Audio Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

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Audio Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
Narrated by Heather Smith

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Published by Simon and Schuster
Released on May 13, 2013
Length: 13 hours 53 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Purchased
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Oh, where to begin on this one. So many people loved this book and I can see the draw, but when I started it, I was immediately turned off with the first person point of view. So I filed it away. Then I decided to get it in audio format, because I find it easier to listen to 1st POV vs. reading. In August, I was driving home from Authors After Dark and decided to start this one. I got far, but not done…then this dragged on for two months as I didn’t find time to listen much any more.

Caroline Reynolds has just moved into a new apartment and life is looking good. Her Kitchen Aid runs all the time and her cat, Clive, has a personality to beat all personalities. But at night, her neighbor likes to have sex…with a different woman each night. Casual hook ups that each has a personality that Caroline names. Like the woman her meows as she orgasms and even Clive loves that. I think she called this one Purina. This all probably wouldn’t be totally bad except after a one-night stand with a pizza store owner, she has lost her O. Her orgasm. No amount of masturbating, fantasizing or electronic help can get her O back.

Confronting her neighbor in a pink teddy, Caroline meets Simon Parker, a photographer who leaves for weeks, but when he is back, the wall banging cometh. The two clash as well as become the best of friends. Even their friends are hooking up, but no Simon and Caroline continue as friends for a majority of the book.

What got old fast was the whining I felt Caroline did over and over about her O. Now, I know how frustrating losing that wonderful thing is, but I wanted to find her a man who could give her an O just to shut her up. For a while it was cute and funny. After a while I just accepted it. Towards the end I wanted to smash my phone to turn off the book.

Now I don’t want to paint Simon in a bad light. He never lies to any of the women. They all know this is casual. As he starts to realize that Caroline is more than a friend, he turns them all down and goes celibate until he can come to terms with is feelings for Caroline. Now we don’t get any insight into his mind, so I can’t say much more about what he felt. He likes to hold hands, not for show, but because you can’t stand not touching the one you love. Little things like this made me want to know more about what was going on in his mind.

Oh, and at one point Caroline names so many of her body parts that I just wanted to scream. It seemed like incessant babbling.

Back to Simon. When he realizes what’s happened to Caroline’s O, I applaud this man on his determination to get it back. Nothing will get in his way. Literally and figuratively.

The narrator, Heather Smith, had the perfect voice for Caroline. It was kind of high pitched. I would love to hear Heather read a different type of book to see if it would change my opinion. This book just didn’t do it for me.

I really like the thought of the story, I think a little less constant babbling about the O would have made me happier. I did laugh. It was funny. It was sexy. Just the in between had me wanting to pull out my hair.

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