Interview with Avery Giles

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Interview with Avery Giles

Howdy, Delighted Readers!

We have a special guest visiting today and I’m thrilled to meet her, too.  It’s always a treat to encounter new to me authors and get to know them through their books so it’s a double pleasure to make the acquaintance of Avery Giles by also putting her in the hotseat (Okay just a cozy chair, rather.  I’ll play nice, promise.)

Welcome, Avery!

We’re glad to welcome you today and congratulate you on your new release, Too Hot.  Pretty sure you’ll get lots of takers when they get a look at your fab cover and exciting book blurb.  I know it worked for me.

As you get comfortable, let me ask how has your Autumn been?

Ah, autumn. My favorite season. The time of year when we all get excited for the holidays, decorate our homes with candles and little plastic witches, brew batches of memory potion and then send them inconspicuously off to our ex-lovers so they forget for another year. Autumn is truly the best.

Can I get you some hot cider or cocoa?  Coffee?

I’m a fiend for coffee, but of course I love a good cup of cocoa. Nothing beats the Grand Beatrice’s cleansing draught, however. Two whiffs of that, and you’ll be out sniffing for truffles in the bone orchard.

When you’re not writing, what are some things you enjoy doing to unwind?

I talked a bit in my bio about some of my more unorthodox hobbies, but really I spend my time like anyone else. Watching TV. Listening to music. Doing laundry and scrubbing the grout so the remains of the previous night’s blood-letting ritual don’t stain. Oh, and knitting! I do love to knit.

Is Too Hot your first published book?

Yes. In this particular lifetime, that is.

If so, are you doing anything special to celebrate?

Well, I wouldn’t call it “special”, blush blush, but my book club has promised to give me the liver of the next toad we dissect!

Did you plot it all out from the beginning or did you just start writing with a seed of an idea and see where it took you?

I had a vague concept that I wanted to work with: hot firefighter thinks his cute new date is setting fires to get his attention. Once I started plotting it all out, however, the idea really came together into something exciting, suspenseful, and very sexy. Just like that one assassination I plotted in Versailles.

Out of curiosity, approximately how long did you work on your book once you started writing?

This one went by quickly. It took me about six months in total to write it and then another few weeks to edit with the Riptide team. Shout-out to one of my editors, Veronica Vega, who did fantastic work on this book.

Now, Too Hot centers on a firefighter and a suspense element of a serial arsonist.  What gave you the ideas for your story?

This particular idea wasn’t born from anything, really. At least, not in the same sense that we all know firegrass newts are born from the boils on an ogre’s back. I just turned to myself and said, “Self, what’s a good book idea?” And poof! The idea appear in my head. Several blackened scrolls also appeared on my coffee table, still smoldering. Not sure where those came from.

Charlie and Eli sound like fabulous heroes.  I’d love to sneak behind the scenes if we could and get to know them better.

What are three one-word characteristics they would use to describe one another?

I love this question! Eli’s a practical sort of person, so it’s harder for him to be romantic. He’s not the sort to say his lover is “perfect, wonderful, the whole package.” If he were to describe Charlie, he’d say Charlie is honest, charming, and funny. Easily the funniest person he’s ever met.

Charlie, on the other hand, is more of a gusher. You ask him for three words about Eli, and the next thing you know, Charlie’s written an elaborate sonnet. But if forced to pick three words, Charlie would say Eli is dependable, handsome, and heroic. That last one ties into the plot of the novel.

What are three things they enjoy doing together when they get a day off that maybe didn’t make it into the book?

Good question! They’re both active young men outside of their jobs. We get to see Eli’s workout routine at his fire station, but we never really get to see Charlie’s: he’s a swimmer and does a lot of cardio, whereas Eli prefers to weight-train. They’re both movies buffs and absolutely love to cook for each other. Fighting over who gets to make dinner is more of a tug-of-war between them than trying to ditch chores.

Is there a non-spoiler scene that was your favorite to write?

Any scene with Anette in it. She’s a side character who acts as the voice of reason when Eli is being a prat. She’s cute and bubbly but also doles out excellent advice. We could all stand to have a friend like Anette.

Any fun stuff planned for the season?  Do you get into Halloween?

Halloween is a big deal in the Giles household. We all go to my friend Sally’s house, jump off the roof, and fly!

Now that Too Hot is loose in the wild, are you busy with a new book project?  If you can share about it, what’s next for you?

I have some things in the works, but they’re mostly hobbies and plans to take over the world. Nothing serious just yet, but if you happen to see clouds of green mist creep across any local bodies of water, chances are, we’re neighbors!

Well, I’ve held her captive long enough.  Thanks so much for dropping by and chatting with us, Avery.  We hope to see more of you and your books in the future.


Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Avery Giles, and I’m here to promote my smoldering debut novel, Too Hot! Follow my blog tour to for a glimpse into my writing process AND a chance to win a $10 Riptide gift card.

About Too Hot

Sparks aren’t just flying . . . they’re catching.

Eli Johnson is not a hero. He’s just a guy who’s doing his best. His mother was a hero, though, and when she died, he dropped out of college to become a firefighter—a vocation she would have been proud of. He might not be able to save everyone, but he can do what she taught him: put more good out than bad.

Charlie Kinnear is definitely not a hero. When he ran into a burning building to save a trapped child, he was acting on instinct. He’s not expecting a medal, or for a handsome firefighter with a stunning smile to give him his oxygen mask. Charlie’s light-headed, and not from smoke inhalation.

Right as their romance begins, a serial arsonist terrorizes the city. As if that weren’t bad enough, Charlie appears at the scene of every fire. Eli hates to think it, but if someone wanted to get a firefighter’s attention—say, a certain sexy someone who coincidentally wandered into Eli’s life—what better way than by starting fires? Sparks are flying all right, and things may get too hot for Eli and Charlie to handle.

About Avery Giles

Avery Giles is a brown-eyed, fair-haired, moss-covered swamp witch who subsists on energy drinks and the hearts of her enemies. Her day-to-day routine involves waking up, writing three sentences, staring at those three sentences until her brain tells her why they’re wrong, watching eighteen hours of Netflix, and luring bandits away from the safety of the well-lit path. If asked about her favorite books, she’ll mention the Percy Jackson series, Good Omens, and the blackened scroll on which she detailed an encounter with a crooked librarian that led to two marriages and a beheading. She enjoys eating Italian, French, and German lovers after mating with them.

Connect with Avery:


To celebrate the release of TOO HOT! one lucky person will win a $10 Riptide Publishing gift card! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on October 13, 2018. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries. Thanks for following along, and don’t forget to leave your contact info!


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