Review: A Mermaid’s Kiss by Joey W. Hill

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Review: A Mermaid’s Kiss by Joey W. Hill
A Mermaid's Kiss

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Series: Daughters of Arianne,
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance
Published by Berkley
Released on November 4, 2008
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[quote]Ronin once did a flyby over the castle before the nightly fireworks show, just to make the children think they’d seen the real Tinkerbell. Of course it startled the acrobat set to slide down the wire from the castle spire half to death. The actual Tinkerbell performer. He made it his business to find her later that night and . . . soothe her feelings.[/quote]

Anna is a descendant of Ariel, the first mermaid to rescue her love from the ocean and be cursed to shape shifting between worlds. Like all daughters of Ariel, Anna is to fall in love rescuing a man not of the ocean and dying on before her twenty-first birthday. Not accepted by either world, Anna has grown up alone without the love and affection of family or friends. With just 11 short months to live, Anna is restlessly roaming the ocean when an angel falls deep into the abyss. Determined to rescue him, she risks a lot and in return to have some value to her life.

Jonah has spent centuries fighting Dark Ones for the Goddess and basically is burned out. Each new angel he trains is like a son to him and after watching some of them pass on, he is broken in heart and soul. Darkness has invade his heart and he is ready to give in to its call. When in battle one of his wings is chopped off, he falls to the ocean, letting it take him to the abyss. When a mermaid saves him, taking him deeper into the abyss to heal, he starts to question his inner demons as well as the world he is fighting to protect.

The two embark on a journey to the desert to find a way to fight the darkness invading Jonah’s soul. Jonah sees the gentle, kindness that is all Anna. Her inner beauty and innocence makes Jonah want to be a better angel, but he struggles in his battle. Anna wants some meaning in her life before she dies and falls deeply in love with Jonah, believing he will be saved. She will risk everything, even her life to save him.

There was such beauty in the book that I felt like I was swaying with the water as the two were going deeper in the abyss. Unfortunately the book failed to hold my me as it went deeper. I lacked the compassion for Jonah’s plight. Most times I wanted to slap him upside the back of the head and tell him to pick himself up and be a man. There were so many angels, man and mermaid pulling for him that he just seemed a little depressed. I guess after centuries of battling Dark Ones, you are allowed a bad day? Unfortunately he was so powerful, he could destroy earth and all of humanity.

One big problem I head was how they approached sex in the story. They call it Joining and it creates magic. Jonah and Anna having healing Joining in the abyss, even as Jonah is giving up. In a way I felt he was using her. No, he was using her and she let him. At one point he tries to refuse the magic and it hurts Anna badly.

I wanted Anna to be all that was love, but really I wanted her to tell him no as well. Heck, her life wasn’t a sunny ball of sunshine either, but you didn’t see her giving in to the darkness of her soul. Yes, she was accepting that her time on the earth was short, but she wasn’t giving into living it with the hope and joy she could get from it. I really got tired of her telling he could have whatever he wanted. Hello! They are walking in a desert, she is a mermaid…can anyone say she needs water?

At times the book seem to drag on when I just wanted to get to the end. It could have been a much shorter book with a lot more interactions. It also seemed that if a super paranormal action was needed, it could be explained away with a convenient explanation.

I really wanted to love the story so much as I have waited a while for the price to come down on the ebook. Unfortunately it left me not wanting to continue the series. The love scenes weren’t sexy, but instead seem out of place. The imagery was beautiful, but after a while I was ready to move on.

I recommend this to anyone who loves seeing an angel at a crossroads in his life on good and evil. Also a mermaid who’s destiny is already written, but who wants to change it. While not a bad book, it wasn’t something I can say I enjoyed enough continue the series for.

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Sophia Rose
8 years ago

If only we could reach into the books we read and give the characters a pep talk. ;D