Interview with Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban #Giveaway

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Interview with Elizabeth Silver and Jenny Urban #Giveaway

Howdy, Delighted Readers!

We have a new to us pair of authors visiting with us today ready to talk up their latest release, In His Majesty’s Service.  I confess that I have really been excited for this one so I was thrilled to get a stab- erm, perhaps I should say, opportunity at a chat with the authors.

Greetings Elizabeth and Jenny!

Liz: Hi! Thanks for inviting us!

Glad you gals could drop by and visit.

First of all, How did you form your author partnership?

Jenny: We started writing together in a journal-based online role playing game more than ten years ago. Almost fifteen, actually. I can’t believe how fast time flies!

Liz: Oh god, has it been that long? I refuse to believe we’re that old.

Jenny: I’m that old. You’re still just a young’un. Playing that game led to another game, which led to actual stories. There was a point where we were text-writing sex scenes during the day while we were working at the Evil Day Jobs.

Liz: I always say I sure hope the government analyst monitoring our communications enjoys all the free gay porn we’ve been supplying all these years.

What’s the best part and also what is the most challenging part to team writing a book?

Liz: I tend to be an obsessive force of nature when I get fixated on an idea, so for me the challenge is facing that constant niggling worry that I might be steam-rolling Jenny. Especially since I’m more of a Plotter and she’s the Pantser. The best is that I get to play make-pretend with my BFF on the regular and very rarely get called “a public nuisance” and “a poor example to children” for it. Well, there was that one trip we took to Vegas, but we don’t talk about that…

Jenny: LOL! Vegas is always an adventure. But seriously,  I’d never finish anything without Liz. She’s Plot Girl and I’m Porn Girl. I get ideas but they don’t usually fully coalesce. So the best is that we have plots and finish writing books, get to bounce ideas off each other – although she does most of the bouncing – and shape them into stories. The most challenging? I suppose it’s that I sometimes worry I don’t hold up my end of the bargain, so to speak. It’s also difficult sometimes to be on opposite sides of the country. Not being in the same time zone means we don’t have as much writing time together.

I noticed that you both have written books that classify in a few different romance sub-genres.  How did it come about that In His Majesty’s Service would be a sci-fi?  And where did you get the plot idea?

Liz: I grew up in a geeky, sci-fi loving home. I’d watch classic Dr. Who and Star Trek reruns on the local PBS affiliate with my mom, and literally don’t remember a time I didn’t want to be a Jedi. As a result, I’ve been fielding sci-fi ideas for a while.

Jenny: Me too – one of my very first memories is my dad taking me to the first Star Wars movie. We watched Star Trek together all the time. To this day, all Dad has to do is see the first few minutes of an old episode of the original or Next Generation and he can say “Oh, this is the one where such and such happens.” And yet he doesn’t think he’s a fanboy. <G>  I come by my geek cred honestly.

Liz: We both do. It’s also a wide-open canvas to work on. Historical and Contemporaries have very specific parameters you have to operate within, but in sci-fi the only limit is your own imagination. When we decided to get back in the writing game together and were talking about our favorite tropes, I think we were both kind of drawn to the free-for-all concept of literally writing our own universe into existence, soulmates and all.

Jenny: It was definitely fun, but it was also challenging as well. No parameters means we had more world-building to do than we’d ever done before. We both caught fire with the idea, though. The first draft was written in a matter a of weeks, and we did some refining and adjusting, but the main points of our universe were done in less than a month. We were on a writing binge like we’d never been before. I think we were both excited to be back writing together again.

Liz: It’s amazing how much progress can be made when you’re both on the same wavelength. <g> As for the plot itself, the original genesis was something along the lines of I love soulmate stories. But what if they both hate the idea when everyone else expects them to embrace it like some kind of pre-destined instalove? And then we were off. It was awesome, to be honest.

What was your favorite thing about writing sci-fi?

Liz: Like I said before, I can be a little obsessive when focused on something. But writing sci-fi meant I got to fixate on details from fashion standards to religion, to government to technology, and even beyond. I even started keeping a file with all the details because I’m a happy little nerd.

Jenny: PORN IN SPAAAAACE! Er, love! Love in space. <G> What’s not to love?

Liz: LOL. I<3U.

Jenny: <G> 

What would the characters say was the most attractive and also the most irritating thing about each other?

Liz: Anders would say Zach’s most attractive feature would be his unwavering loyalty. Once Zach gives his word, his friendship, or his heart, he would die before going back on you. On the other hand, Zach’s irritating feature would be his obnoxious belief that he’s actually in charge all the time. Some people just don’t know when to back the hell off, you know?

Jenny: 😛  Zach could say it’s Anders’s obnoxious belief that Zach isn’t actually in charge all the time that’s the most irritating.

Liz: <snort>

Jenny: I’m just sayin’. But seriously, you’d probably get the same answer to both questions from Zach. Anders is loyal and self-sacrificing, willing to give up his own happiness for his people and for Zach. He’s smart and caring, moreso than Zach is initially comfortable with. He’s determined to take care of his people, whether that means the people of the Collective, or the people he considers his. Zach is really uncomfortable with the idea of being taken care of. He’s usually the one in charge of protecting everyone around him. Part of the reason it all irritates him so much is because he finds it incredibly attractive.

Liz: So what you’re saying is, Zach finds Anders irritatingly sexy?

Jenny: Close enough. <G>

And finally, do you separately or together have any future releases we can get excited about?

Liz: We have a prequel for our light-hearted erotic romance series, Fae Haven, coming in a few weeks from Loose Id. Moonlight and Moonshine is essentially what happens when you let Plot Girl read Shakespeare and Porn Girl says, “What if everyone winds up together, ifyaknowwhatImean?”

Jenny: LOL. You were reading Shakespeare long before we met, so I can’t really be blamed for that one.

Liz: Guilty as charged. Also, we’re putting the finishing touches on a M/M spy/military romance that I have insisted we call Whiskey Tango.

Jenny: The main plot framework was actually mine on that one for once, so I’m both excited and terrified. I do have a former Marine friend who is insisting on reading it before we submit it anywhere so he can “make sure you don’t fuck anything up”. It’ll be his first M/M story, which amuses me greatly. Liz wants to do some editing and refining before we scar him for life, though. <G>

Liz: See above, re: obsessive and detail-oriented.

Thanks so much for dropping by Delighted Reader, Elizabeth and Jenny!

Liz: Thanks for having us!

Jenny: Thank you!


About In His Majesty’s Service

Everyone in the Drion Collective knows that finding your match—the one person in existence with the same soul mark as yours—is the best thing that could ever happen. But the last thing Lord Anders Hawthorne is thinking about when he boards a ship to Drion for the king’s funeral is finding his soul mate.

Captain Zachary O’Connell has the perfect life—his ship, the stars, and no emotional entanglements. When heat sparks between him and Lord Hawthorne, Zach gleefully dives into a no-strings arrangement. He doesn’t expect it to last beyond arrival at Drion, any more than he expects trouble along the way.

Trouble quickly finds them, however, and it soon becomes clear that Lord Hawthorne is not only not who he says he is, but also that he’s the target of a deadly plot. With danger all around them, Zach and Anders must work together to save the Collective. Meanwhile, Zach must come to grips with losing everything he always thought he wanted, to have the one thing he never dreamed he needed.

Now available from Riptide Publishing.

About Elizabeth Silver

Elizabeth Silver is a writer, a tarot reader, a Level Two Cat Lady, and an internet junkie. Her day job is terribly dull, her hobbies oddly specific and quirky, and her husband the most patient person a writer could ask for.

A New Jersey native, Liz is a proud nerd and an awkward human being. She likes to think it makes her endearing. When not writing, Liz can be found collecting tarot cards, chasing Pokemon, fighting her way out of YouTube spirals, and/or performing online searches that will probably land her on a government list somewhere someday.

Connect with Liz:

About Jenny Urban

Jenny Urban lives not too far from Las Vegas—but not too close—with two cats named after fictional wizards. She has been writing with coauthor Elizabeth Silver for nearly fifteen years, with their first book published in 2010.

When not writing or at the evil day job, she loves to sing, play the piano, read, and watch monster-hunting brothers on TV.

Connect with Jenny:


To celebrate the release of In His Majesty’s Service, one lucky winner will receive a Kindle Fire 7, and a second lucky winner will win a swag pack including a bag, a t-shirt, a $5 Riptide gift card and a collection of paper goodies!








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