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Howdy, Delighted Readers!

The folks at Forever Romance asked if they could drop by and share about a new, exciting Celia Kyle book hitting the stands and give a couple of our readers the opportunity to win their own spanking new copies.

Check it out!

Wolf’s Mate A Paranormal Shifter Romance
by Celia Kyle

Danger shouldn’t be this sexy…

Cougar shifter Abby Carter always plays it safe. That’s why she’s an accountant–no excitement, no danger, and no cocky alpha males. She loves her quiet life, but fate has other plans. When Abby uncovers the shady dealings of an anti-shifter organization, she’ll have to trust the too-sexy-for-her-peace-of-mind werewolf Declan Reed… or end up six feet under.

Declan Reed is starting over. After two years with Shifter Operations Command, it’s time to put his past behind him. Now Declan is the only thing standing between the gorgeous Abby and an early grave, and if he’s going to have any chance of keeping her alive, he’ll have to embrace the darkness he’s fought to keep at bay. But first he has to convince Abby that there’s no safer place in the world than the arms of a big bad werewolf.

“Celia Kyle’s my go-to for sexy alpha shifters and fast-paced, delicious storylines.” — Jessica Clare. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author


Abby’s cougar tolerated being stationary during working hours—cats were nocturnal creatures, after all. But at night, her cat was ready to play, hunt, chase… basically, anything but sit on her ass and stare at numbers.

Which was why she had her evening playlist that included O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature as well as Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. She popped in her Bluetooth earbuds and snatched her smartphone.  A few button presses and the opening beats of one of her favorite songs filled her ears.

Then came a shake of her hips, a little jiggle, jiggle, jiggle of her ass, and she belted out the opening lines of… Wannabe by the Spice Girls.  She sang about friends, a lover, and zigazig ah…  There were also a couple lines about lovers and giving and she decided she’d like to have someone giving her something…

Something naughty and dirty and— And Abby’s cat swatted at her, the inner animal hissing long and loud. Her cat didn’t want Abby’s mind to stray to sex if she refused to do anything about their dry-spell.  The feline knew her human half wouldn’t leave work for at least another hour.

The cougar didn’t project any other thoughts or emotions. It merely rose to its feet, presented her back to Abby, and then plopped back down on her ass.  Natural house cats knew how to ignore their owners but those kitties had nothing on a shifter’s inner animal.


Abby ignored the animal and shook her ass a little more.  Shake, shake, wiggle, wiggle, jiggle, jiggle… She even did a little “raising the roof” followed by a spin just before she stumbled and finally collapsed in the nearby office chair.

“Whew,” she panted out a quick breath and then another before drawing air deep into her lungs and releasing it slowly.  She slumped in her seat and nudged the ground, pushing and jerking until she was back in place in front of her laptop.

“It’s Friday. You just have to make it through tonight,” she murmured to her cougar, and it replied with a low grumble.  “I’ll let you play a little on Palm Island this weekend and then Monday it’s back to regular hours at O.P.P.”

Not to be confused with one of her favorite songs.  This O.P.P. referred to the accounting firm—and her employer—Ogilve, Piers, and Patterson.

The cougar huffed, still a hint annoyed, but Abby also sensed the little flick of the cat’s tail and tremor of excitement that flowed through her furred body.  The small island just off the coast of Port St. James, South Carolina was a nature preserve—no humans allowed and nothing but natural animals running wild.  Abby’s cougar could safely stretch her legs, take a swim, and chase the island residents.

She leaned forward in the chair and grasped the edge of the desk, pulling herself back into place in front of her laptop.  She popped out her earbuds, tossed them into the bottomless pit of her purse, and turned off her music, ready to focus on her job once more.

A job she loved… most of the time.  While her cat reveled in the hunt for live prey, Abby’s human half enjoyed the puzzles that came with accounting.  She checked and cross-checked transactions, hunted for unbalanced entries, and scoured records for improperly supported payments.

Accounting was Abby’s kung-fu and it was strong.

The cougar snorted at her butchered movie quote.

Brushing off the cougar’s flare of anger, she snatched her pencil and stacks of printouts she’d gathered, diving back into her audit. Her—not their—audit. A company the size of FosCo needed a double-digit team, not one woman, but apparently a surface audit was enough to appease the private shareholders.  It wasn’t her place to ask. It was her place to work and get paid. Abby ran her finger down the nearest page, comparing it to the spreadsheet displayed on her monitor.

That’s there. And that’s there. And that’s…

She stopped and stared at the printout—a copy of a recent bank statement—and swallowed hard while she replayed conversations she’d had with the FosCo president recently.

“It’s nothing but a small account we haven’t taken the time to close,” Eric Foster had said. “Don’t even bother with it. It’s nothing.”

Abby gulped and kept her eyes on the account’s activity.

In Abby’s world, two plus two equaled four. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing… there were rules in numbers. As an accountant, she lived and died by them. Mainly because if she didn’t do her job right, she didn’t get paid, which meant she couldn’t eat. It was amazing how things strung together like that.

Two plus two did not equal five hundred million dollars.

Five. Hundred. Million. Dollars.

Poof. Gone.


Book Details

On Sale: March 27th 2018
Price: $7.99
Page Count: 352
ISBN-13: 9781538744529
Editions: Mass Paperback~ Audiobook ~ E-Book





Two lucky commenters will be randomly chosen to receive a paper copy of Wolf’s Mate (US/CAN only).  Some comment topics might be about your interest in the book, Celia Kyle love, what you think of the excerpt.  Winners will be chosen in one week, must have US or Canadian mailing address, and must respond within 48 hours of receiving notice.  Good luck!

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Mary Kirkland
3 years ago

I love her books! I joined her mailing list a while back and love getting notified about new books. I’m a huge fan so I’m already looking forward to reading this book. Her shifters are so much fun.

3 years ago

Oh it’s an author I was curious to try

3 years ago

Oooh *grabby hands* I need this!

3 years ago

I’m an accountant so this excerpt totally grabbed me LOL. The contrast between the human side being an accountant and the cat side being a …, should be pretty funny. I’d love to read this. Plus, I’ve read a few of the author’s Dragons of Preor books and loved those.

Lover Of Romance
3 years ago

I have had a fun time with this author and I am looking forward to grabbing this one up.

Linda Romer
Linda Romer
3 years ago

I love Paranormal Romance and I can’t wait to read Wolfs mate! Thank you

Kimberly Caffeinated Reviewer

I’ve been on an urban fantasy and Paranormal romance binge so this would be perfect. I’ve not yet tried this author, but would like too.

Casey Garvey
Casey Garvey
3 years ago

I love the cover! Im into the paranormal phase right now so this is perfect!

3 years ago

A cougar shifter..Now that alone had me curious!

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Those shifters are hard to resist. It’s been a while since I’ve read her. I need to fix that, I think 🙂

Melanie Simmons
3 years ago

I really love Celia Kyle. I haven’t tried this series, but I’ve requested the audiobook for this one. I can’t wait to listen to it.

Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads