Review: A Dirty Wedding Night by Jaine Diamond

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Review: A Dirty Wedding Night by Jaine Diamond
A Dirty Wedding Night

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Series: Dirty #2.5
Genres: Rock Band Romance, Contemporary Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on May 9, 2018
Pages: 348
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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The Delight

This delightful book gives us four stories to enjoy. So sit back and enjoy this collection of continuing stories, new stories and hints of some that are going to have to carry you through for a while till their book comes out.


A Dirty Vow

In Dirty Vow we join Katie and Jesse right after the wedding that is turning into a wedding night. It’s a cute story of wanting to get away from friends for the wedding night and hanging onto the wonderful feeling of friends and family. Jesse can’t wait to get his hands on Katie. He is lusting after his beautiful wife and tired of his friends keeping them busy. Once he gets Katie alone, they had their sexy times while also making a huge life altering decision. This is a cute story of love, a wedding and the frustration of waiting.

A Dirty Secret

To be fair, you probably should read Dirty Like Us, Dirty #.5, that gives the back ground on the next couple. I only found it by subscribing to the author’s newsletter. Also you find out abou them in Dirty Like Brody, but not much detail. I won’t ruin this one other than to say this is a couple that doesn’t want to admit they are attracted to each other, but can’t seem to get away from each other. I kind of want to know if they are exclusive or not. It’s actually the last book in the series I haven’t ready yet. Vague much Shari?

A Dirty Lie

We learn more about Jessa’s friend Roni, but nothing too deep. She starts off leaving the party with two men, but evades them both to make her way to the one man who hurt her more than any other man. She wants to have sex with him and feel nothing. Unfortunately she has to fake that feeling as she can’t control the emotions that drive her nuts, but also makes her want something he isn’t ready to give.

A Dirty Deal

This story is about the shunned ex-girlfriend of Jesse. She just wants to be left alone. It was hard enough watching the man she loved get married to a woman she wants to hate. She heads to a hot spring to relax and wallow in her own misery when Ash shows up after leaving Roni to Dylan.  Only Dylan didn’t even get Roni…wonder where he went off too? Anyway, Ash tends to fall in love easily, but he knows Elle is still brokenhearted. He wants her so he offers a friends with benefits arrangement with her. Making her smile and laugh seems to be all he needs for now and Elle takes him up on his deal. Elle’s story is up next so you get more of what happens

Final Notes

I tried to be vague but also review the stories. I don’t want to give away spoilers because there certainly are some in this collection of short stories. If you are reading the story I recommend starting with Dirty Like Me, Dirty Like Us, Dirty Like Brody and finally A Dirty Wedding Night. The rest of the series goes in order of number so there shouldn’t be a problem.

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About Jaine Diamond

Jaine Diamond is a romance author, fond of writing the love stories of built and badass men endowed with massive hearts, and strong, complex women she’d love to have a cocktail with.

She lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada with her real-life romantic hero (Mr. Diamond) and their daughter, where she reads, writes, and drinks copious amounts of tea.

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Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

I’m guessing these are short stories combined? O haven’t read one of these in a long time. The first story sounds really interesting, especially with the life altering decision. That got my interest. And A Dirty Deal sounds really good, as well!
Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

2 years ago

I love the sound of the stories. I like a book that has a collection of shorts every once in a while. Great reviews!

Sophia Rose
2 years ago

Fun how the stories all revolve around one wedding night. Looks like there is some humor and heat in these. All to the good.

2 years ago

Oh a few short stories there! I can understand for the reviews it’s always complicated

2 years ago

Shouldn’t all wedding nights be a little dirty? 😉 Haha! I haven’t heard of this series, but it seems like you’re enjoying it. I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea, but the covers are definitely interesting. Happy reading!

Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

This sounds like a fun and steamy little anthology!

Carole rae
2 years ago

That cover makes me chuckle, but the stories sound fun