Beginnings by Helen J. Christmas #TGPUL

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Beginnings by Helen J. Christmas #TGPUL

The Great Pick Up Line

Welcome Helen J. Christmas as they share their Great Pick Up Line from Beginnings.
Take it away Helen J.!


As evening tipped into nightfall, the darkness began to seep inwards, enhancing the glow of candle light as it danced around the walls. She closed her eyes, realising how very content she felt at this moment. As Jake wandered back towards the table, he let his hand fall on the back of her neck where it brushed against her skin. Her stomach did a little leap.

“If there was anything you could wish for, what would it be?” he said.

“Anything?” she sighed, keeping her eyes closed. “Hmm – in that case, all I would wish for right, now is – that you would kiss me again!”

She opened her eyes to find him gazing at her fondly.

“Unless of course, you find me repulsive…” she added. Laughter sprung from her voice.

“Oh Eleanor!” Jake replied – he released a little laugh of his own. “That is ridiculous! Of course I don’t find you repulsive – I think you are beautiful.”


Beginnings by Helen J. Christmas

Beginnings is a romantic thriller set in the criminal underworld of 1970s London. Eleanor Chapman is 16. She has no idea her father is employed in a world of organised crime until the day he is forced to go on the run, leaving her at the mercy of dangerous people.

Her life is spiralling out of control yet on the night she plans to escape, she stumbles across a mysterious prisoner. His name is Jake, a rock musician from Holland and he has a contract on his life.

Their daring escape across London eventually draws them into a place of hiding before Jake’s chilling story begins to unfold. He was the one vital witness to a sinister scene leading up to the death of a British MP and now those responsible want him silenced. As two young people, thrown together by fate they develop intense feelings for each other. It does not take long for Eleanor to realise that she will do anything possible to keep Jake alive.

Their tender love bond keeps you turning the pages as they live on a knife edge, desperate to escape London. Will they outrun the deadly enemies who stalk them? Or are the people at the top more powerful than they think?

Beginnings: Book 1 of “Same Face Different Place Series” a romantic British thriller through the decades.

Inspired by the violent criminal underworld of Martina Cole and the strong characters who would expect in a Leslie Pearce novel, this book has been described as an emotional roller coaster and with elements of high tension that make it difficult to put down.

If you like romance and enjoy a good thriller, this book is an excellent choice for fans of both genres.

Get your copy today at Amazon UK!

About Helen J. Christmas

Helen J. Christmas lives on the south coast of England with her husband. She has a passion for gripping stories with strong characters and with a love of writing since childhood, started her own series of books titled ‘Same Face Different Place’. Her first book ‘Beginnings’ is a mystery suspense thriller combined with a love story, set in 1970s London. Writing is something she juggles around her family and social life as well as running the web design company, she and her husband manage from home.

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Sophia Rose
5 years ago

I’ve really been getting into thrillers lately and the organized crime chasing down witnesses angle is enticing.

Helen Christmas
Helen Christmas
5 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Hi Sophia, yes I never knew organised crime would feature so high in this novel and really enjoyed writing those chase scenes. I hope you are one of the winners as I’m certain you’ll love it x

Braine TS
5 years ago

Wow, this one sounds gripping!

Happy weekend girls!

Helen Christmas
Helen Christmas
5 years ago
Reply to  Braine TS

Hello and thanks for your comment. Sorry if I was a little slow replying 🙂

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago

Thank you for joining us Helen!

Helen Christmas
Helen Christmas
5 years ago

Thanks Shari and congratulations to your winners.

Carole's Random Life
5 years ago

This sounds like a thrilling read. The setting sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Helen Christmas
Helen Christmas
5 years ago

Thanks very much for your comment Carole and I can promise you it’s thrilling.

Helen Christmas
Helen Christmas
5 years ago

Thanks Shari and to everyone who liked my page for a chance to win an e-book copy of ‘Beginnings.’ The winners should have all received an email from me today with their prize, so well done to the winners and I hope you enjoy my book!