Review: Yours To Take by Joely Sue Burkhart

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review.
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Review: Yours To Take by Joely Sue Burkhart
Yours To Take

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Series: The Connaghers,
Genres: BDSM Romance
Published by Samhain Publishing
Released on May 8, 2012
Pages: 188
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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Yours to Take is the third installment in The Connaghers series. While I have not read the first two books, I didn’t need to have read them to understand this stories. There were a few places that I got a little confused, mostly when characters came into play that I didn’t know, but it was kind of assumed I did. This did not in any way distract me from the main story. It just made me want to get to know those characters as well.

Attorney Vicki Connagher quit her job on the day her boyfriend’s partner, a detective, is shot and killed by one of her clients. Her conscience is taking a beating for defending criminals that her boyfriend, Elias, puts away. It could have easily been him murdered. So Vicki branches out on her own dream of designing designer work clothes. Her one solace each day was visiting a homeless man, Jesse, in the park where he sold his drawings. After quitting her job, she stopped seeing Jesse and Elias stopped visiting her.

Three months later during a freak snow storm, Vicki is walking home from the store when she slips and falls. A gentle voice offers her help. The voice of Jesse. Jesse has secretly fallen in love with Vicki. He’s not really stalking her as much as he needs to see her one more time. Carrying around a birthday card he made for her, he seeks her out when he finds out where she lives. Not wanting to scare her, he gives her the card and goes to leave, but Vicki can’t let him leave in just a jean jacket and threadbare jeans because of the huge snowstorm about to hit them. She invites him in, but they both know they need to be careful. Jesse gives Vicki his info and urges her to check in out.

Elias is the only person Vicki can call, and he’s not happy she took in a homeless man she barely knows. Elias has had a hard time dealing with his partner’s death and how Vicki defended the murderer. He doesn’t blame her, but after not contacting her, he doesn’t know how to get back with her. And in a way he is stalking her, sitting outside her home in the wee hours watching her house. When Vicki calls him, he does the research and finds out Jesse has done time, but has been clean for five years. He still won’t let it rest and storms over to check Jesse out.

As the story moves on you learn that Vicki likes her sex rough. She has a dominant streak in her that demands her to push Elias. Nothing slow or gentle until the dominant “game” has been won. Jesse is a submissive through and through. While he loves Vicki, he is content to just be with her, but as the relationship of the three move into the second day, you learn that Vicki feels a need to tell him what to do. While Elias and Vicki have sex upstairs, Jesse is downstairs listening to their loud cries.

Jesse reveals he loves Vicki and she finds out she has a dominant streak a mile wide. Elias isn’t too sure how he feels about it all as he loves Vicki even though he won’t admit it. There is a “dance” between the characters as they try to decide their places in this relationship and even if they can handle a relationship of three that isn’t very normal.

I don’t want to give more away as that is the fun part of reading, but you get the basic gist of the story. I really loved Vicki’s character. While I am not into reading about men usually being dominated, this was an interesting twist on the normal BDSM books. She is strong, protective and goes about things in a totally safe and sane way. Never does she just jump in and do things without a lot of thought about the outcome in both Jesse’s mental well being but also on how it is affecting her relationship with Elias.

While I loved Jesse, he confused me some. One minute he would be extremely submissive and scared of dominant men and the next very protective of Vicki then somewhat being the strong one in the relationship. I couldn’t figure out if he was just a strong submissive or a scared submissive seeking the love and approval of Vicki.

Elias was your typical alpha male. He can’t deal with emotions well and doesn’t like the young pup sniffing around his woman. On the flip side he loved giving Vicki what she wanted and even admitted that he got turned on by what she ordered Jesse to do.

There is nothing extreme in this BDSM wise. It is in fact pretty mild, but it was what was needed for this story. The three characters were feeling out each other and learning what they wanted, needed and could handle through the story.

While enjoyable, the love scenes weren’t anything that got me excited. Well, maybe a couple, but they weren’t melting my Kindle. They were descriptive and sometimes impulsive scenes.

What I loved was the character development and not glossing over how a relationship starts. While it was a little quick, Vicki never jumped into being a dominant to Jesse without help and/or thinking very hard on it. Each character had multiple layers to them that drew me in. Now I just need to find and read the first two books in this series!

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Sophia Rose
10 years ago

It is more on the unusual side to have a dominant female in a BDSM story. Thanks for sharing your well thought review!