How I Met Your Father by L.B. Gregg, Narrator Nick J Russo #Review #HolidayDelight

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How I Met Your Father by L.B. Gregg, Narrator Nick J Russo #Review #HolidayDelight
How I Met Your Father
Narrated by Nick J. Russo

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Genres: Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance
Published by Riptide
Released on December 8, 2015
Length: 2 hours 17 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
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The Strangers on the Plane bit grabbed my attention especially knowing the twist that particular scenario got in this one. It was surprising, funny, and poignant as it told the story of two men who came together in a Spring/Autumn romance as a result of a chance encounter on a plane and a Christmas wedding in the Caribbean. It was also a reunion of four friends who were once the members of a popular boy band and a family that needed to reconnect.

Justin Hayes hates flying, but he’ll deal with his fears to make it to his best friend’s hastily put together wedding and be the best man. Turbulence rocks the plane and in a moment of sheer terror, Justin accepts the comfort of holding the hand of the man beside him. Then Justin is really terrified that someone will notice this circumstance because he’s Justin Hayes former member of a popular boy band who now lives to stay in the background of the music industry. Things don’t end there because he takes the man up on his offer to get each other off in a quick encounter. Things get complicated really quick when Justin is introduced to the bride’s family and then the story really takes off.

I was truly impressed with how much depth and development took place in the story considering the page count. Now granted it’s more of a snapshot of what happens over a few days, but it was what was packed into those few days along with that absolutely charming epilogue that led to a satisfying and enjoyable read. I felt almost like I was being dropped into the middle of something, but the author took the time to get the reader caught up on matters. There are some funny parts and there are some bits of drama, but for the most part it was just an enjoyable bit of distraction in a gorgeous island paradise with engaging people.

This is only my second story with Nick Russo as narrator. I’ve decided he has good instinct for humor and timing. This story had a couple de trop moments like when Justin realizes who Jack is, when he and Jack get caught together, when Justin catches on to all that his best friend is hiding from the bride’s father, and when the reveals start coming out. As I said, this was told in a wry way that allowed the humor and story to shine.

Those who want something to fill up an hour or two with a warmhearted wedding at Christmas m/m contemporary romance should give this one a try.

My thanks to Riptide Publishing for the opportunity to listen and review this book.

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Christmas abroad and a destination wedding as the holiday element in this story. A Christmas on a Caribbean island sounds interesting, but it’s the Christmas Wedding that I want to discuss this time. I’ve really only been in one Christmas wedding. It was one of those large affairs that was like an avalanche how it grew in size and power as it slid down the mountain. I was lucky to be on the peripheral much of the time so I didn’t get caught in it on the way downhill. Now, I don’t mean to imply that the wedding itself was a disaster because it wasn’t. This was one beautiful wedding, but what led up to it and during the busiest time of the year with the holidays was traumatic. I really thought someone was going to do murder one of those times that tempers flared. Late nights, changing plans, awkward people issues, and you name it, it caused trouble. I was never so glad to get someone hitched and get that beastly wedding over with. And they’re still married twenty years later so I have to think the wedding was the testing ground for what came after. They could survive anything after that avalanche. J

Holiday weddings sound so romantic in the books and movies. I’ve decided that is the only place I want to be involved with one. So what about you? Been a in a Christmas Wedding? Read a good romance with a Christmas wedding? Do tell!

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Keionda Hearts Books
6 years ago

Hey Sophia! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a good contemporary book! I love the romance and everything! I’ve just been scared to try out this genre, you know? I really need to get out of the YA and NA genre for a little while and try something different. <3

Sophia Rose
6 years ago

Well this would be a leap and would give you that something different. 🙂 You know, if you want to ease into M/M gently, Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane is a good one. I’ve got that one coming up for review soon so you can see what I think. It’s a Coming of Age- realize I’m Gay sort of story and it builds to the heat spots. It’s funny and friends to lovers, too.

6 years ago

The chance encounter on a plane plot sounds like a fun way for the characters to meet. It sounds great how the author manage to add so much depth and development to a short story! I would love to celebrate christmas abroad once. My mom always joked about when we where younger that she wanted to spend christmas somewhere else, but she always caved to the expectations of family to be there for christmas. Now that I am older I am determined to spend christmas on vacation or abroad once. It just sounds so fun to spend christmas somewhere else… Read more »

Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Lola

Yes, it was fun how the author took the plane encounter and created a fun romantic comedy out of it centered around the wedding and guests.

I’ve thought of a few places that it would be fun to visit for Christmas.

Yep, I was actually in that wedding as a bridesmaid so it might have been different if I came only as a guest. Definitely was happy it was over. Now, I prefer my Christmas weddings to only be in fiction. Haha!