Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West

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Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West
Dirty Bad Strangers

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Series: Dirty Bad #3
Genres: Erotic Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on September 16, 2015
Pages: 269
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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Hot mess! Yes. After about 4% into the book, I was done. It should have stayed done, but I saw it has so many great reviews that I felt I really hadn’t given it a chance. I am all up for kinky fun, but the grammar was off in places that stunted my reading rhythm. Ok, even I admit that is a little melodramatic, but it really could have used an editor or a final proof from readers before being published.

So Gemma is a chatline operator. Kinky as all Hell, she really digs being done by strangers. We see her at a nightclub dancing and really enjoying herself when a guy comes along and she is all for having sex in a dark corner with him. Then her friend Chelsea breaks it up and bam….what a bitch Chelsea is by telling Gemma she is fat and off her rocker for wanting to do a stranger. She berates her dancing and all kinds of stuff. BITCH! Tessa the other friend tries to balance the two and run interference, but hey, you can’t change a bitch’s colors. Enough of that, it does come to bite both of them in the ass later.

Jason is a footballer (European type of footballer) who is miserable. Married to a woman who’s rock band career is over, but refuses to give up the spotlight, Jason uses the chatline and porn to escape. Both want a divorce but the house seems to be the contention. Jason wants 50/50 split on it and April wants most of it.

Jason and Gemma (known as Lucy on chatline) hit it off online. Jason’s voice drives Gemma to orgasms by what he wants him and his friends do to her, while Jason wants the dirty girl on the end of the line. Meeting could cost Gemma her job, but staying to just online is not an option.

There are more story lines outside of this like Chelsea wants a footballer husband and Jason will do nicely. He’s married is what I kept saying, but then again, he wanted out of the marriage. April does everything to torment Jason. Jason has a best friend in Steve who wants to do Gemma as well.

When Jason finally gets all the digits of Gemma’s number, they set up a meeting, but Gemma is to remain blindfolded so they can still be strangers. For a week they continue to do this until Jason starts bringing in other men to go solo with her or double team her. Nothing is taboo and some of it gets out of my comfort zone…onto my hard list.

While the author does put a story to the graphically sexual parts, it didn’t grab me. Gemma starts taking pole dance classes (not kinky ones) and meets a new set of friends that accept her for herself. They take her out and introduce her to open minded people. Gemma may be overweight, but these people don’t care. I liked that about her new friends.

Unfortunately, I found myself skimming most of the rest of the book. It was just one hot mess of bodies after another and it did nothing for me. I found myself wanting to see what happens with a chatline couple meet in real life and got a different kind of story. I don’t mind the kink, just wanted more of a story that I could like to go with it. I wish I could say it was a good book, but I can’t. It needed more time to flesh out the story part to the sexual part.

Another Kindle Unlimited book that is a bust.

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Lekeisha Thomas
5 years ago

I love to support self published authors, but if they can’t take the time to have their work edited, I don’t have the time to read it. I’m all for some eroticism, but give me a plot to go with it and some great writing. Sorry this was a bust.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago

I love to support indie authors too, but this also needed some help setting up the story. It just never set right with me from the beginning.

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

That does have such a curious premise and I can see why you grabbed it. How disappointing that the story didn’t go there.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Yeah, I think I should research my Kindle Unlimited books….lately they have all been pretty bad.