Book Tour Policy

We love connecting with authors but lately we have had some problems with tour companies. Unfortunately, I had to get my growl on and clarify some things so we can get back to enjoying the books we adore.

Cover Reveals

We are no longer accepting cover reveals. After asking a few authors, I have found this doesn’t drive any sales to their books. On top of that, I as a reader don’t care about the cover before getting an opportunity to read the blurb so why would a cover reveal blow me away? I can wait for the book to come out to see the cover. So moving forward, we won’t be accepting requests for cover reveals.

Interviews/Guest Author Posts

Interviews need a month notice in advance. We accept no more than 8¬†of these types of requests a month. All materials must be received no less than 4 days before the agreed upon date. No exceptions without communication with the blog owner, Shari. We are all busy, but I can’t drop everything just because you are late. Just talk to me and we can try to work it out.

Promo Posts

Promo posts with very little added besides a blurb, cover and excerpt will be limited to no more than 4 requests a month. All materials must be received no less than 4 days before the agreed upon date. Again, if you have an issue, communication is key.

Review Tours

If we agree to be part of your tour with a review, then we must have 2 weeks before the agreed upon date to receive the book. We have a lot on our plate and need time to read and review the book. By giving us 2 weeks, we can plan out how to get it accomplished. Not providing the book timely, will get your post marked off our list.

End Game

We don’t get paid to host you other than an honest review for a book. That’s fine, but please choose your touring companies wisely. We recently got burned when we signed up for a review tour and never got the book. The tour company got paid for the tour that they never got us the materials to post. Please don’t make us have to be the bad guys and boot you off the site. We really want to work with you!

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