Free Friday Book Review: Text Me by K.J. Reed

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Free Friday Book Review: Text Me by K.J. Reed
Text Me

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Published by Ellora's Cave
Released on December 8, 2010
Format: eBook
Source: Free Book
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 Text Me is the first time I have read anything by KJ Reed and I know I will be trying her books again in the future. I am not so sure the cover to this book fits the story since at no time does the heroine take control in the bedroom like it is displayed in the picture.

Staff Sergeant Travis Donovan is looking for his younger sister he lost contact with while serving his country. When he tries the last known number he has for her, he ends up texting Ariel, who now owns that number. While the two don’t know each other, they strike up conversations through text that draw each to the other, but neither think anything can come of it.

Ariel Winston is busy with school, family and the family business. She doesn’t have time for relationship, but quick hook ups aren’t a problem. Texting with Travis is fun and intriguing as she gives him suggestions on finding his sister. While mildly attracted to the guy on the other end she has never seen, she knows nothing can come of it.

Ariel and her friend go out for a night of drinking and possibly a hook up for sex and they find it in Pete, not knowing Travis is Pete’s friend or even that Travis is back in the area looking. Everyone uses fake names, like Ariel uses her middle name while Pete always calls Travis Donovan. Through a night of quick sex, the two are attracted, but don’t know the other is the person they have been texting.

From there I don’t want to say to much more since the story is short. The sex though is hot, but I had one problem. I guess I might be getting old and don’t know the new dating rituals of sharing people. Ariel is a shy beautiful young woman working on her Master’s degree. So when her and her friend hook up with Pete for night of sex, it just didn’t seem in character for her. But they both admit to safety in numbers and share their hook ups unless there is more than one man. In this care there ended up being one for each, but they all stayed in the same room and watched each other. This is kind of what made me cringe. Am I just too old to think this is the normal way of doing things now?

Once I got past that, the book was pretty enjoyable. They do connect past texts and surprise each other. The story isn’t all about sex, there is the underlying factor of finding the sister and Travis deciding what he wants for his future.

For a hot, fun, quick read, this fits the bill…and it is free!

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