Afternoon Delight Review: Owning O by Maren Smith

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Afternoon Delight Review: Owning O by Maren Smith
Owning O

One StarOne StarOne Star

Series: Masters of the Castle #6
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Blushing Books Publishing
Released on March 10, 2015
Pages: 150
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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The Delight

A submissive not wanting to face what she is doing to herself is wrong with a man fascinated and willing to risk it all to help her find herself. This is a harsh book, with no actual sex, but lots of submission and forced orgasms.


O doesn’t do submission for the feeling she has to submit. She does this to atone for some sin she believes she has committed and feels this is the only way she can purge it from herself and feel normal again. Each month she comes to The Castle to do anything a Dom wants. It is not the same Dom as she doesn’t do repeats. She also never says no or calls a safeword. No matter what. When Master Marshall, the Master of all Masters asks her to enter the slave auction they are holding for charity, she doesn’t really want to do it, but decides to anyway with the chance to stay the weekend free.

Alan was called in on a scene with O once upon a time. So that makes him off limits even if O wasn’t his sub. Unable to stop, he stalks her submission to other Doms, even bribing the photographer (who does this for vacationers who want to remember, not everyone) for photos of O in her sessions. He has memorized her face and is not determined to win her and figure out for once what is her pain, believing he can heal her if given a chance.

But a chance is not what O wants and rebels at everything he tries. So pain becomes the reward and the pleasure of the punishment. At no point does Alan ever have intercourse with her. He brings her to pleasure as a punishment and to get what she really wants she has to do what he wants. Through it all, you can’t imagine what this woman has done to get to this point. You think murder, had a drunk accident, anything but what it turns out to be. I will give you that what it is isn’t great, but I just couldn’t relate that she would put herself through this for what she conceived was unforgivable.

While this is a love story, it isn’t a traditional one. It isn’t an easy one. And Alan takes on a task that he may well lose. And no Dom wants to lose. The story is gripping, painful, and in no way arousing to read. I believe Alan had the right technique even though it was painful to watch. While short, this isn’t an easy story to read.

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About the book
Owning O by Maren SmithOWNING O BY MAREN SMITH

She’s the most highly-coveted submissive the Castle has ever known. She never says no, never cries her safeword, and never plays with the same Dom twice.

For years Alan has watched her, always looking but never allowed to touch until the night the Castle hosts its first ever charity auction. Seizing his chance, Alan bids, but defeating the other Doms in the audience is only the first and easiest step in his bid to own the infamous O.

Freeing her from herself quickly proves to be much, much harder…

Owning O. Welcome to the Castle.

Publisher’s Note: While this is the sixth book in Maren Smith’s hugely popular Masters of the Castle series, it can be read as a standalone, as can all the others. The series numbers are just a guideline as to recommended reading order.


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Mary Kirkland
1 year ago

Sounds like a hard book to read, maybe. Probably not a great book for me at this time though. I will bookmark it for later though.

Carole Rae
1 year ago

I can see this being a little harder to read for sure.

Sophia Rose
1 year ago

No, that doesn’t seem like an easy book at all. So sad to think she felt she needed to punish herself like this.