Review: Red Zone by Sherri Hayes

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Red Zone by Sherri Hayes
Red Zone

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Series: Daniels Brothers,
Genres: Romantic Suspense, Sports Romance
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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Oh, how I love a good football book. I am a huge football fan and if you know me, then you know the team I cheer for. So I am always on the look out for a good football romance. And this one hit all the right receivers, and ran for the touchdown. Ok, done with the corny jokes.

While browsing NetGalley, which I shouldn’t do, but so glad I did, I found the Red Zone calling my name. I started reading this captivating story and couldn’t put it down! I almost stayed up to finish it, but having kids and having to wake up early prevented me…but I did pick it up as soon as I could the next day.

FBI Rebecca Carson is going stir crazy after being put on leave when a case goes bad. Jumping at a chance to get out of her apartment, she takes on a job her former partner offers her, sight unseen. Imagine her surprise when she is teamed with a famous quarterback.

Quarterback Gage Daniels is living a pretty good life as the start quarterback. Easy on the eyes, he can have any woman he wants, drives two expensive vehicles and lives life the way he wants. When threatening letters start to arrive, he doesn’t put much stock into it, but the team’s owner isn’t taking any chances with his star quarterback. The teams owner calls in a favor to find the stalker as the threats escalate.

Rebecca and Gage clash right away! The personalities but heads, but that just adds to the mix of emotions both are feeling. Rebecca wants a man who is, quite frankly, boring. An accountant, business man or such that is what she thinks is stable and reliable. Everything Gage isn’t. Then there is Gage, who isn’t ready to settle down to one woman. He doesn’t make promises to women  and he doesn’t date, so why does he all of a sudden want to have Rebecca?

The two come together with Rebecca posing as Gage’s girlfriend, traveling with him, going home with him for the holidays and living in the room across the hall in his home. The angst Gage feels does affect his game, but he was quicker to fall for Rebecca. Rebecca fought tooth and nail to keep it professional, battling her own demons more than battling with Gage.

I loved the fact that the author threw in moments from practice and the game as this was an deep part of Gage’s life and career. We see him run laps, throw balls, try to get his head in the game, all the pieces we would see of anyone with a career. Kudos for using all the right football terms!

Just like we saw Gage in his career, we see Rebecca at her best being an FBI agent. She did her rounds, checked her gun, and kept her eye on everyone. This also help lend to getting to know how uptight she was and why she felt this way.

The Daniels family gets a part in the story over Thanksgiving, where I fell in love with this average mid-west family! There are four brothers and I can’t wait to read the first book and continue with the other two brothers. We also get to meet Megan, Rebecca’s little sister. I foresee Megan getting her own book as well.

The weaving of suspense through the scenes of passion, work, and having fun, have you guessing who the stalker is. Unfortunately, I felt it was too easy to figure out long before the hints are dropped. But still knowing didn’t cause any drawbacks as there is a very climatic scene where it all draws together.

There is one thing I didn’t like. The ending seemed very abrupt. It’s like boom. Scene and book over and I thought a few more things needed to be said and worked through. My only hope is that we get to see them more in the future.

So for a good suspense, action, sexy, sports romance, you can’t do much better. Stunningly hot and just plain enjoyable to read.

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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

I still have yet to read my first sports romance. This one does sound good.

Thanks for sharing!

Sherri Hayes
9 years ago

Thank you for the lovely review. As for the ending…we’ve added an epilogue to the final book . 🙂

Sherri Hayes