Justice by Gillian Zane #Review #NOLAZombieGras

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Justice by Gillian Zane #Review #NOLAZombieGras

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Series: NOLA Zombie #4
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on February 9, 2016
Pages: 270
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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Justice is the latest novel about the #NOLAZombie Surviors. The first three novels dealt with Alexis and her men, Blake and Zach. We got a short novel between their story and Baby’s, where we saw the virus break out in real time through Romeo’s eyes. All through this you wonder if you would be a survivor, dinner or a zombie if it happened for real. Not sure which I would be, probably dinner.

So Baby’s been working for Blake and Zach for a bit after her run in the Army when the shit hits the fan in the form of a zombie apocalypse. She made it to S Island, or Survivor Island. Being on the short side with a ton of white blond hair, everyone has named her Baby, but her really name is Hannah Klink. She hates being called Baby. Hard as nails, she is training the newbies for battle. See Lakeview, a section of New Orleans, is where a group of MC badasses have holed up and they kidnapped Alexis. Now that they have Alexis back, they can’t ignore the problem. It’s time for battle and Baby wants to be on the front lines

Rebel, or Reid, really doesn’t want to be part of the MC he was born too. He wanted to go to college and leave it all behind, but when the apocalypse hits he goes back to his father, who is the Sergeant of Arms for the MC. Rebel keeps his head down, tries to go unnoticed, spends his food credits on one woman to seem normal, even though he never has sex with her and he hides his extra rations. He is planning to leave with the President of the MC is killed by Alexis. He gets demoted and the shit hits the fan with S Island with some military help, come back to take over.

Sparks fly between these two right off, but Baby isn’t falling for the good guy act. Rebel considers himself a coward, but cooperates in every way to show he isn’t like the rest of them. The banter goes back and forth between these two and a mission causes them to connect in a base way that brings them closer.

The ending left me feeling like I wanted more. It kind of abruptly ends, but without any cliffhangers. So I guess it wrapped it up nice and neat, I just wanted a little more about these two as I loved their characters.

In the end, we are reminded that survival is the instinct that the world will probably revolve around for some time. Eat or be eaten, literally. Rebel isn’t quite the coward he thinks he is, just someone trying to survive the world that has gone to Hell in a hand basket. Baby is learning she has more than herself to rely on and that there are no guarantees for anyone, even the strong.

An interesting addition to the NOLA Zombie series with Romeo up next to get his story….and you have to read how this all began from his point of view, because something from that story is coming back to bite him in the ass…and we hope she isn’t a zombie when she does it 🙂

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About Gillian Zane

Gillian Zane is the author of the NOLA Zombie series. Zane is the pen name of a prominent blogger in the publishing industry, which will remain a mystery unless you Google it. Since she can remember her goal has been to become Master of the Universe and has decided to focus first on the literary world. Things are progressing nicely.
Zane has been a freelance writer for the last ten years and has published a few non-fiction works, none of which was very exciting. Zombies are much more exciting and a way for her to combine her two current obsessions, hot boys with guns and Doomsday Prepping. When she isn’t stockpiling MREs (Meal’s Ready to Eat) or researching how to build a cistern on a budget, she’s taking care of her little family and exploring the city that she loves, New Orleans. You can find Gillian Zane on twitter @GillianZane.
Sign up for her newsletter: http://bit.ly/1Y1Gvre
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