Dragon’s Melody by Ophelia Bell

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Dragon’s Melody by Ophelia Bell
Dragon's Melody

Half a Star

Genres: Paranormal Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on June 18, 2015
Pages: 451
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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I originally put this book down and decided not to finish it. Then I caught a cold and couldn’t sleep and picked up right where I left off. Did I find it any better? NO. Somethings changed from my original opinion, but not enough for me to recommend this story.

This story started off with me falling in love with Melody and her “daddy” who at the point I quit, I am not sure what he really was or who (I finished and you find out). They are playing a game of hide and seek with Daddy playing at being a dragon. Melody wants to play the part of the dragon and Daddy has to find a way to tell her about dragons, but not have her inadvertently reveal that knowledge. He gives her a “tattoo” in her two favorite colors, blue and silver. The story is kind of vague about this tattoo and the power it has. Since there isn’t a tattoo later, I don’t know what to think. All we know is Melody was blessed by a dragon while still in her mother’s womb. What does blessed mean? Heck if I know.

Fast forward and Melody is all grown up. She’s living in what I assumed is a crappy apartment saving up all her money to take her mother (her favorite person) on a trip around the world. Melody flashes back to a memory of meeting someone on a plane where she is the flight attendant. The woman was visibly nervous and uncomfortable on the plane and Melody comforted her. Afterwards, the woman recommend she apply for a position at Magnus, a security firm. This memory then flows into Melody being a private flight attendant for the company jet. During that flight she is seduced into allowing Kol, the company president and his wife, Hallie, into a three way. Kol only gives her oral pleasure with an amazing tongue. Now Melody can’t get Kol or his tongue out of her mind, going as far as to throw herself in a way at him or offer to leave the position.

Flash to Skye who is flying above in his dragon form . He is in need of energy that is mostly plentiful when a woman orgasms. He finds a pair of beauties and fills up his empty well that allows him to hide his dragon form. He doesn’t actually do more than oral with them since that seems to fill the well best. Having intercourse shares nectar and binds the human to them, which he doesn’t want. When done he calls Garen to him to share the wealth of energy. Garen and Skye are two different breeds of dragon. I never really quite understood this part or what the caste system seemed to be. Anyway, Garen is subservient to Skye, but they have been best friends all of their lives. Skye shares his nectar with Garen. Both men are looking for their mates, which usually is a human female because dragon females are rare and have more complicated pregnancies. Oh, and Garen hasn’t been able to share his nectar with human female. He tries, but can never reach orgasm.

So basically Skye needs to find a mate to open a puzzle box his mother left him as his inheritance. It needs to be what his mother would want, which I am not sure how the box would know. Kol is faced with a problem of Melody, who has bonded with him and is blessed. Kol’s wife is pregnant and he wants only her. There is another underlying issue going on so Kol suggests Skye take Melody as retribution for the slight.

I don’t want to give much more of the story away, just wanted to show just how much detail goes into this story. I haven’t even covered half of all the crap you have to know and the crap the author never tells you. I swear this is a series, but it isn’t listed that way on Goodreads or Amazon. It had a feel like you should already know a lot before getting here.

If you want sex all the time, then this will do it for you. Garen’s job is to “fluff” up Melody for Skye, keeping her horny without release the entire time. Garen desires her. Skye desires her. Dragon males cannot share a mate, instead they need to spread their seed. At this point I can’t tell you what actually happens because I just couldn’t take all the secrecy that seemed to surround the dragons, but mostly I couldn’t take the stupidity of Melody.

Melody…well dragons can breath on you and compel you to do something. I don’t the women to do something they don’t, but they push them in the direction they want. So Melody is compelled then bonded to a dragon. She seemed to blindly accepts that sex was her job, that being a flight attendant really isn’t her thing. The job interview with Skye is him giving her oral and then her signing a contract to be his sex slave even though they deny that. Basically they are grooming her for being Skye’s mate and the contract is the probationary period.

So I don’t want to harp on what happens. Mostly I felt the story was forced and unnatural in the progression of how I would see it going. Melody was willing to give up her trip with her mom to have sex all the time. There was the problem with sharing dragons, but by now I am just over that problem. Skye is arrogant and egotistical, Melody is a sexual being with very little more to her, Garen was redeemable in he actually is a nice guy in a bad situation.

So I stopped (then came back and finished it). I just couldn’t go on any more and I didn’t care enough to find out if there was more to this book like a series. It just wasn’t working for me and I have other things to read. (Even finishing it I didn’t feel any better about it.)

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6 years ago

That cover is busy!

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
6 years ago
Reply to  Blodeuedd

Way over done, but I wanted a dragon romance.

Sophia Rose
6 years ago

This is one confusing book. 🙂

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
6 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Yep, and glad I used my Kindle Unlimited to get it without paying directly for it. Trying to get my money’s worth but lately nothing has been good about the books I have read with it.

6 years ago

Oh I hate entering a world and feeling like I missed the pilot or something.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
6 years ago

Yep. She has written other dragon books, but this one wasn’t in a series. I think she just forgot to let me know I needed to read her other books first…but then again, after this one, I was kind of done with it all.