Interview: Leslie Lee Sanders, author of the Refuge, Inc. Series

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Hello Leslie and welcome to The Delighted Reader!  I just finished the first two books in your Refuge, Inc. series and have to say that I’ve enjoyed reading about your two intrepid characters’ adventures in Phoenix after the asteroid hits.  It will be fun to get to know you better and introduce you and your books to our readers.

First of all, please share with us a little about yourself.  What is something that didn’t make it into your official author bio?

Amid the Darkness by Leslie Lee SandersI’m mostly known for my writing, fiction and nonfiction, but not many people know that I used to oil paint landscapes, I sing and record my own music in my home recording studio, and I’m currently learning the basics of creating graphic novels. When it comes to art and creativity, I’m all over it.

You live in Arizona which also happens to be the setting for your Refuge Inc. stories.  I have only been to a few places in Northern Arizona, but it was so beautiful.  What are some things you love about Arizona?

Northern Arizona is very beautiful from the red rock mountains of Sedona and the Grand Canyon (which I have yet to see) and the many beautiful pines trees and nature of Flagstaff. It snows up north which a lot of people are surprised to know. However, I live near the south east where it’s mountainous desert and desert and more desert. It’s hot and dry, and have a lot of desert animals and cacti, but that’s what I love about Arizona.

Do you have a writing routine or place for writing?

I’m more comfortable writing when I’m alone. It doesn’t matter where or when really, just that I’m alone with my thoughts. One of my routines is listening to a playlist when I write, it puts me in the mood and conjures up some inspiration.

What is something special that has happened as a result of you being a writer?

Wow, this is a great question. Just recently my mom had someone visit her home to take care of some business. The woman saw an oil painting I’d painted for my mom, which hangs on her wall. She read my name signed on the corner of the painting, and asked my mom if I was a writer because she recognized my name from a couple of books she read. My mom was quite shocked as this never happened before. My mom told her I was indeed a writer and they talked about my works and how proud my mom was of me. What are the odds, huh? That was very special. We now joke about my mom expecting to be hounded for autographs by my readers and fans. Maybe one day. Who knows. 😉

Before the Darkness by Leslie Lee SandersHow did the Refuge Inc series come to you?  What made you decide to make it Post-Apocalyptic?

I was inspired by the news stories of hundreds of thousands of fish washing up on shore and birds falling from the sky in early 2011. Remember that? Naturally, my mind started imagining all sorts of reasons for the strange happenings. This was when the idea of an end of the world tale came to me. Immediately the thought of two lonely men trying to survive a global catastrophe, and the effects the devastation would have on them came to mind.

What was your favorite scene to write in the series?  Or favorite quote?

My favorite scene happens in Before the Darkness, book one, where Elliot and Adam meet and rescue Titan the dog. That was a pivotal scene for the story as it signifies the moment when Adam and Elliot first learn to really trust one another. It’s also important because that scene shows the characters’ true nature and brings a relatable connection between the characters and the readers.

And just because I’m curious and want to know your wonderful guys better- if Elliot and Adam had met before the asteroid, where would they have gone on a date if Adam chose?  If Elliot chose?

Ooh, another good question. Adam would choose to take Elliot to a firing range. You know, to feel a heavy piece of steel and power in his hands. Elliot, however, would want to take Adam to The Rodeo, a male strip club, and insist that Adam perform. *wink*

What’s up next with Refuge Inc?  Do you know how many more books we can expect in the series?

Beyond the Darkness (Refuge Inc. #3) is the final installment of the Refuge Inc. series and is currently in the works. Beyond the Darkness will be available soon in e-book, print and audio (just like the rest of the series) in 2013. The final book will wrap up everything, and introduce some more surprises which should leave readers satisfied. It will be a blend of what we find in Before the Darkness (Refuge Inc. #1) and Amid the Darkness (Refuge Inc. #2). We’ll see some in depth characterization from the first book, thrilling action from the second book, and reintroduce a little “steam” that was missing from the second book.

Any future writing projects you would like to share with us?

After releasing the final installment of the Refuge Inc. series, I’m going to turn my attention to some nonfiction projects. Currently, I run a blog where I give tips and information on the craft of writing and the publishing industry to writers, from aspiring to established, and I write nonfiction articles for publication as well. So, keep an eye out on my website ( and on the Net for that.

Thank you for visiting with us today, Leslie!

Thank you for having me on The Delighted Reader!


Leslie Lee Sanders

The author of several books of fiction and fiction with spice, Leslie Lee Sanders resides in Queen Creek, Arizona, with her husband and three daughters.

She’s known for writing erotic romance, mostly in the gay and ménage categories, and recently plunged into writing deep, dark romantic sci-fi with her post-apocalyptic and dystopian series, Refuge Inc.

Leslie has a passion for writing MMF ménage because she’s fascinated with unconventional erotic relationships. Part of the fun of writing ménage is fulfilling the fantasies of her women characters and readers by allowing them to indulge in fiery lust with not just one but two men.

She’s eager to explore and illustrate the passion men could have for one another in her gay erotic romances, and nothing feels more perfect to her than the combination of boy love and the unconventional. In Leslie’s erotic romances anything goes.

Leslie loves to hear from readers and fellow authors, and she encourages reader feedback!

Author Links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads



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