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Welcome Sydney Somers to Delighted Reader! We are delighted to discuss her new book Busted from the Promise Harbor Wedding Series!

Thanks so much for having me!

I am a big fan of sports romance heroes. Why did you choose hockey for Jackson?

I wanted it to be a sport that I’m passionate about, so I went with hockey.  I love the game whether I’m watching it on TV or live, so it was an easy decision.

A wild bachelor party seems like amazing fun. What could Jackson possibly do to earn a pair of handcuffs from Officer Hayley? Do those handcuffs get used outside of the arrest?

While I wouldn’t want to spoil what happens in the book, I will say that Jackson is a former NHL defensemen known for stirring up trouble off and on the ice. Where Jackson’s concerned, it’s more what wouldn’t he end up doing. LOL As for the other question, I will say that handcuffs are not the only police-issue accessory that turns up on the book. J

What kind of police officer would you call Hayley? By the book, or a heart of gold who lets a few things slide from time to time?

Definitely by the book when it comes to her job (hence arresting the town golden boy). She’s had her own trouble-making reputation to overcome, so sometimes she can still but a bit of a hardass. But she’s really a heroine with a big heart, always trying to look after the people she cares about.

Jackson probably has hockey moves that would make any girl swoon. Do they work on Hayley?

Without giving too much away I would say that Jackson’s presence has more effect on Hayley than she’d ever let on. They have a little bit of history that makes it hard for her to resist him entirely, but I will say Jackson has to up his game to win Hayley over.

Working with other authors has got to be awesome, but also, hard to keep track of side characters and scenes. What was a discussion like between the four authors of the Promise Wedding Series?

It all depended on the day. Our brainstorming sessions were fast and furious and it got a little crazy trying to follow everyone’s ideas and suggestions (family restaurant, arsonists, funeral, ski bums) but eventually it all worked out. After that there were a lot of emails flying back and forth following up on every detail imaginable, like “What kind of trouble did Hayley and Gavin (the hero from the last book, Hitched) get into when they were younger?” “Would Devon (the heroine from Jilted) recognize Hayley if they were sitting next to each other at the wedding?” etc There was some trial and error and lots of tweaking and editing when it came to scenes where we all had characters involved.

What’s up next in your writing future?

The next book in my Pendragon Gargoyles series, Primal Temptation. It will be out this summer.

Thanks for joining us today Sydney!


Busted by Sydney SomersBusted by Sydney Sommers

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His game… Her rules.

Hockey star Jackson Knight has a hundred reasons not to return to Promise Harbor, but none of them are good enough to get him out of attending his best friend’s wedding. Even with a career-ending knee injury, every puck-bunny in town will be gunning for him.

Worse, getting a pair of cuffs slapped on him at the bachelor party could ruin any chance of getting back in the game, even as a coach. Unless he can convince the arresting officer to smooth things over—by going to the wedding as his date.

Hayley Stone figures posing as Jackson’s girlfriend is the least she can do to salvage his reputation. Plus, having a man with a toe-curling smile on her arm will keep her ex off her back.

What starts as a simple plan to deflect small-town pot-shots unexpectedly becomes a sizzling night that hits Jackson like a full-body-check to the heart. Now he’s determined to prove that she’s the best of reason of all to come home—for good.

Warning: Contains a fiery powerplay both on and off the ice, skin-tingling forced intimacy, interfering grandparents, bear costume hijinks, a haunted house and the kind of game-changing chemistry worth fighting for.


A born and raised Maritimer, Sydney Somers fell in love with writing when she finished her first story, Jenny and the Glowing Green Mittens. After attempting her first book in high school, she set writing aside to focus on school. While getting her degrees in psychology and education, Sydney tried her hand at journalism between part time jobs before finally returning to her love of writing.

Twenty-five novels and novellas later, Sydney is thrilled to spend her days slaying demons, running with shape-shifter packs and making the people in her head fall wildly in love. When she’s not writing or curled up with a good book, Sydney can be found chasing after her herd of kids, talking her way into a gourmet meal, exterminating rogue dust bunnies or joking about the pending zombie apocalypse. She loves hearing from readers and invites them to contact her anytime.

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9 years ago

I have you ever watch episodes of 24 or True Blood: they leave you at end of your seat, wishing for next week to be here for the last episode? That is why I love series (majority of them)! They leave nail-less, emotionally drained but still anticipating the next book in series (Goodreads proves it through their book list ‘Books like Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight series’).

Miranda P
Miranda P
9 years ago

I like that you don’t have to spend time after the first book on the get to know characters you already know them so you get to just enjoy their adventure.

g kydd
g kydd
9 years ago
Reply to  Shari

This looks like a series I would sinku teeth into. Hope to be lucky

9 years ago

I like that once you read one book, you feel like you are going home to old friends with the following books. Sometimes we just don’t want to leave their world. 😉

9 years ago

I like the larger story arc that is within series.


9 years ago

The thing I love about a series is that I know the central characters from one book will probably make an appearance again in later books so I can see how they’re doing, and secondary characters that I got to know in other books will have their own story told.
I like to get immersed into a world and the family of characters.