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Welcome Debra Kayn to Delighted Reader! We are delighted to discuss her new book Breathing His Air!

Tell us about your new release Breathing His Air?

Breathing His Air has everything my readers asked for and everything I love to write. Bikers, controlling, possessive hero, erotic sex scenes, and a little suspense thrown in for a deep plot. Best of all? It’s a long novel. Yep, readers are going to be able to sink their teeth into it and hold on.

What sparked the idea for Breathing His Air?

I love writing biker romance, and one day while Wheels (my hubs) was working on a motorcycle in our living room (yes, our living room), I decided I wanted to tell a story that centered around the inner workings of a motorcycle club. Now, I’d done that before with my series, The Chromes and Wheels Gang, but I wanted something hardcore, deeper, and darker…more sexy! Once I sat down to write, I couldn’t stop.

Tori, the heroine in Breathing His Air, hands out love advice with each cup of coffee. Why would she do this while never forming attachments of her own?

Excellent question! Deep down, Tori craves the love that she denies herself. She’s such a sweetheart, but her past makes it impossible for her to form any kind of attachments. Fear runs deep in her veins. She uses her free love advice with every cup of coffee as an excuse to live vicariously through other people’s happiness.

Motorcycle club romances are a new wave in the romance world and the few I have read have been pretty violent. How did you manage to create Rain as a truly alpha male, who is balanced and confident in who he is?

I think this is what surprised many early reviewers. We picture bikers as anti-heroes, and with Rain we get a guy who had a crappy childhood, but he took it for what it was worth, held on to the good things, and got it over. There’s no damage from the life he was given. Instead, Breathing His Air has an anti-heroine. At first, you think Tori’s the normal woman who is cheerful and dishes out kindness. Yet, she’s the one who has to let go of her past to accept her life. It was fun to mix them up in this book, and I hope readers like seeing how the two characters evolve.

Was there a scene or particular character that was hard to write in this book?

The hardest scene to write is the one where Tori trusts Rain with her secret. I don’t want to give too much away, but what she’d gone through is something so horrific that no matter how well adjusted and accepting a person appears, what she lived through is something that would never go away. You just learn to live and forgive. (Just a note to readers here. Her horrific past is not about a rape. I know that’s a sensitive topic to many, and you can rest assured that it is not a topic in this book)

Do you plan to write more books for the Bantorus Motorcycle Club?

I do! I’m not announcing who will be in the next biker book. I’ll leave it as a surprise, but there will definitely be more from the Bantorus MC and those associated with the MC.

What types of heroes and heroines do you like to write about the most?

Personally, I love a hero who is older than the heroine and takes the position of protecting, loving, and possessing her. For heroines, I like a confident woman who knows what she wants, only has one love of her life, and puts him first in everything she does.

If stranded, what must have books would you have with you?

My Kindle, so I had all my books! I’d have to figure out a way to charge it by solar power, but definitely the Kindle.

What do you like most about being an author?

I love talking with other readers. Whether they read my books or not, because I’m a reader first, author second. Most books I read, I buy because of recommendations from others.

What’s up next in your writing future?

Next month, Suite Cowboy, a category romance, releases from Turquoise Morning Press and launches their Vintage line.

Then, July 2nd, Archer, book 1 of Hard Body series, releases digitally and in paperback from Forever Yours, Grand Central. (much like my biker romances with a controlling and possessive hero, but with mechanics-slash-PI’s!)

Toward the end of July, Seductively, book 2 of Playing For Hearts, releases from Crimson Romance, F+W Media.

I get a couple months break, and then October explodes with the 2nd book of Hard Body titled Weston. And, book 3, Conveniently, of Playing For Hearts series.

My schedule is full until April 2014, so it’s a busy year and a half for me.

Thanks for joining us today Debra!

Thank you for having me!

51i-MS6notL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Breathing His Air
by Debra Kayn


She is love advice in a coffee shack, he’s protection in a biker bar. When her past meets his present, it’s a killer cocktail that might get them shot, stabbed, or otherwise dead.

Tori Baldwin spends all her time traveling the states, running a mobile coffee shack and handing out love advice with every cup. She’s staked her rig in the parking lot of Cactus Cove—a local biker bar by all appearances— and plans to stay put for three months. Just long enough to make some money, without making any friends, before she moves to her next destination as she tries to stay ahead of a painful past.

Rain Brookshire is the leader of the Bantorus motorcycle club, and owner of the Cactus Cove in the small town of Pitnam, Washington. He wants the Lagsturns, a rival-bad-news motorcycle club, to leave town before they infect his town with trouble.

With bullets flying and the Lagsturns putting on the pressure, the only way to keep Tori safe—since she refuses to leave town—is for Rain to claim her as his woman. She has no idea that Rain’s played his hand for all to see in the biker world. It doesn’t help that Tori exhibits the three ideal classifications of his ideal woman—Classy, Sexy, and a total Goof— and he can’t help but posture and lay down the law. But, when it appears Tori’s life is in danger, and the Lagsturns are innocent, he isn’t going to let the law stop him from keeping his woman safe.




Top Selling Romance Author, Debra Kayn, lives with her family in the beautiful coastal mountains of Oregon on a hobby farm. She enjoys riding motorcycles, gardening, playing tennis, and fishing. A huge animal lover, she always has a dog under her desk when she writes and chickens standing at the front door looking for a treat. She’s famous in her family for teaching a 270 lb hog named Harley to jog with her every morning.

Her love of family ties and laughter makes her a natural to write heartwarming contemporary stories to the delight of her readers. Oh, let’s cut to the chase. She loves to write about REAL MEN and the WOMEN who love them.

When Debra was nineteen years old, a man kissed her without introducing himself. When they finally came up for air, the first words out of his mouth were…will you have my babies? Considering Debra’s weakness for a sexy, badass man, who is strong enough to survive her attitude, she said yes. A quick wedding at the House of Amour and four babies later, she’s living her own romance book.

Find the Debra at: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Sounds like a nice series

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Susan W.
Susan W.
9 years ago

Looks like a great read! Now I’m going to check out The Chromes and Wheels Gang and see what it’s about. Thanks for the giveaway!

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Melanie J
9 years ago

This book sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!

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Joanne B
9 years ago

Congrats on the new release. Breathing His Air soundsfantastic. Can’t wait to read it to see more of Tori and Rain. Thanks for the great interview and giveaway.


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9 years ago

Love the excerpt! Can’t wait to check this out!

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Adding this to my wishlist! Def. have to read it! 🙂

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g kydd
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Looks like a great read. Thanks for giveaway .