#Interview with Cara Crescent

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#Interview with Cara Crescent

T’is the spooky season and we at Delighted Reader are thrilled to welcome, author, Cara Crescent, for the first time to tell us a little about herself and talk up her atmospheric and suspenseful sci-fi romance,  Don’t Let Me Forget You.

The Last Marine by Cara CrescentEarlier, this summer, we posted a review of her The Last Marine which is a sensational sci-fi romance touching a lot of my sci-fi love buttons.  Oh, and by the way, there is more delighfulness where that came from when Cara continues with stories from the world of The Last Marine in 2017.

I was tickled pink when she reached out after seeing my above mentioned review and then offered to let me interview her.  Yep, new interview victim.  Haha!  But I’ll go easy on her since I don’t want to send her running for the hills.

Howdy, Cara!

Glad you could drop in and visit with us today.

Are you all set for the costumed candy hunter invasion?  Do you get into the Halloween Spirit or is it not really your thing?

Personally, I enjoy the decorations and handing out the sweets, but no, I’m not a much of a costume person. Though I love helping my kids dress up. I think my favorite part of the holiday is going for a walk after dark with a big group of friends and all the kids. It’s cold and the streets are lined with leaves and all the neighbors are out having a good time with their kids. It’s the one holiday every year where you have a real sense of community.

Do you live where you can experience a true fall with the whole colorful leaves everywhere, frost on the pumpkin, apple-picking, and sweater weather?  Got a favorite thing about fall? 

Yes! I’m in the Pacific Northwest. The temperature is starting to drop, I have fresh spider webs over my door, and the leaves are just beginning to change. Fall is my favorite time of year. I enjoy the cooler weather, the colors and, of course, all the holidays.

Are you more so or less productive as a writer at this time of the year?

I tend to be more productive in the fall and winter. I usually do bigger projects during the summer so when Fall rolls around, I’m ready to buckle down and get to work. I also tend to be a night person, so I love the longer nights.

Autumn is the time of the year when I really get in the mood for thrills and chills and spine-tingling reads.  I love it when a rustling tree branch outside my window makes me jump out of my skin because I am so engrossed in a ‘scary’ read (though not too scary because I’m a wimp). 

Do you like scary or suspenseful stories?  If so, what’s one of your favorites?  Is there a story or movie that just scares the bejeebers out of you?

I’m a sucker for scary stories. So is my bff. A few years ago when Woman in Black came out, we had to go see it and I can’t remember screaming in a move half as much as we did during that one. Half way through the movie, my friend is clutching my arm and I’m holding on to her and she whispers, “I don’t think I can watch anymore.” I whispered back, “We have to.” I made her sit through the whole thing. Not because I’m that brave, mind you, but because if I don’t know what happens to the monster at the end, I can’t sleep.

I’m not a fan of slasher-flicks or anything gory, but I really enjoy horror movies with religious themes like Legion and Constantine or ones that will make me laugh before making me scream like Drag Me to Hell. I read a lot of Dean Koontz, Neil Gaiman, and Stephen King. And, of course, I’m a fan of Lovecraft.

You say not too scary? Now I’m curious, what are some of your favorite scary stories/movies?

My idea of scary is Van Helsing, Interview With a Vampire, Underworld, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.  See?  No true horror stuff.

Now, you wrote kind of a spooky sci-fi romance, here, with Don’t Let Me Forget You.  How did this story come about?  And is it scary or intense?

At the very least I think most would find the story intense but I do hope it’ll give readers a few chills. I did have a few of the characters invade my dreams while I was writing the story!

As for how it came about…I wanted to write about a couple that were trapped in a haunted house that wasn’t what it appeared to be. That was it. The first scene I wrote is the very first scene in the book. Madam walked out of the ether and I thought, “Yeah, okay. She’s might not be your typical romance villain, but why not? I’m scared of her.” The farther I got into the book, the more I started seeing parallels to some very Lovecraftian themes such as being at the mercy of forces far greater and totally ambivalent to us.

You have some elements in your story that really draw me in as a reader- isolated island setting, something dreadfully wrong, warnings, ‘ghosts’.  It seems to have an old-time gothic feel.  Were you going for that or is that just me being fanciful?

Absolutely! I love gothic tales. The Monk, Dracula, Wuthering Heights. Gothic tropes are fun. Curses. Madness. Old houses. Virgins in distress (who said the virgin has to be the heroine?) There’s a lot to work with there. Aside from that (and this could be my imagination), I do think there is a freedom in writing horror—gothic or otherwise—that gives the author the ability to write about things we don’t regularly mention in polite conversation.

 Do you have any behind the scenes or fascinating facts about the story you can share with us?

No matter how fantastic a story is, the author’s life experience comes into play. I usually don’t even realize where I’m getting certain ideas until long after they’re written and I have some time to reflect on elements of the story. For example, I worked in a very old townhome in downtown London for several years. It was five stories, plus a basement with (if I remember right) 26 rooms that we rented out. All the staff swore the place was haunted. The stairs moaned. The doors creaked. The phones would make calls to other rooms in the house all by themselves.  I took that townhouse, increased the size in my mind and that became Pembrook Manor. I just didn’t realize it until later when I was going through pictures and saw one of my old work—the walls were even covered in paisley wallpaper.

Then there’s the ghosts. Grumbly, grouchy, heavy-footed and constantly trailing bits behind them. I have four children and, well, they frequently come wandering into my writing space, dragging whatever they’d been playing with behind them to inform me that they’re bored or hungry or both. One of them used to like to come into my bedroom in the middle of the night when they were little and peer at me over the side of the bed. Another went through a phase where he called his friends, ‘boy-oh.’ I suppose every parent saves those odd little memories in their own way—taking videos or writing about it in their baby book. Me? I write those little idiosyncrasies into my fiction.

Love it!  What a hoot!

Oh, and just for fun, there are a couple Lovecraft Easter Eggs buried in the story, for those readers that like that sort of thing. Happy hunting!

And finally, what’s coming next for Author Cara Crescent? 

Right now I’m working on finishing out the Original’s Trilogy—The Beacon, The Shadow, and The Knight—three paranormal romances based in Judeo-Christian mythology. The Trilogy focuses on the reincarnation of the first woman, Lilith, the 200 angels fallen from grace, and the start of Armageddon.

I’m aiming to be back on Asteria (The Last Marine) next summer, though I’m not certain if I’ll be doing a prequel (Lucan & Merrick) or a sequel (Donovan & Celeka).

And lastly, I’m working on a sequel to Don’t Let Me Forget You that features Dex and his lady-love.

I really appreciate Cara dropping by today at Delighted Reader.  Wasn’t she a good sport?

Thank you so much for having me on Delighted Reader!

dont-let-me-forget-you-by-cara-crescentDon’t Let Me Forget You by Cara Crescent
Page Count: 369 pages
Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Release Date: September 22, 2016
Publisher: Self Published
Available Formats: Digital, Trade Paperbacks
Tagline: If there’s infinite yous and infinite mes, would all of the yous love all of the mes?
Tropes: amenesia, protector, trapped together, tortured hero, woman in peril
Tone: Dark, edgy, hot
Heat Level: Hot, to the edge
The invitation promised respite from the harsh realities of life. But here at Pembrook, not even the dead are permitted to rest.

Olivia Pembrook knows something isn’t right. She’s not remembering things she should. Pembrook Manor’s caretaker advises her to stay away from the new guest, but Hunter is attentive and sweet. She feels safe being near such a big, quiet man. He listens, and Lord knows, she can’t remember the last time anyone paid her any attention. So when he invites her to join him for dinner, she can’t say no. Everything is wonderful. Perfect. Until the clock strikes five. The doors lock. And her memories return.Luke Hunter, a wounded ex-SWAT officer, experiencing a recurrence of his childhood Sensory Perception Disorder, goes to a private island for seclusion and rest. Instead, he finds a lover. A lover who relives her death nightly and forgets everything by sunrise. He’s determined to stop the cycle but is unsure if he can survive his own ghosts – or the ones wandering the halls – long enough to secure their happily-ever-after.

And even if he does… will she remember him tomorrow?


cara-crescentCara Crescent currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her children and three overly dramatic ferrets. When not writing, you can usually find her curled up with a book, engrossed in a movie, or playing video games with her best friend.

Visit Cara on the web at www.caracrescent.com


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Cara came bearing a gift.  One of our commenters has the opportunity to win one e-copy of Don’t Let Me Forget You by leaving a comment.  This is Int’l.  We will randomly draw a winner in one week’s time and contact by email.  Winner has 72 hours to confirm before we draw another winner.  We will forward name and email to Cara who will distribute the book.

Comment discussion ideas- Feel free to leave her some author love or a question.  And let her know what your favorite scary movie or book is?  Do you like Gothic or atmospheric stories at this time of the year?


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5 years ago

I love the colors on the cover and really enjoyed the excerpt. Wow, I like the whole cover not just the colors.

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  DebraG

Yes, it is very eyecatching, Debra. I agree!

Mary Kirkland
5 years ago

I love this time of year. I like all the Halloween decorations but I don’t personally dress in a costume anymore.

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Mary Kirkland

Yes, the decorations and candy are my thing. I let others go whole-hog with the costumes. All good fun! 🙂

5 years ago

What a great discussion and you have me curious about Don’t Let Me. I am not a fan of slasher movies, will read any type of horror. I love movies with demonic possession 🙂

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

Oh good, Kimberly! Yes, you proved you can handle horror when you reviewed the creepy spider one. 🙂

5 years ago

Great interview! I haven’t read anything by this author, but I do remember reading your review of The Last Marine. Here Halloween is slowly getting more popular, in our previous neighborhood they were a lot of kids who went past the doors during Halloween, but I never did that myself as a kid. The changing color of the leaves is one of my favorite things about this time of the year. I am not a fan of the real scary stuff, but I do like a good mystery, especially cozy mysteries. Lats year we watched the Tremors movies which are… Read more »

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Lola

This one is moderately scary, but the focus on the characters helped me be alright with it.

Oh, yes, fall colors outside is one of my favorite parts. Neat that the kids are getting into the Halloween fun, there.

Debbie Haupt
Debbie Haupt
5 years ago

Hey nice new fresh clean look. Great interview ladies. It sounds like something I would like

Sophia Rose
5 years ago
Reply to  Debbie Haupt

Thanks, Debbie! Shari is the blog goddess who keeps it looking pretty. 🙂

Glad you enjoyed the interview. This did turn out to be a surprise wonder book that I loved.

5 years ago

Great interview! I haven’t read anything by this author, but I do remember reading your review of The Last Marine. Here Halloween is slowly getting more popular, in our previous neighborhood they were a lot of kids who went past the doors during Halloween, but I never did that myself as a kid. The changing color of the leaves is one of my favorite things about this time of the year. I am not a fan of the real scary stuff, but I do like a good mystery, especially cozy mysteries. Lats year we watched the Tremors movies which are… Read more »