Review: Accidental Slave by Claire Thompson

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Review: Accidental Slave by Claire Thompson
Accidental Slave

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Genres: BDSM Romance, Contemporary Romance
Published by Small Publisher
Released on February 11, 2009
Pages: 279
Format: eBook
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I was lucky enough to grab this book when it was only 99 cents earlier this month. The setting had me kind of dubious as the villain drugs the heroine and sells her at a BDSM slave auction. It just seemed to be a little far fetched and I hadn’t even started the story. But being on a quest to get out of my reading rut, I decided to give it a try.

The story opens up with the villain’s point of view. He is in essence beating a poor woman, imagining she is he heroine of the story, Elizabeth. Fortunately, Gary, the villain, was in a BDSM club and was stopped before he could harm the woman he is with. But Gary doesn’t stop thinking of Elizabeth and how he wants the VP position “stole” from him. Gary is the type of guy who is a sleaze ball. They work for a marketing firm, but he is uncomfortable in presentation situations. He takes credit for work he doesn’t do. And so he starts to plot against Elizabeth to embarrass her, humiliate her and ultimately to get her fired and himself promoted. Given an opportunity, Gary crafts up pictures of Elizabeth in sexually explicit situations and puts her up as Slave E in the auction. He buys GHB and slips it into her drink at a charity auction only to take her to the slave auction.

Cole Pearson is looking for love in the BDSM world. An old world romantic, he wants it all; a sub to cherish, own, love and share a life with. His wife of 14 years has been dead 3 years and Cole is now searching for his one true submissive and love. Taking part in the slave auction, he picks Slave E from her dossier. When he suspects she is drunk on stage, he hesitates, but ultimately he does purchase her for the night. But while most Doms would have used her, he takes her home and lets her sleep it off, already suspecting she has been drugged.

And so starts the slow love story between Cole and Elizabeth. Cole wants a submissive he can love, but Elizabeth isn’t into BDSM. He knows she could possibly be the love of his life and also the submissive he has been looking for, but he won’t risk the BDSM stuff for finding love. Slow the two dance around the power exchange. Elizabeth grows quickly and wants to try it out. Cole wants to go slow and now scare her because as well as if they are going to enter a D/s relationship he doesn’t want it to be an occasional deal. He wants it 24/7, but not in a way that affects her career.

The career does get in the way more than once. Not just from the stand point of Gary, but Elizabeth doesn’t have an off button. She works 6-7 days a week and long hours each day. While the author touched on this a lot, I don’t think it actually go resolved enough to satisfy me.

While Gary was doing all sorts of bad things, I was screaming out how he would be caught and I was right. It’s unfortunate at times I have an IT background and can already tell how the villain was going to get caught. Gary is a bad piece of work and seriously I hope there really isn’t anyone running around like him in the real world.

Towards the latter half of the book, Cole and Elizabeth enter into a BDSM relationship and you see some of the Elizabeth’s transformation. But after a few days, I felt the story rushed to fast to them being a cohesive unit. One thing I loved about this book is that Cole didn’t pressure Elizabeth right off to strip naked, spread ’em and wam bam thank you mam. They had long conversations about the physical and physiological aspects of the power exchange. Each felt entirely human feelings going into it and during the process. It wasn’t easy or pretty at first.

Cole though really hadn’t had many relationships in BDSM. His wife was a vanilla as you can get, so most of his exploration was in the last three years. I never read that he had ever acted as a submissive. I find that to be a big part, so you as the Dom know what is being felt. He thinks he good at it because he listens, but in one scene even he realizes he wasn’t listening and noticing the signs he should have.

I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. It went well beyond the kidnap/slave deal into a very meaningful relationship between the couple. Gary gets his reward…if you want to call it that. The only real dislike I had was the ending felt rushed. Other than that the story was moving and so engaging.

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Sophia Rose
9 years ago

Wow! I’m glad for the couple, but boy I hope there aren’t many Garys out there too. That could have ended badly for her.

Nice review!