ARC Review: Forbidden Desires by Jodie Griffin

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ARC Review: Forbidden Desires by Jodie Griffin
Forbidden Desires

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Genres: Erotic Romance, BDSM Romance
Published by Carina Press
Released on November 19, 2012
Pages: 113
Format: eBook
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I discovered Jodie Griffin this summer when Aurora, a reviewer here at Delighted Reader, gave a review of Forbidden Fantasies. I picked up Forbidden Fantasies and almost cried with how much I loved it! It resembles in some ways something that had gone on in my life so I could relate so well. When Jodie asked me if I wanted to review Forbidden Desires, I snapped it up without any thought. Why yes! I want to read this book!

Forbidden Desires is about a young couple who both have kinky desires, but are hiding them not sure how they will be received by the people they are dating. The story opens with Bella Massey playing cards with older women in a nursing home. These women were the highlight of comedy for most of the book. They were ninety year old women who after living so long didn’t filter their words or actions. While playing cards, there is emergency training going on and firefighter Marcus Aiello becomes intrigued with Bella’s laugh. Approaching her and the ladies, he agrees to come back the next week for the game.

The story moves on with Bella and Marcus starting to date, but their natures start to come through when Bella tells Marcus to ask permission to kiss her. You see, Bella once was a submissive to her old boyfriend. Nothing real formal, but she submitted to him and he was verbally abusive to her, especially when she asked to dominate him once. So now she isn’t going to let any man take the power away from her. When Bella makes her command, Marcus cringes, but also feels the calling deep within him to submit to Bella. Through most of the story, the two are feeling each other out and learning how to deal with the two sides of themselves.

Neither H/h are truly all dominant of all submissive. Marcus has a lot of pent up feelings for his submissive feelings. Growing up in an Italian family, he feels he shouldn’t feel this way and that the man takes care of the woman. Bella isn’t so ingrained in her knowledge, most of it coming from mostly research instead of real life knowledge. The two grow and make a ton of mistakes, but then that is how we all learn.

Their relationship grows but does hit an impasse, so Marcus invites Bella to the B&B: Bondage and Breakfast. Here the two explore their desires, needs, and discover not everything has to be written in stone.

I was blown away with how much these two grew through the course of the story. Bella is a strong woman and won’t let Marcus railroad her. This often caused Marcus to make some huge mistakes along the way. There aren’t any huge overtones of BDSM, but mostly a hint at them growing into the relationship that works for them. What is beautiful about this book and it once again underscores, that BDSM isn’t a one size fits all. It’s what you and your partner wants and needs as long as it is safe, sane and consensual.

I highly recommend this as a lighter BDSM reading of a young couple coming to an understanding of their needs and wants, but finding love along the way. A fabulous read!


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Sophia Rose
8 years ago

Those old ladies sound like intriguing characters. It does sound like a neat story that shows people finding the right romantic niche for themselves.