I Dare You: Rules of Engagement with Paranormal Creatures

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In general, I live in what I call a human world and never really feel I will find a shifter, vampire, zombie, valkyrie or demon. Sometimes I think we all have an angel on our shoulders, but then again that same angel disappears when I have bad thoughts. Either way, I figure it’s always good to consider what you would and wouldn’t do upon learning a mythical creature is real.


Vampires often come with a lot of rules, but the biggest one advice I can give you…try not to get bitten unless you are the fated mate he has been looking for centuries to complete him. Yeah, I laid it on thick there, but it still is good advice. Don’t get bitten!

Now each author likes to give their spin on the vampire race from sparkling in the sun to even walking in the sun. Some have special jewelry to help them out, some are cursed, some are part of the apocalypse. But above all, they do all have fangs.

J.R. Ward’s Blackdagger Brotherhood is a whole society of vampires that live among us if not really like us as we are only rats without tails. They don’t like the sun, can’t survive long on human blood and generally just give off a pissed off attitude towards us. As much as we all want a brother, I would suggest you avoid them as they don’t have much patience with us.


Shifters come in all shapes and sizes along with litters, lairs, and rules. Sometimes they shift in a spark of magic or sometimes they shift and it is agonizingly painful. Litter mates might want to share their women, but then again some of them don’t. You would think they all would love nature, but a few don’t and shun all that woodsie crap. So when Fido starts giving you a side eye or Kitty cuddles just a little too much, maybe you should consider they are shifters fooling you into thinking they are really our pets.

Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changling series brings along some very sexy and alpha shifters that turn my crank. Down girl! In this world the shifters are well known and guard their territories viciously. While the cat pack and wolf pack live close by each other, it wasn’t an easy truce. The two leaders keep control of their packs, but they also provide the emotional stability to support their back from alpha to dominant to submissive and I don’t mean that in a BDSM way. Each person brings something to the pack that is needed and if something happens to that shifter, they all feel the pain or joy. My suggestion if you were to meet with a shifter is to be respectful, but don’t be to submissive as they will walk all over you. Make sure you have skin rights before you touch one, you will thank me for that advice.


Witches are the hardest group of paranormal characters to get a handle on. They’re mysterious and the way humans treated them in the past, I don’t blame them for wanting to be mysterious. Some say there are good and evil witches just like humans. Any way you slice it, be nice or you could be a toad.

Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark is a series I adore with almost every paranormal imagined making its way through her pages. She has created a world that is so full of depth while keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat. She has a witch who is attracted to mirrors and very powerful. But with such power also comes pitfalls. Again, just be respectful and possibly just plain keep your distance. Give up the love potions. They don’t work (as I run away from witches wanting to kill me).


Angels has so many different orgins. You know Michael, Gabrielle and others. But do you know the most famous angel of all? Me neither. For years I never thought of angels as being other than angelic beings who watched out for us. Whoa there Bessy! Who knew they could be sword wielding, long wavy haired, six-pack carrying bad asses? And they can be bad? Seriously! Authors started shaking up my faith!

Larissa Ione takes on angels in her Demonica series. You have the fallen and unfallen angels, Memitim, Shadow Angel, Radiant, and more. These aren’t your run of the mill angels. Balance is a theme, so for every good angel, there is just as many bad ones in what we know as Hell, but is called Sheoul. In general, we as humans don’t know about this paranormal world, it comes as a shock with the Radiant’s children are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


My best advice on Zombies, run! Yep, I don’t have a very good opinion of them to start with. Beauty is on the inside, but really, they need to have a little pride in their appearance. Their language is hard to understand with all the ughs, aahhs and growls. They walk funny, are very uncouth eaters and in general I can’t say I want to be involved with a zombie.

Kylie Scott takes on the zombie world with her Flesh series. Set in Australia the demographics confuse me, but the basic storyline of people surviving isn’t. A person gets stuck in a hotel, just trying to survive. Or a pregnant woman finds a man who can help protect her even if she is a badass. There are several scenarios and all of them gave me a rush, but the zombies with the evil and I was ok with that. Avoid them at all costs.

And Every Other Paranormal Race

In general, try to stay innocent of paranormal existence. Ignorance is bliss, but secretly, read all the paranormal books you can. You never know when the knowledge you glean will save you life! Be respectful to everyone. It’s just a good skill to have with almost anyone or even a paranormal person you don’t know about.

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Sophia Rose
3 years ago

Haha! Great advice, Shari! I particularly like the ‘don’t get bit’ one. One of these days I need to start that Larissa Ione series. I have several of the books already. Might need to make it a series challenge…

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer

This is great, you know what other creature freaks me out..the FAE. you can’t trust them.

Angela - Angel's Guilty Pleasures

HAHA!! Fun post. Thank’s

Mary Kirkland
3 years ago

I love vampires and shifters, zombies…not so much.

3 years ago

My favorites have always been vampires but shifters are a close second nowadays. Fun post

Carole rae
3 years ago

Love all the advice! So fun