I Dare You: Unconventional Romance Advice to the Non-Athlete Heroine

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What Reading Sports Romance Taught Me

DISCLAIMER:  I won’t pretend to be an expert.  I’m just calling these like I see them.

Not looking to snag an athlete boyfriend?  Well avoid these careers/jobs or you’re sure to end up with a fatal attraction especially if you’re rude about sports and get off on the wrong foot:  physical therapist, sports journalist, public relations/fixer, personal assistant, but you’re out of luck if you’re an owner or coach’s daughter. Just pack it in and accept the inevitable.

It can be all about location. Don’t want that sizzling first encounter?  Then avoid certain places like the plague- a nice apartment directly across from another where that handsome jock may just pop out and dazzle you with his dimple while offering to carry that heavy bag of groceries to your third floor walk up, that cozy coffee shop where the cute guy behind you suddenly starts being a regular at the same time as you and asks to share a table on a busy day, or worse, wants to buy your chosen cuppa. taking your dog for the jog in the park and encountering Bowser’s new best bud when he tangles a cute guy up in his leash and you’re forced to accept his gracious invitation to sit on the nearby bench and chat about your shared love for dogs. Oh, and avoid any of your brother’s friends especially if your brother plays sports and brings them home or to the restaurant where you work (though nice job trying to find a safe career).  No eye contact. Nothing.

Attitudes to take when faced with all that charm and eye candy:  you’d think rudeness or ignorance would be offputting, but no, that is exactly what you shouldn’t demonstrate.  It only encourages them. Like 70% of sports romances written start with an antagonistic meeting and it never goes well for the gal looking to avoid a romantic entanglement.  Oh, and hide his baby from him or push him away just as his career’s getting started because you don’t want to hold him back? Nope, still don’t work. He comes back. Even if he was the one to walk out- he’ll be back so look out for this.

If you’re a single mom and have kids, keep them far away.  If you don’t, you’ll be a goner the second you see that big muscly guy getting giggles and smiles and hero worship from your kids who got acquainted with the charmer when he voluntarily took care of your kids in that minor crisis you were having and no one else was around or available.  Oh, and if your kid hugs or falls asleep in the guy’s arms. It’s over. Just concede and adjust to him mission successful in insinuating himself into your family’s life for good.

You’ve really slipped up big time if you’re at one of his games and he spots you watching.  Might as well accept his jersey and wear it proudly. You’re claimed and you’re only delusional if you think you still have time to dither about this some more.

As to my advice to the sports widows out there, it’s simple.  If you can’t beat them, do them one better and be the biggest fan of them all.

Any advice to add for the potential sports romance heroine?  Are you a sports widow or a sports fan? Do Tell!

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