Audio Review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

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Audio Review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

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Series: #1 Outlander
Genres: Historical Romance
Released on July 13, 2006
Length: 33 hours, 8 minutes
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I have not really explored the world of audio books before, but a few things made me terribly eager for Outlander, a book that is in my top ten all time favorites, to be the book that changed that status for me. As a result of being an audio book newbie, I’m not even sure what are the salient points to bring out so I’ll just wing it.

First of all, this was an unabridged version so I got over 33 hours of delicious Outlander missing nothing from the paper version.

For those not in the know, Outlander is probably the quintessential Time Travel Romance. It’s the yardstick by which most other Time Travel Romances and even Highlander Romance along with some Historical Fiction epics are compared. It offers a bit of everything which probably explains its wide appeal. Outlander is the story of Claire Randall, a former WWII combat nurse and wife, joining her husband, Frank after the war on a reunion honeymoon in Scotland. Frank is interested in his genealogy and history so Claire interests herself in medicinal herbs. It is while gathering a plant for study that Claire goes through a passage in time that is part of a circle of standing stones to end up in 1740s Scotland. Her adventures lead her to danger, intrigue, romance, heartbreak and huge choices including the choice to stay in the past or go back through the stones to her old life.
The story itself is all that an epic story ought to be in my opinion and I can only praise it.

Now as to the features of the story in audio that I got through, I was first struck by how easy it was to download it to my phone which I used as my listening device. Then I really appreciated the organization of the story into chapters and pages just like a paper or ecopy. I had no trouble pausing or leaving off in the story to go about other business. The sound quality was clear. It had a nice introduction and closing before a few end recommendations and excerpt from the next book.

I think my favorite aspect of the audio experience was Davina Porter, the reader. This woman is a phenom. First, her voice itself was pleasing and her pacing was so good. But her portrayal of the characters with their accents and emotions just blew me away. English, Scots, Gaelic, French, highborn, lowborn, bored, excitable, passionate, hating, didn’t matter; it was spot on. Outlander came alive from her lips and I saw my favorite passages brought to life leaving me almost in a state of awe. The listening experience also brought things out that hadn’t struck me before so I had a few new experiences with the story. I took my time and have listened to the story for nearly two months from start to finish. So worth it!

All in all, listening to Outlander, this unabridged Davina Porter version, is something that I would recommend to fans of the series and to those who want a book rich in history, romance, and adventure that will challenge all your senses.

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