ARC Review: Dear Adam by Ava Zavora

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

ARC Review: Dear Adam by Ava Zavora
Dear Adam

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Released on September 16, 2013
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Sometimes I am just absolutely amazed. Authors are such awesomely creative folk. Ms. Zavora wrote about a heroine that was dear to my heart before I even cracked open the book. Eden is a book reviewer and she admits in the story that she would rather curl up with a book hero rather than go out with a real guy.

Here see?
[quote]“When asked out, I am hesitant, my glance straying to the beeefy, 400-page mystery thriller lounging seductively on the nightstand next to my bed, with come hither eyes that promise an exciting evening of one climax after another. Never had a chance. Staying in Saturday night.”[/quote] Cool right?
Yeah, I couldn’t wait to get to this baby.

Now why was I so amazed (Beyond the fact that it doesn’t take much to impress me)? Well it was the format in which this story was told. There are pockets of third person narration by Eden, but the bulk of the book is an exchange of tweets, emails, IMs, audio Skypes and texts between the heroine, Eden and the hero, Adam. And then the end has one of those epic mind blowing epilogues where you just go ‘What the heck?!?’ Creative writing just doesn’t quite describe it.

So here’s the plot… Eden is a divorced, middle-aged woman with a son. She is a court record transcriber during the day and a book review blogger amongst other things in her down time. One day, she receives a tweet from a new Twitter follower in response to a recent review. Ordinarily, this would be a matter of a polite exchange and then she would move on. In this instance, it is the beginning of something more. She and this Adam are having a real conversation and she is reluctant to end it as is he. So they don’t- end it that is. They continue on into private messages and then advance to emails. They have a connection that extends beyond the books. Their communications becomes the most important thing in her life. But, yeah there’s a but. Adam is open about many things with the glaring exception of his appearance and willingness to meet up. Eden’s life hasn’t been a picnic and her past has left deep scars. One of those is an insecurity that won’t allow her to let go of the suspicion that things are just too wonderful with Adam so they can’t be real until she sees him. Adam claims to have strong reasons for them to keep to a slow, but true plan and puts off her requests. Eden has to ask the sixty-four million dollar question. Is he or isn’t he?

Now while, I was enthralled with plot elements, pacing and characters along with the format, I will say that I did end up with some unresolved feelings because of the denouement. When the end comes, I felt that there was a portion that was condensed that I wanted more resolution on. I don’t want to go into details that would be spoilerish, but it seemed to go from the pinnacle of the huge climax to the very end without all that lovely information in between that would have explained some stuff that I was left wondering about. Not to say that the story’s finish was dissatisfying, but my nosey curious nature just wanted all my questions answered.

I do want to back up the bread truck a bit and speak of the characters and their relationship a bit. Eden and Adam were sheer bliss to spend time with. I had that moment in the beginning when I groaned and thought it was another one of those insecure cougar with the awesome guy books where you spend half the book trying to talk her down from the guilt over being with a younger guy ledge. Things with these two is never what it seems. Eden had her hang-ups, but they were absolutely understandable and Adam had his areas of secrecy that left you wondering is he for real or isn’t he. Gotta say that after a short time, I was really hoping hard that he was the real deal. Not only was he abso-fab as the hard alpha male with the gentle side who treasured Eden, but I just couldn’t abide the thought of him crushing Eden’s vulnerable heart. He was everything to her and it seemed that she was the same for him.
Lest you think that the passion was non-existent because of the type of relationship these two were carrying on. Just stop right there because these two were hotter than Hades when they really got rolling. They could talk each other into a sweaty lather with just a few sentences.

Okay, so in conclusion, I was fully-engaged in this story and am recommending it to those who are open to a spicy Contemporary Romance told not in the usual way.

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Anna@herding cats
7 years ago

oh that sounds pretty fun! Love when authors do something a little bit different. And on the tbr pile it goes!

Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose
7 years ago

Yep, you’re a blogger so it will probably have a familiar feel with all its social media usage and reviewer references. Do enjoy!

7 years ago

Sophia so makes me want to read the books she reviews even when I don’t have an second of time to do it!

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

oh that sounds pretty fun! Love when authors do something a little bit different. And on the tbr pile it goes!