Audiobook Review: Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

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Audiobook Review: Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg
Sweet Cheeks

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on November 14, 2016
Length: 10 hours and 44 minutes
Format: Audiobook
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The Delight

With the hard edge of K. Bromberg’s Driven series, I was ready for something lighter. While it wasn’t as tragic, it wasn’t as easy easier. The angst held over ten years bubbles up in passionate settings and dealing with the hardship of being shunned.


When a woman gets an invitation to her ex’s wedding only a year after you break up with him, be warned, it’s going to be tense if you go. For Saylor, that is just what happens. A year ago she realized just how unhappy she was and broke it off with her fiance. On impulse she checks yes on the invitation, never dreaming she would mail it…or someone one else would. To her dismay, she is now a guest to the wedding she planned, but now has a new bride. With her business now faltering with bad influence of her ex’s wealthy family, she needs to decide what is best for her business, Sweet Cheeks, a bakery.

Hayes is back in town when his best friend calls in a favor. Now back in town, Hayes is reminded why he left, but also the regret of leaving Saylor, even if it was the best thing for both of them. A break at a role, has him leaving town, but coming back a wealthy man and a famous actor. He kept his head down and left his past behind. Not expecting Saylor to jump in his arms, he realizes he’s not sure he can help her and keep his heart to himself. Ten years ago Saylor was his world. Young love, but when he takes a leap at stardom and it’s a success, he leaves Saylor without a word.

Now Hayes is taking Saylor to the wedding with no plans to seduce her, but instead guarding his heart. Saylor wants to save her business and allows this to happen, but she knows her heart won’t be safe.

The narrators of this story do an amazing job expressing all the emotions that run through these two’s mind. They weave the story through their voices, but the story doesn’t do their voices justice. There are a lot of instances where the monologues running through their minds carry on so long, I forget what they were saying and float away to my to do list I am making. Yep, I got bored a few times and distracted. Over half of the book seems to be the ex’s wedding and it really shouldn’t be that much time in the story.

With a title like Sweet Cheeks, I expected a more sassy and sexy second chance romance, and got a little different setting. Saylor isn’t quiet as interesting as I had expected. She is a baker with a bakery not doing so good. It just didn’t feel like a total love of career for her. Not like Hayes and the passion he felt for is acting career. She often said and did things not quite so cute or sassy, while Hayes had the patience to wait her out and try to make his apologies. Now what Hayes did wasn’t so wrong, it was the way he did it that I can agree with Saylor was pretty sucky.

Sometimes love needs time to mature like people do. While they loved at a young age, they weren’t ready for the responsibility of being together forever. They needed time to find themselves and grow. And now was the time for them to come back together.

I spent a lot of time in the story wondering if they got back together, how would they handle their careers. Their careers don’t actually work together very well. While I enjoyed the a hero a lot, I just couldn’t find the will to really enjoy the heroine. But one thing I do know is this could have been a much shorter book and still have relayed the same story. I don’t need pages to make a good book, I need quality.


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3 years ago

too bad about the distracted part but the idea is nice!

Carole @ Carole's Random Life in Books

I do like the combination of Arndt and York so it is a bad sign that you were distracted while listening to this one. I would have expected a very sassy story with the title as well.

Sophia Rose
3 years ago

Yes, exactly! You said it better than I did. 🙂 I kept clicking ahead through the monologuing too.