Evan and Darcy by Melanie Coles #Review

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Evan and Darcy by Melanie Coles #Review
Evan and Darcy

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Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Escape
Released on July 15, 2016
Pages: 242
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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City girl meets country boy in this sassy Aussie modern retelling of a classic.  You don’t have to like the classics to appreciate a good opposites attract romance between a pair that bristle on sight and do their level best to take the hide off each other with words.  A match-making mother, a conniving blue-eyed beauty, misunderstanding, a farm full of brothers, a cold precise lawyer, and love after all make for a fun, entertaining romance.

Evan Bennet and his four brothers still all live on the family farm.  He and his older brother, Jamie, actually work the farm with their dad.  His middle brother, Mark, works on a nearby farm for Charlie, Ev’s best mate.  His youngest two brothers are a bit wild and work when threatened with loss of life or funds.  Evan has hopes of some day leaving the farm to own his own vineyard and make his own wine after spending time and working with his late Uncle Rob.  It’s a huge gamble and a part of him wants to just stay working on the farm.  He also has strong feelings about marriage and women unlike his pushing matchmaking mother who loudly laments her lack of grandchildren.  Evan is holding out for true love and it’s not like he hasn’t met all the girls his small town has to offer.

Only, that’s about to change.  The old estate, Netherfield, has been taken over and being renovated so a country retreat and hotel can open.  The manager is the pretty and very single Miss Claire Bingley.  Evan’s mom is over the moon and making plans for one of her sons to catch the eye of the wealthy girl.  Turns out, Jamie catches her eye and she catches his, but the same doesn’t happen when Evan encounters Claire’s icy best friend, Darcy Fitzwilliam.  She’s rude and condescending from the start and then he overhears her insulting him, his family, and the town.  Evan has some pride and quite a temper and the gorgeous, sophisticated woman sets him off.  Not even his own stalker, Kooky Cara, or a chance at a fun and flirty Jemma can distract the fireworks that come any time the two are within sight of each other.

This one was fun.  At first, I wasn’t too keen on either Evan or Darcy.  He has a bad temper and she’s disdainful with her words.  But then the two grew on me.  Both had some growing to do and some groveling, too.  The pace, setting, descriptions, and tone were all in keeping with an easy contemporary romance that takes a long while to develop.

Evan is the sole narrator of the story.  He’s a hardworking down to earth guy who has a difficult mother and not a lot of patience for his younger brothers or an awkward girl who can’t take the hint that he’s not interested.  But it is Darcy who really sets him off.  He doesn’t understand why and assumes it is all because of her even as he tries to like another girl, Jemma, who also has trouble with Darcy.  I like that the romance takes a while to develop.  They had to learn to understand and like each other before anything else could happen.  And when it does, this was sweet rather than hot.

My only real niggle was that I wanted to see Darcy and Evan have a few more encounters to establish what came after.  Darcy’s initial interest was based on very little really.  I also cringed each time Evan lost his temper especially with Cara.  He could be brutal with his tongue even if I understood his frustration.

The story was engaging beyond the romance.  I liked the small farm town setting, the Bennet family and their friends, but also the second half of the book that pursues Evan’s interest in wine along with his entry into Darcy’s world after she was in his for the first half.  The flip in settings was a nice touch seeing them both in each other’s worlds.

All in all, I enjoyed this opposites attract sweet contemporary romance and would recommend it to those who want something engaging rather than emotionally challenging.

My thanks to Escape Publishing for the opportunity to read this story in exchange for an honest review.

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Mary Kirkland
5 years ago

Small town settings can be nice and this sounds like it has a good story line as well.

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

It was fun reading about a family of farm boys and then the city girls they meet. 🙂

5 years ago

A good opposites attract romance is always fun! I am not sure why, but it’s a trope that usually works for me. Glad to hear these two grew on you, they sound a bit hard to like at first, but that’s nice that changed. Also isn’t Darcy the male in the original story, so did they genderswap the characters? Just curious.
I can definitely appreciate a romance that takes a while to discover. The farm setting sounds fun!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Lola

Oh, good catch! Yes, this is a gender swap. I should have mentioned that. The names of the Bennet boys are close to what the classic’s Bennet sisters had (Jamie/Jane, Evan/Elizabeth, Mark/Mary, etc) and this Darcy Fitzwilliam has the classic hero’s name, Fitzwilliam Darcy, reversed.

The Australian farm setting and town was fun.

Christy LoveOfBooks
5 years ago

A farm of brothers? Sounds good to me! I’m worried his temper might put me off, but I’m willing to try.

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

Oh yes! Five farm boy brothers was a definite draw. Evan had reason to lose his temper, but yeah, it bordered on mean some of the things he said.

5 years ago

It sounds like an interesting one. I didn’t know about it but it looks like a good romance and it’s nice to have opposite.

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Melliane

It was different to have Pride & Prejudice set in modern Australia and to have the characters in a gender swap. 🙂

5 years ago

Evan sounds like my type of guy! God bless mothers and their needs for grandkids. LOL!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Lekeisha

Oh man, I felt sorry for him the way she kept going on and on about grandkids. 🙂

Debbie Haupt
Debbie Haupt
5 years ago

Love retellings and your review convince me to put it on my wish list!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Debbie Haupt

Ha, yes, tempted you, Debbie! 🙂

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Oh the opposites attract can be so fun. It’s nice to see characters growing. I can totally get on board with not loving them at the start if they have a good bit of growth throughout. Thanks for the heads up!

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

Oh boy were these two explosive together. It was hard to like a guy and woman who were mean to each other, but as they actually talked through things and came an understanding, it got much better.

5 years ago

Not sure but I.might have put it down after he overheard her insulting him and everything else he cares about. I mean how can you go from there? I don’t like her already! And him not nice to Cara was not good either. Unless she’s evil or something. Not for me I don’t think but happy you ended up liking it 🙂

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Lorna

It was tough getting past their mean moments, for sure, Lorna.

No, Cara wasn’t bad, but she was oblivious and persistent. 😉