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Hi Lori! Welcome to Delighted Reader. Let’s kick back and have a talk here…well more of my questions and you dish it to us!

First off, tell us something about Lori, the author’s day.  Do you have a special place you write?  Do you have to have a special ambience like music present?
LoriFosterI prefer my desk at the lake house and I write from the morning, say around 10 am (after I’ve finished emails and online stuff) until 5 or 6pm. When I’m under a close deadline that expands with me starting earlier and going later in the day. I’m only at the lake house during mild/warm weather though, and I like my office space at home too. At the lake house, my desk overlooks the lake, and at home my desk faces French doors that lead to the pond. Water inspires me!

And Yes! LOVE my music playlist. I have a lot of Kid Rock on there. He’s my fave. Also KORN. Lots & lots of KORN. Some Marilyn Manson. Cage the Elephant. Nirvana. I have a few artists where I like only one song – like “Rumour” by Adele, or “List of Demands” from Saul Williams.  Overall I have around 200 songs on my playlist.

When you write did you have to do a detailed outline and character bio sketches or did it all just come to you as you went?

The ideas are just… there. I’m so amazed by authors who can teach this stuff, because it’s impossible for me. I’ll be minding my own business (often working on a different book) and bam! I get hit upside the head with characters who want on the page – or sometimes they just show up on the page without even introducing themselves first – and sometimes that’s not enough for them. They want their own books too!

It’s almost magical to me. I could never dissect the process or explain it.

It just is. Once the characters are there, THEY tell me what the idea is. They lead me through the plot, sometimes page by page – although sometimes they tell me the whole story right up front.

When you need some down time from writing, what is something fun you do?

My favorite pastime is anything with family. We have big family parties at my house. I look for reasons to invite all 60+ people over.
I also love, love, love going to movies. Horror and action are my favorite movie genres, but I can comedy and romance in a pinch. Drama… almost never. Who needs more drama? How is that entertainment?

Also really love the outdoors for relaxing. Hubby and I love to go to Hocking Hills (Fantastic place! Look it up!) or Cumberland Falls or The Natural Bridge. We have a small lake house and I spend much of the summer there. Boating, swimming, skiing… just being outside and seeing the birds and fish and hearing the breeze in the trees and feeling the sun on my skin… Love it.

What was a favorite or difficult scene to write?

I based the video book trailer for GETTING ROWDY off my favorite scene: Avery showing up at Rowdy’s apartment, soaking wet from a furious rain, insistent that he follow through on sensual promises. :::sigh::: Rowdy needed her to do that, and somehow Avery knew.  If you haven’t seen the book trailer, it’s here:

Rowdy has been a favorite character of mine since the first book, Run the Risk. Tell us a little about Rowdy and how he got his name.

Rowdy comes from a very poor homelife. His parents were drunks who later died in a car accident. When his mother birthed him, she’d been drinking heavily and couldn’t think of a name, and didn’t really care enough to put a lot of thought into it. Since their last name was Yates, and she’d always thought Clint Eastwood was hot, she named him after a Clint character.

Rowdy might have been more of a victim, given what he endured, but when his parents had Pepper, the protector in him took over and his entire focus, even as a kid, went into defending his sister and ensuring she didn’t suffer the same hardships as him. He and his sister are very close, and that as much as anything else helped to save Rowdy.

Rowdy and Avery have been flirting off and on from the beginning. Do you have the series planned out as to who gets with who from the beginning?

Nope. When I started the series I knew about Logan (hero in the first book) and Pepper (heroine of the first book). I knew Logan had a partner, but I didn’t know much about him. Lieutenant Peterson, Logan’s brother Dash, Alice, Avery, all the secondary characters were a surprise that just happened. Some secondary characters demand books of their own, and some are content to just be in the shadows.

What are you working on next?

I just finished Dash’s story. Dash is the brother of the hero from the first book, RUN THE RISK. I think readers will be surprised with Dash now that it’s his turn to reveal his soul. I know I was surprised! I kept thinking, Dash, you devil! Lol.

And now I’m ready to get started on Cannon’s book. Cannon (You met him in GETTING ROWDY) will actually star in the first book of a new series set for Sept 2014.  I really enjoyed him in GETTING ROWDY, and he has a larger role in Dash’s book, DASH OF PERIL (April 2014) so I hope readers like him as much as I do!

Thanks Lori! I am so excited  to hear about Dash and Cannon getting their own books!

If you haven’t read Getting Rowdy yet, what’s stopping you? My review will help you decide!



Review Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster

Getting Rowdy (Love Undercover book #3) by Lori Foster

An alpha hero’s attraction to the one woman he can’t have could draw him into a killer’s snare in the sizzling new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster 

Charismatic bar owner Rowdy Yates isn’t the kind of man women say no to. So when he approaches waitress Avery Mullins, he fully expects to get her number. However, the elusive beauty has her reasons for keeping her distance—including a past that might come back to haunt them both.

Avery spends her nights working for tips… and trying to forget the secret Rowdy is determined to unearth. But when history threatens to repeat itself, Avery grows to rely on Rowdy’s protective presence. As the sparks between them ignite, she will be forced to choose between the security she’s finally found… and the passion she’s always wanted…


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LoriFosterSince first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a Waldenbooks, Borders, USA TODAY, Publishers Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. She also received the Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Series Romantic Fantasy and Contemporary Romance.

Lori believes it is important to give back to the community as much as possible, so she routinely arranges events among authors and readers to gather donations for various organizations.

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Sharonda Lowman
8 years ago

Great interview! I still have Run the Risk to read 😉 its always good to see writers come up.with their characters.

Sophia Rose
8 years ago

I haven’t read these yet and now I can look forward to the time that I do. Enjoyed the interview!