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Howdy, Delighted Readers!

Happy Independent Bookstore Day to all of you readers and most especially to all the indie bookshops out there!

Shari received an invitation from Ashley @ Hasty Book List to participate in this fabulous blogger event, Book Bloggers for Independent Bookstores to coincide with Independent Bookstore Day.  We are both supporters of Indie bookstores so of course we were saying yes to the invitation.

Our pick is a book store in my neck of the woods here in Southeast Michigan.

Another Look Books in Taylor, Michigan, established in 1995.

Why highlight Another Look Books?

When I moved to Michigan, I knew no one beyond my husband’s family.  Everything was new and different and I suffered from some homesickness.  Then I wandered inside a newly opened bookstore, was greeted with smiles from the staff, and a clean and friendly shop full of books.

I think I was there for nearly two hours browsing their shelves and chatting with the staff about books.  I bought a sack of books that first time and dropped by whenever I was in the area over the years.

Each time I go back it’s like that scene in Cheers when the customers are greeted enthusiastically by name and start visiting with the bar staff.

The shop has doubled in size and gone through major renovations after a bad flood nearly had it closing up for good, but I loved that the owner, Darlene, persevered and kept it open and kept that same welcoming, warm tone when she remodeled.  We waited with baited breath to see if she would reopen after the mandatory non-essential business shutdown back in March, but in June, Another Look Books opened its doors to customers once again.  I was so relieved as it is like a second home and there is nothing in the world like a well-managed brick and mortar bookshop.

The shop does book readings, events, parties, and local author visits.  I attend some of these events.  I also enjoy a few of their services like their digital tracking so I get called when books on my ‘wish list’ come in and also it tracks books I’ve already purchased so I don’t double up.  Customers can bring in books for trade credit and also receive a free birthday book.  If they don’t carry the new book you are looking for then they will order it in or do pre-orders that they will hold for the customer.  For those who are looking for online ordering and shipping, they do not offer that- at least yet.

If you’re interested in the story behind the shop, here’s the local newspaper, The News Herald, interview with Darlene.

So, if you’re ever visiting the southern Detroit Metro area and want a cozy bookshop experience, drop in on Darlene and the staff at Another Look Books.  They are also on Facebook if you want to support them on social media:

Wishing Another Look Books many wonderful years of business.

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Carole Rae
2 years ago

I live in Michigan too… I’ll have to check out how far Taylor is from me

Sophia Rose
2 years ago
Reply to  Carole Rae

It’s in the Downriver area just a little south of I-94 and a few blocks east of Telegraph Rid- SR 23, if that helps