My Reckless Valentine by Olivia Dade #Review

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My Reckless Valentine by Olivia Dade

My Reckless Valentine by Olivia Dade


Library manager Angie Burrowes is in trouble again. Her superiors have never approved of her unconventional methods, but the latest warning is serious—another complaint from the administration or a patron, and she’s fired. With a steamy Valentine’s Day contest to conceal and her career on the line, the last thing Angie needs is a near-accident while driving home. At least, until she meets the tall, dark, and sexy stranger responsible for her very own spicy plot twist…

Straight-laced Grant Peterson has only one thing on his mind: making a good impression as the new Director of Branch Services at the Nice County Public Library. On the eve of his first day, however, a lusty encounter with Angie unleashes a desire unlike any he’s ever known. Their tryst may be one for the record books, but when he learns he’s Angie’s new boss, will Grant need to check out on love?

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The Delight

[quote]Librarians! Oh, my! I dig the whole library theme to this story as I worked in a local library when I was in college and pictured it entirely as I read this story. Imagine sex in the stacks! Not me, but these aren’t your typical librarians. A whirlwind romance that leaves two people doubting their actions.

~~~ Shari the Delighted Reader[/quote]

I am in love with this author! Seriously, this book rocked me from the standpoint I used to work in a library system where we had a downtown main branch and several satellite branches. I worked in a satellite branch just like the heroine and even met my husband there when we worked as shelvers. That was part time help that came in on the evenings and weekends to shelve books returned for the most part, but we also helped run the circulation desk, children’s summer reading program and even sometimes did reference work when the librarians were overwhelmed. So imagine my delight in getting a story somewhat based on my history.

Wowsa! This was one steamy novel that left me laughing, crying and cheering own these two. A nerdy, geek hero! Gimme!

Grant Peterson back in Nice County to help support his parents after his father has complications from an illness. He needs this job, a job managing the branches of the Nice Library system. He knows all about the trouble maker and isn’t going to put up with her shenanigans. While moving in, his luggage goes flying off his car into the car driven behind him byAngie Burrowes. A woman he just instantly falls for and has a one-night stand with, but vows to prolong into relationship.

Angie has had a very bad day. While no patrons are complaining, her special events in her branch are getting her in hot water. She just wants to relax with an erotic book and BOB (battery operated boyfriend) when a piece of luggage holding hundreds of condoms comes crashing into her windshield. What’s not to love about a guy who values the glove of love.


She opened her mouth to protest, but he cut her off. “I’m paying for dinner, Angie. First, I ran you off the road earlier tonight. I owe you. Second, I want to. Third, I need to, because no woman in my bed is going to pay for her own goddamn meal. So put your money back in your wallet. I’ll pay the bill. You’ll follow me home. And then you’re going to come inside with me. I want you. In my arms. In my bed. Tonight.”

He paused, watching her expression closely. “If that’s what you want. If not, you can walk away now.”

No, she can’t, his stupid brain reminded him. She has your suitcases in your car.

Shut up, he told his brain. What I said sounded awesome. I’ve never felt manlier in my life. Don’t ruin this for me.


This is a fast paced one night stand between adults who vow no regrets only to find out Grant is now Angie’s boss. The sexual tension runs high between these two with no outlet. They try the whole brave to the end approach only to fail. Grants the shy, geeky guy who has a chart for everything, but Angie brings out the beast in him. While he changes, he fundamentally remains the same. He is dominant in bed (not BDSM silly), but also very numbers oriented outside of it. He see’s Angie like no other person can.

Angie on the flip side also desires Grant, but she is flamboyant and lively. She had an event she was running she knows will get her fired, so she keeps it a secret hoping to get through it without anyone finding out. Responding to the heart that Grant draws from he is almost impossible. Resisting isn’t an option.

The secondary cast of characters drew me in as well. There is Penny, children’s librarian, and Jack her fiance. They already have their book out, which I bought instantly. There is Mary, a shy part-time librarian, who gets the next story in the series. Sarah, a teacher and part-time help at the library. Not to mention Tina, the boss of them all, Helen, the adult reference desk help in the downtown branch. They all make this story work for me as it totally reminded me of when I worked in a library.

Who Needs to Read This?

If you want a sweet, but steamy story this one hits all the right notes. There is sex in the workplace, which for me is not a problem even if I have never had that pleasure. The characters are a delight. I felt like I was part of a group that stuck by you, made you feel good about yourself and pushed you in the right direction when you wanted to run away.

Throw in it’s a Valentine’s Day theme for the story and it stole my heart.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Reckless Valentine by Olivia Dade #Review
My Reckless Valentine

One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Series: Lovestruck Librarians #2
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Lyrical Shine
Released on January 19, 2016
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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About Olivia Dade

While I was growing up, my mother kept a stack of books hidden in her closet. She told me I couldn’t read them. So, naturally, whenever she left me alone for any length of time, I took them out and flipped through them.

Those books raised quite a few questions in my prepubescent brain. Namely: 1) Why were there so many pirates? 2) Where did all the throbbing come from? 3) What was a “manhood”? 4) And why did the hero and heroine seem overcome by images of waves and fireworks every few pages, especially after an episode of mysterious throbbing in the hero’s manhood?

Thirty or so years later, I have a few answers.

1) Because my mom apparently fancied pirates at that time. Now she hoards romances involving cowboys and babies. If a book cover features a shirtless man in a Stetson cradling an infant, her ovaries basically explode and her credit card emerges. I have a similar reaction to romances involving spinsters, governesses, and librarians.

2) His manhood. Also, her womanhood.

3) It’s his “hard length,” sometimes compared in terms of rigidity to iron. I prefer to use other names for it in my own writing. However, I am not picky when it comes to descriptions of iron-hard lengths. At least in romances.

4) Because explaining how an orgasm feels can prove difficult. Or maybe the couples all had sex on New Year’s Eve at Cancun.

During those thirty years, I accomplished a few things. I graduated from Wake Forest University and earned my M.A. in American History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I worked at a variety of jobs that required me to bury my bawdiness and potty mouth under a demure exterior: costumed interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg, high school teacher, and librarian. But I always, always read romances. Funny, filthy, sweet—it didn’t matter. I loved them all.

Now I’m writing my own romances with the encouragement of my husband and daughter. I found a kick-ass agent: Jessica Alvarez from Bookends, LLC. I have my own stack of books in my closet that I’d rather my daughter not read, at least not for a few years. I can swear whenever I want, except around said daughter. And I get to spend all day writing about love and iron-hard lengths.

So thank you, Mom, for perving so hard on pirates during my childhood. I owe you.

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Sophia Rose
5 years ago

How fun! I had no idea that’s how you and your husband met. I can see why the scenario would really grab you. I love the idea of this one. It’s going on my list. They sound like a cute pair.

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago
Reply to  Sophia Rose

Well…I dated a co-worker at the library first and he took me to a family wedding reception where is really when I met my husband because they were cousins. My husband is 3 years younger than me so I was 18 and he was 15 at the time. I barely gave him notice. Then 3 years later he came to work for the library. We hated each other because of how it ended with his cousin. So about 4 months after he started we went out as friends and fell in love. Much to the dismay of his family, lol.… Read more »

Sophia Rose
5 years ago

Your story could be in one of our romance books. 🙂 And doesn’t it figure that it is all one person’s fault? Hardly. Can’t people just break up? Oys!

No, these sound like hot librarians. 🙂

5 years ago

This looks all kinds of sweet and fluffy. Great review!

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago
Reply to  Lekeisha

It was sweet with some steamy sex scenes. In the end, it wasn’t all bubble gum and happiness either. They had to deal with a big issue.

5 years ago

Libraries sure make for a fun setting for a book. It’s always fun to read about a library. And the fact that you worked in a library yourself, probably made it even more fun. I didn’t knew you worked in a library, it always sounds like a nice place to work being surrounded by all those books. I can see how that makes for an interesting situation with how they have a one night stand and then find out he’s her new boss. I am glad to hear the characters and side characetrs are done well. This sounds like a… Read more »

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago
Reply to  Lola

I worked at a local library branch through college. It was a pretty good job that paid for gas and college. I lived at home so most of my expenses were college related.

I really like the surprise and the will to try to avoid each other, but it wasn’t happening.

5 years ago

Yay a librarian

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago
Reply to  Blodeuedd

Love librarians!

Anna@herding cats&burning soup

Well that sounds fun. Love having book-ish characters 😀

Shari Delighted Read
Shari Delighted Read
5 years ago

I loved it. Brought back so many memories from college days as well as giving me a romance that was funny and hot at the same time.