joy DanielsRevving Her Up
by Joy Daniels


Her love life is running on empty. And he’s just the man to make her engine purr.

Full Throttle, Book 1

Sarah Lange’s career as a New York lawyer is in high gear—and the stress has left her hormones sputtering. With strict doctor’s orders to relax, she books the cure: a spa vacation in the cool, green mountains of Virginia.

When a pothole sends her Porsche to the side of the road, she finds herself stuck in small-town Rapture. She’d love nothing more than to blow this Hicksville and be on her way…until she meets sexy stockcar mechanic Cole Cassidy.

Coles knows exactly how to handle that fancy car, and its uptight driver. Sarah’s not his type, but neither can deny that their attraction is firing on all cylinders. Soon he’s introducing her to the thrill of speed at the local track—in his car, and on it.

But Sarah’s troubles aren’t so easily left in the dust – unless she decides she’s willing and able to let someone else take the wheel.

Warning: Contains a false start, breakdowns of the automotive and erotic kinds, creative uses of shower massagers and silk ties, and thrill-rides in, on, and outside of a racecar.


AADSAV, AAD, Authors After Dark, Revving Her Up, Joy DanielsJoy Daniels writes erotic romance because she likes to expose her characters completely – strengths, flaws and scars. Although she is from New York City (and still a loyal Yankees fan), since moving to Maryland she has developed passion for southern boys and their toys. Her debut novella, Revving Her Up features stock car racing, and is the first story in the Full Throttle series. Given the opportunity to help her hometown, Joy contributed a short story, “Lights Out”, to Riverdale Avenue Books’ We Love New York anthology to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. She is excited to be a part of the second volume of Coliloquy’s new Entwined Erotica line with the novella “Unmasked”.  You can visit her online at:

Find Joy Daniels at the following locations!

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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

Ahhh! Joy sounds fun. I enjoyed meeting her through the interview and her stock car racing book looks intriguing.