Audio Book Review: Shades of Gray by Maya Banks

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Audio Book Review: Shades of Gray by Maya Banks
Shades of Gray
Narrated by Adam Paul

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Series: KGI #6
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Published by Penguin Group
Released on December 31, 2012
Length: 8 hours 7 minutes
Format: Audiobook
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Oh, where to begin. Well, let’s start by saying there might be spoilers in this review because I had some strong feelings that I need to express. So if you don’t want to know something, I will warn you before I talk about it. Second, I started this book on audio and then read some, then listened. This review will be a blending of those experiences since I can’t remember totally what I listened too and what I read.

After the last two books in the KGI series, I was leery about moving on. The paranormal element, even though light, was too much for me. It seemed silly and we moved away from the Kelly family to the members of their team. I wanted the team to find love,but I also wanted to see Donovan find his love. Well, I guess I have to wait for that one. So I waited almost a year to get back to this series and boy, I was hit up side the head with what happens about 30% into the book that left me heartbroken and torn up.

PJ and Cole have been a part of the Kelly Group International since book 1 when they helped to save Rachel. The smack talk each other as they are both great sharp shooters. On the same team, they have each others back, but neither know much about the other. PJ keeps it all cold, while Cole wants her. After a mission, Cole follows PJ back home to Denver and the two explode with sultry, passionate sex, but when the morning comes they get called up for a mission. The dreaded moment on not knowing how to act hits PJ, where she still wants the team to think of her as a team mate and not a woman. Cole though, won’t let her go too far away from him, but also keeps their secret.

The mission is to infiltrate a child prostitution ring and take down the leaders. Donovan Kelly joins the team to remake PJ into a sultry, sex pot to lure the bad guys in and find out when the next shipment is as well as take them down. Cole has a bad feeling and doesn’t want PJ used like this. Then things go horribly wrong.

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So things go horribly wrong and PJ goes looking for revenge, leaving her team and getting lost as she tracks down the bad guys. But Cole doesn’t just sit by…but even he can’t find her until they get a tip about where the bad guys are. Now it is a race against time to find the girls before they are sold, and for Cole to get PJ the help she needs, but also will accept.

Cole is totally the alpha male, but he has a heart of gold. He’s a gentleman, and not the man whore everyone thinks. Taking on the responsibility of loving PJ isn’t an easy decision, but he loves her for her and not what happened or is going to happen. Seeing her for the person she is, he knows she will continue to work and be in danger, but he wants to be at her side through it all.

PJ was more complex all around. She is carrying a past that is not her fault, but the fallout hit her hard. She knows her team has her back, but she won’t drag them into her war or vengeance. While strong, she is also fragile. Being strong all the time can break you and I loved seeing her realize she had people to lean on when she needed them.

While the story ends, there is a lot of unanswered questions on Cole and PJ. I was happy for now with where they were going. I also want to cry for all they lost. But these two have stronger hearts and constitutions that I can ever claim to have. Please know there is a very hard scene to read or even hear. This isn’t going to be the book for everyone, in fact it might not be many people’s book.

Narrator Adam Paul has a southern twang to his voice for this story. I am not sure if it was for the characters of if that is his normal voice. All the men’s voices sound the same without too much inflection. He didn’t attempt to make a feminine voice for PJ. Her’s was still masculine¬†without too much twang. While I didn’t listen to all of the book, I can say, his voice was getting old fast for me.

Overall, this book shook my world up and not in a good way. I don’t know if I can recover and I am not sure I could go through this again. It was too real to me and tore me up. So while I loved the story, I can’t say I like the bad part at all. Read with caution. It’s not light reading.

About Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today and bestselling author of the Surrender Trilogy. Her other chart toppers have included erotic romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and Scottish historical romance. She lives in the South with her husband, three children and a variety of pets.

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