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Hello, Delighted Readers!

We have a special guest today visiting to share about her latest book release, Tempted By a Rogue. Lauren Smith, multi-published author who has daringly crossed the genres including into historical romance is with us today.

Hi Lauren!

So glad you could make it. Happy fall, y’all! I love the crisper weather, the colorful leaves, the sound of high school football games just across the way, the scent of home-made apple pie baking in the oven (hubby gets one each year and that’s my limit), and being able to curl up in my throw blanket by the window with a good book.

Are you a fall lover? Do you have a favorite fall thing or activity?

Tempted by a Rogue by Lauren SmithI am a fall lover!! It’s actually my favorite time of year. When the leaves turn from green to gold and red, the pumpkins start appearing on doorsteps and it’s totally okay for me to get into my all-time favorite holiday, Halloween. I decorate my entire house inside as though it belonged to a Victorian era witch. With spellbooks, ravens, spiderweb brandy glasses, and glowing candelabras. Celebrating the fall and that holiday is what I look forward to all year. I like to think of those old days in Salem when the witches flew past the moon on their broomsticks and the Pilgrims locked their doors against the crisp fall wind that carried a hint of the coming winter. 

Now, that does sound cool! I’m picturing the Addams’ family house now. Can I get you something before we get started? What’s your favorite fall beverage?

I’d love a glass of hot apple cider!

Coming right up! I’ll have one, too. Now about this new book that you’ve written. Hook us in!

Tempted By A Rogue is a great “mistaken identity” story where the heroine, Gemma has been writing love letters to her childhood sweetheart for the last ten years while he’s been a naval officer at sea. However, she learns that the man who’s stolen her heart isn’t her sweetheart, but his brooding, sexy best friend who took up the task of responding to the letters and fell in love with her himself.

Sweet! A long distance mistaken identity correspondence relationship. What gave you the idea to go that lovely old traditional route?

As a writer, I’m a big fan of words and how they can affect someone romantically. It was through a man I once dated. We met through emails from mutual friends. We started our entire relationship through emails and it was there I found out how poetic, how romantic, and charming this form of communication can be. Once we met in person, it just clicked because we were able to be so open in our emails.

Ahhhhs! That does sound romantic! And because I’m curious as a cat, did you have any ‘lost’ or ‘forgotten’ letters that didn’t make it into the book that maybe you can share?

I wish I could say yes! Even though the book is about the letter writing, there’s only actually one letter put into the book. Because this is a novella, I wasn’t able to fill the pages with their letters, but rather, I had the hero Jasper, and the heroine Gemma think about the letters in general and how the letters affected them rather than put the letters into the book themselves. So a reader of the story will know the general context of what Gemma and Jasper talked about and get to the meat of the love story without having to read all of the letters.

That makes sense. Getting the essence of their letters and how they responded to them will be nice. Before meeting, what would Jasper say his favorite trait was in Gemma? What would Gemma say about Jasper?

Before meeting, Jasper would say Gemma was witty. She loved to write funny anecdotes about the people in her little town of Midhurst where she and Jasper lived before he went away to become a naval officer. She made him laugh (ah yes, I would love that, too) and enjoy the quiet, country life and it gave him something to look forward to when he came home.

Before meeting, Gemma would say that Jasper (who she thought was James writing her letters) was deeply romantic. When the real James left town, he was a young, fun charmer, whereas Jasper had been a year older and a little more brooding and intense. When Jasper starts writing to Gemma as James, he lets that intensity, that deepness of thought, transfer to his secret romantic side and Gemma got to see how wonderful he would be as a lover and a husband.

The story and the characters sound so engaging. Before you head out, what’s coming up next from your writer’s desk?

What’s coming up next for me is a fantastic serial story broken into three novellas about Kat Roberts, an American college student going over to England to study history at Cambridge because her divorced dad got a job in London. She meets a drop-dead sexy British man six years older than her in a snowy pub one night and the chemistry sets them on fire. There’s just one problem. After she and Mr. Sexy share a mind-blowing night in bed, she goes to London for the holidays where her dad tells her he’s dating someone. Her future stepmother turns out to be none other than Mr. Sexy’s mother. And Mr. Sexy? Turns out he’s Tristan Kingsley, future Earl of Pembroke and he’s going to be sleeping just down the hall from her over their holiday break. The question is will Kat be able to resist Tristan and his irresistible pull so that her dad doesn’t find out she’s slept with her future stepbrother?

That’s what I’m currently working on! Be sure to watch for Forbidden, Seduction and Climax, the three novellas of Her British Stepbrother story coming soon! 

A forbidden step-brother. Oh yes, that does sound daring. Thanks for stopping by to visit us here at Delighted Reader, Lauren!

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Lily B
6 years ago

mmm hot apple cider, yes please. This does look very delightful!!

Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Lily B

I am hitting the stand out by the orchard tomorrow. I need some cider, too, Lily!

6 years ago

But Fall is so…meh, cold, muddy, I always freeze more at 0 than I do later at -10 c

Sophia Rose
6 years ago
Reply to  Blodeuedd

I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m thinking you’re a summer gal, Blodeuedd. 🙂