Beauty and the Bull Rider by Victoria Vane #Review

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Beauty and the Bull Rider by Victoria Vane #Review
Beauty and the Bull Rider

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Series: #3 Hotel Rodeo
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Lyrical Shine
Released on March 15, 2016
Pages: 125
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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This third installment of the Hotel Rodeo series of novellas was one I anticipated after the way things were set up in the last book.  The spotlight has shifted from Ty and Monica to Zac and Delaney who were minor characters in the other books.  The humor and heat competed in this fun, heartwarming story.

As noted, this is the third book.  It really needs to be read in order even if the main characters are different because the story line began in the other books as did the intro to the characters.

This story opens with older bull rider, Zac McDaniel, making the decision that it is time he retired from the rodeo circuit and concentrate on ranching.  His ranch needs work and money to get it going after the neglect, but his old friend, Ty, presents him with another couple options.  Unknown to Ty, it is the second and more outlandish one that motivates Zac more than the first one which is to sellout and become a partner with Ty at Ty’s Oklahoma ranch breeding rodeo bulls.

Ty’s flippant offer that Zac should put himself forward to Ty’s ex Delaney as a human stud because she wants a baby disturbs Zac and settles deep in him.  And this is because, unknown to Ty or Delaney, Zac has carried a torch for her since the night he met her and she chose Ty so he had to step aside and then knowing that for years, for whatever reason, she held him responsible for breaking up her marriage when it was simply a matter of two people making a mistake and not being right for each other.  Zac let things lie for years since he believed that trying to be in a committed relationship and raising a family wasn’t a good idea when he was gone nine months of the year.  But now?  Zac has waited long enough for his dream of settling down and having a family- and having Delaney.

Delaney McCall has her life planned out to the last dot of the ‘i’ and cross of the ‘t’ whether its her plans to breed rodeo bulls or breed herself so she can have a baby since she definitely doesn’t want the problems of having a man around- not after what happened with Ty anyway.  But from the moment, tall, quiet, and determined Zac enters her life offering to be her baby daddy along with the temptation of getting off the fence and back into the game of life with another man, her plans start falling by the wayside.  Delaney knows the reason she is holding Zac at arm’s length and putting forward her rules and plans for a clinical artificial approach to making a baby is out of fear just like she has the daily, mounting evidence before her that Zac means what he says and says what he means.  If she can get over her fears, she might have the chance for something real.

This one started off a little rocky for me, but I feel that is more on me than the story itself.  I had to get in the right frame of mind to appreciate what I was getting.  A romantic comedy where a woman is determined to have a baby while equally determined to keep a man out of the picture and a man even more determined that she has things all wrong and he’s up to the challenge of proving it to her.  Also, a small niggle was the early attitude of the heroine toward the hero.  She was harsh and judgmental toward Zac.  I was pleased when he called her on her attitude and she owned to her mistake.

Once I settled in and got the feel for this new pair of lovers and their unique story, I found it engaging.  Zac has to work so hard to convince a once bitten twice shy woman that he is not her ex and she can trust him.  And Delaney needs to work through her fears and coping mechanisms to truly see Zac and appreciate that he respects her and wants her.

When Zac stood in a fertility center waiting room and had a nurse announce in a carrying voice in front of other people the instructions for him to give both his urine and semen samples, I laughed, but I also wanted to drag Delaney there by her hair and point ‘see what this wonderful man is willing to do for you?’  Fortunately, Delaney isn’t dense and she does see and it is her epiphany moment.

The author impressed me with the way she doesn’t write formulaic romance.  Here is a pair who have to overcome the damage done by a messy previous relationship that is ticklish because the woman was the one in the relationship and the guy is best buds with her ex.  Not that a best friend falling for the ex is unique, but how this played out on top of Delaney’s strong need to prove herself because she came from wealth and was self-taught when it came to ranching work.  This is a quick and shorter story, but I felt the author touched on several issues that would arise from that and how they would affect anything coming after.

It’s the little things that can give a story more flavor and depth.  I also enjoyed and appreciated the author addressing what a woman would face as a rancher and bull breeder along with the work put into such tasks.  It was obvious that this was researched.

And as to my reservations from the last story because there were things needing to be addressed, I felt this story followed up on the last book well reinforcing where things were left with Ty and Monica even as it turned to finishing up Ty’s past with Delaney and Zac.  This one tied things off neatly.

The blending of addressing the past, the sparks between the lovers, and the humor made this a real treat to read.  I feel the series gets better with each new installment.  Again, I would recommend these to those who enjoy modern cowboy romances on the spicy side.

I picked up this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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Victoria Vane is an Amazon #1 bestselling author of smart and sexy romance. Her works range from comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance and have received over twenty awards and nominations including: a 2015 Red Carpet Finalist for Best Contemporary romance (Slow Hand), 2014 RONE Winner for Best Historical Post Medieval Romance (Treacherous Temptations), and Library Journal Best Ebook Romance of 2012 (The Devil DeVere series). Victoria also writes romantic historical fiction as Emery Lee. She currently resides in Palm Coast, Florida with her husband, two sons, a little black dog, and an Arabian horse.
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Praise for SLOW HAND
“Well-paced, scorching scenes and witty banter…”
—Publishers Weekly

“Slow Hand by Victoria Vane is delightful, funny, page-turning steamy sexy, and the romance between Wade and Nikki make you wish you could pull Victoria’s characters straight off the page and into real life…”
—Unwrapping Romance

“For erotic passion and one-liners, the first book in Vane’s new series will satisfy…Vane’s latest gets a big yee-haw.”
—RT Book Reviews

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6 years ago

I do like Vane

Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Blodeuedd

It’s the cowboys. 🙂

6 years ago

Wow your whole site looks different! For a second there I didn’t recognize it. New design? It does look good, although it will take some getting used to as I am so used to your previous design. Despite the rocky start it does sound like a good book and nice ending to the series. I can have some trouble with harsh attitudes as well, but I am glad to hear she owner her mistake. I always like it when character realize they did something wrong and own up to it. It sounds like the author manages to give an unique… Read more »

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
6 years ago
Reply to  Lola

I’m still working on getting the design in. Sorry for the mess. I don’t totally like the color combinations, so that may have to be something I work on later. But mostly trying to get functionality up and going.

6 years ago

I am looking forward to see how it looks like once you’re finished, but the functionality seemed to work well as far as I noticed and I like the new logo!

Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Lola

LOL! Yes, it’s a fresh new look. I know Shari is still tweaking to get it just right.

That is important to me as well when a flawed character makes mistakes and acknowledges it. I enjoyed how she worked things out with this pair and yes, the research showed in the background of the characters and the setting. I think this was my favorite story of the three b/c of it.

6 years ago


Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Whew the site IS different. The logo changing size totally gave me a start. lol

I’m glad to hear they were able to pull it off for you, Sophia and that she came to her senses. I do appreciate it when a hero calls a heroine (or the other way around) on their crap. I might have to give these a go after all 🙂

Sophia Rose
6 years ago

Yeah! Shari’s been planning a revamp for some time. This is not the finished look and it will take a bit, but I think it will be an engaging makeover when she’s done. 🙂 Yes, I was on the fence after the way the last two ended abruptly and left stuff in the air. Basically, this story was a detour, but I was satisfied that it finished off it’s own story arc and tied off a few of the threads from the other stories. I definitely got something new with Delaney’s Popsicle pop idea and that took some getting used… Read more »