ARC Afternoon Delight: Naughty Bits (Part III) Bound to Please by Joey W. Hill

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Afternoon Delight: Naughty Bits (Part III) Bound to Please by Joey W. Hill
Naughty Bits (Part III) Bound to Please

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Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Intermix
Released on June 17, 2014
Pages: 107
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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The Delight

Bound to Please continues the journey of Madison deeper into her submission, baring the insecurities all submissives must go through when starting a new relationship. Steeped with thoughtful actions, testing new waters and coming to ultimate decisions, Bound to Please shows you both sides of the coin.

As a serial, Naughty Bits gives us just a little of the bigger story over a course of months. Nope, not a fan of serials, but this one seems to work for me. The story is told from Madison’s point of view, but we get to see her accept each step of the journey. Burned by seven bad relationships, Madison has cut herself off from what she wants and needs.

With Bound to Please, we see that Madison is no doormat submissive. She stands up to someone and while fearful, she doesn’t back down. Through this she realizes she wants to see the other side and perform a scene as a Dominant. Well, Logan is alpha down to the bone and no way is he going to give over the reigns. A scene is set up carefully with Madison learning more than she expected about herself.

We don’t to see into Logan’s mind, but he seems calm and almost zen like for most of the story. We do see him get jealous as Madison is dominating Troy. Also, there was a sweet side of Logan that had nothing to do with BDSM. While there isn’t an on off switch to being a dominant, he wants more than someone who has no personality, who can’t enjoy going to a movie, for a long walk, or conversation while having a meal. He turns into the man I would suspect most submissives would love to meet.

The next and final book comes out in a month (lucky I have it on my Kindle now 🙂 We will see Madison go deeper into her submission as well as a relationship outside of BDSM with Logan. Logan will work towards fulfilling a fantasy Madison revealed in book #2. Looking forward to starting it!

Delighted Reader Afternoon Delight

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Sophia Rose
7 years ago

I like how these seem to explore the psyche and feelings not just the physical aspect. Sounds like things are getting interesting for both players in the story.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
7 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Yes, Madison has had some really bad partners in life and striving for what she wants. Logan is an old hand at it all. But he never pushes her, just remains a rock when she will run. I read the last one last week and wrote the review…but you have to wait until next month to read it 🙂

Sophia Rose
7 years ago

Haha! I can be patient until next month.

Braine TS
7 years ago

I agree with Sophia, I’m tired of the BDSM for sex, it’s so shallow and pointless. Substance is always good.