Afternoon Delight: Under His Roof by Sadey Quinn

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Afternoon Delight: Under His Roof by Sadey Quinn
Under His Roof

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Series: Under His Roof,
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Domestic Discipline
Released on April 25, 2012
Pages: 96
Format: eBook

Based on someone’s tweet about the second book in this series, I went searching to see what it was all about. I noticed both books are available free for loan on Kindle so I decided to give it a try. At some point this book must have been free, because I already had it on my Kindle and I was lucky to get the second book on loan. So I jumped in to see what a hired disciplinarian is all about and how a woman would decide she needed punishment or discipline and pay for it from a stranger.

Right off I was hit with the first person voice and was turned off. The story felt stilted with general observations around one single person. As I progressed, it was revealed each chapter is from either the hero or heroines point of view and she prefaced the chapter so you would know who. While I still don’t like the first person voice, it was nice getting both sides of the story.

Rachel is successful in her career to the deterrent of her family and friends and even her co-workers. She knows she isn’t friendly and has been described as a bitch. But what can she do to fix this? Well, she answers an add for a disciplinarian to spank her for her behavior. Right off, I was embarrassed for her to feel she needed to be treated like a child, but it is explained very differently in the story.

Rachel meets David, a professional disciplinarian, who corrects bad behaviors in the women who employ him. There is no sexual activity and it is totally about spanking, be it with the hand, cane, crop or paddle. He meets out the spanking to not be pleasurable, but to actually correct the bad behavior and free the women from the stresses that they bottle up. After years of not being able to find a compatible woman who allowed him to be the dominant figure in their relationship (not BDSM), he has turned to making money from doling out spankings.

Now there is no specific financial information given, but he must make a good living doing this. He tries to only schedule one a day and he has a list of about 20 loyal return customers. During the course of the story, we see him discipline Rachel the first time as a client, but he feels strongly about her. Being a client he doesn’t do anything and expects her to have a follow up appointment. About two weeks later he runs into her at the family bar and asks her out on a date at his house.

This is where I kind of had a little bit of a problem. While the spanking relationships are not sexual, they are emotional and he does have a relationship in a way with each and every one of them. We actually see him take on two clients through the course of the story. Nudity from the waist down is mandatory, so he does get to see a lot more than rear ends. When he starts to build this relationship with Rachel, it is never mentioned if he will give up the business of spanking and really, I don’t think he will since he starts building on a separate office building for the business. This just seemed somewhat a betrayal. Now this isn’t like they are married. In fact they have about two dates before she moves in. They fall in love fast. But neither bring up his career and what it means to their relationship.

Now they do talk about him being the authoritative figure in the house. The disciplinarian who will spank for discipline – basically to keep her on an even keel – or for punishment – when he feels she has broken his rules are harmed someone else. There is no talk about him being held accountable, I guess because we all know men never make mistakes *snorts*.

This story gets a happy for now ending with book two taking up after they have moved in together. I am actually eager to see what changes for them, how they handle the other women in his life and just how far they are willing to take this relationship. I love the psychological aspect of these stories as I have no idea or desire to be in one myself. I just can’t fathom being a way treated like a child instead of a partner. So the psychological aspect intrigues me to want to understand. Make no mistake, this is not a BDSM book, it is a Domestic Discipline romance.


Afternoon Delight

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Sophia Rose
8 years ago

I didn’t know about Domestic Discipline so that has me curious.

Sophia Rose
8 years ago

I didn’t know about Domestic Discipline so that has me curious.