Review: A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder

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Review: A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder
A Little Harmless Submission

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Series: Harmless,
Genres: BDSM Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Published by Indie/Self Published
Released on October 25, 2011
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
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Rome Carino is a detective on the hunt for a predator targeting submissives in local BDSM clubs. Each new kill gets is more violent than the last and it is hurting the Dom in Rome to see these women brutally murdered.

FBI Special Agent Maria Callahan has been hunting the serial killer called The Dom. She knows he is in Hawaii on Rome’s turf, but the murders are escalating and now she think she knows why they can’t catch him. Maria suggests a plan to go undercover as Rome’s sub sending sparks flying between the two dominant personalities. But just because Maria is good at her career doesn’t mean she won’t melt in bed under Rome’s control.

Unfortunately Maria is trying to get out from her famous father’s shadow, but is going under cover the way to do it?

Rome instantly knows there is a connection between them. No one has ever responded to him in the way Maria does, but what starts as a game, turns serious very quickly. As the story unfolds, Rome must show her he is the man for her, but also the Dom she needs to let go and become her own woman.

I started this book with such high expectations. BDSM books are high on my list of must read because I love the intricate feelings and emotions that flow from these books. Unfortunately, I just didn’t get that from this book. Not to say it was bad, it just didn’t deliver on the BDSM aspect as much as I wanted. First the scenes weren’t very long or intricate. I enjoyed them, but wasn’t left sweating and out of breath from them. Second, there wasn’t a lot of BDSM except from a short spanking, being tied up, a little orgasm denial and a little anal play. While they attended a club for the undercover work, they never played there, publicly or privately. Most of the scenes took place at Rome’s house with a few at Maria’s rental. Third, there wasn’t any conflict on either part on whether she was a sub or not. No guilt, which is fine, but no real look into why she might feel this way or difficulty in accepting she is a sub. While Rome is a Dom, he isn’t a hard-core Dom which is fine too, but I at times didn’t think he was in control the way he should have been.

The suspense was also kind of quick. I realized who the killer was early on, but even when we find out the show down happens very quickly without much fear for anyone’s life. I guess, I just never felt much suspense. You get one dead girl a the beginning of the book, but you don’t have an invested interest in her. The second killing is someone you know, but you only meet her for a few pages in the book. While I don’t like to read about killings, if you are going to put them in there, make me feel the loss, not by graphic details of the kill, but by letting me get to know the person.

While this may seem like a bad review, it isn’t. I enjoyed the book, but felt there just wasn’t as much depth to it as I would have liked. The characters were fun and witty, the sex scenes were hot if too short, and I want to move to Hawaii.

This is the 6th book in the Harmless series. I haven’t read any of the earlier books, but I don’t think you need to. Several past book characters are in this one, but there isn’t anything that you need to know from earlier books to understand or read this one.

Overall, I liked it, but it isn’t one of those books I want to re-read anytime soon. I just completed what I needed from it.

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