For the Win by Brenna Aubrey #Review

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For the Win by Brenna Aubrey #Review
For the Win

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Series: Gaming the System #4
Published by Silver Griffon Associates
Released on June 11, 2015
Pages: 464
Format: eBook
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The Delight

Finally a new couple to love in the Gaming the System Series! Jordan the playboy who I loved to hate weaves his way into my heart and makes me want to reach in and grab him, but he has some growing up to do before that can happen. April also has to break out of her shell and appreciate who she is and what she wants. Full of steamy scenes both as foreplay and full play, this story is a great addition into a series I have grown to adore.

For the Win is part of the Gaming the System series, but we get a new love story from the bad boy who doesn’t believe in love, CFO Jordan Fawkes. Jordan hasn’t made a good name for himself much in the past three books. He does give Mia his Paris trip he had been looking forward too, but in general he seemed like quite the ass. He’s had the hots for an intern, but was told they were off limits, so he instead continues his playboy love life of banging the super models and pretty girls, but when he comes home from Comic-Con, all Hell breaks lose.

See there is a sex video making the rounds and everyone knows a least one of the of the participants is a Draco employee seen by the badge on the desk next to the phone videoing. No one knows it’s Jordan and the intern, but Jordan. Not even the intern knows who. See, Jordan went to the cosplay party as Falco, a custom made costume that no one knew he had made. So when the pretty intern approaches him, a little tipsy and wants to have sex with a stranger, he jumps at the opportunity thinking no one will find out since no one knows his costume. Pretty much he is right.

So when all Hell breaks loose the Monday after Comic-Con, Jordan goes into stealth mode to downplay it. Well, he is kind of ticked their interlude was recorded and he knows who did it, but he doesn’t know why or how it got on the Internet and went viral. See Jordan has wanted to take the company public and this is going to cause problems all around even if he doesn’t reveal himself. So he stays mum, while starting to torment the intern. The same intern who is now assigned to him.

April Weiss is your typical good girl for the most part, but she’s also really good at blending in with the crowd. She’s part of a group of interns that starts out in marketing and makes Mia’s life pretty awful at times even though she doesn’t intend too. Life hasn’t really treating April real well and when she finds out her mother married her ex-boyfriend, April just wants to forget and what better way than to have anonymous sex and who would it hurt to record it for her private viewing the next day? Only, the next day it’s all over the Internet. Two problems, April has a tramp stamp and there is an employee badge which her panties cover the name on it.

Jordan doesn’t hold back on revealing he knows she did it, based on the tramp stamp he sees as she lifts a box. Then he goes about making her jump through hoops because who does she think she is recording them without his permission. The dance between these two continues as they are throughly attracted to each other, while both have taken a vow of no drinking and no sex.

The relationship doesn’t start off on the right foot and continues to be on the wrong foot for most of the book. Jordan won’t fall in love and April is falling way to hard. He’s her boss, which complicates things considerably. Throw in April’s father may be joining the board of directors when they go public and Adam is out for blood on who would destroy his company’s reputation.

Oh and wowie!!!! The sex! Oh, the sex! It was hotter than Texas in a heatwave…when it actually starts, which is teased to us a lot over the course to get them in bed finally. This author knows how to tease you into a stupor that makes you want to continue to get gratification finally for all the hotness she has made you endure.

There are side stories that have entwined for a while that are going to come to a head soon. Autistic William, Adam’s cousin, has been asking Jordan for tips on how to get a woman he wants, Jenna, Mia’s friend. Jordan takes him under his wing, but does it as a excuse to watch April. William knows this. William gets his own story next and I am not sure how all of that is going to work out.

There are the crazy interns, especially Cari, still running around. She’s a piece of work, scheming to make Adam fall in love with her while humiliating Mia. Cari is definitely rich, spoiled girl to the hilt.

You get to meet some of Jordan’s family, especially his little sister, but not a whole lot of page time for them. April’s family gets more page time as her mother is absolutely cuckoo. April’s father is more normal, and he really does care for April. It’s just that he moved on, married again and has two children from that marriage.

April also has a roommate I hope we swing back to get. She’s is practically a virgin (well maybe she is) who doesn’t like foul language. Her family is over protective and I can see a lot of angst for her to find love. Maybe in the future?

Adam has some soul searching to do in the story about what he really wants and what his family has made done to make him who he is today. April also has to learn to stand up for herself instead of blending in with the flow. This story is as much about growth as it is about finding love and that was a refreshing take for me lately in my romances.

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5 years ago

This sounds like such a fun read and hotter than a Texas heatwave huh? Need.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago

I am in love with this series and author. Just discovered it from a free book. Jordan’s not really likable at first, but he has his reasons. Yep, once they get going, it is off the hook fun. The build up to it is also sexy.

5 years ago

I was able to snag book one for free.